Just The Crust 20/06/22: Nat Dempsey & the Near Strangers πŸ€˜

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Nat Dempsey & The Near Strangers “Run and Hide”! β˜€οΈ

we’ve known Nat for a long time now, and he’s got such a fantastic discography to his name – so many great singles that sound absolutely fantastic. πŸ˜Š a proper talent here in Manchester and one to definitely watch out for, especially for his live sets!

opening with a real groove to the track, the drums and bass in perfect sync with one another – it starts with Nat on an almost deadpan vocal, suddenly opening up to a more melodic vocal line and building and building with each instrument until the chorus which is just explosive.Β πŸ’₯

his lyricism has only got better and better with each track, this song takes a real inspection upon the state of the world and the influence that different figures have and how they all seem to contradict each other, yet don’t… we love seeing the stories behind songs and their meanings and there’s so much to unpack in this one, we’ll let you figure it all out for yourself though πŸ˜†

you can find the track in full over on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/track/3tDE0L2aKbZmCJ2IfhcEiP… and on all streaming sites! give it a listen and check out his previous releases as well. πŸ‘Š

find all of our features, reviews and more on our website at www.breadrecords.co.uk πŸž

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