Review: ROSH – Mending Season ☀️

Sheffield’s very own ROSH has put out another incredible single, “Mending Season”! We’ve featured their music in the past on our The Wrap feature and we were so blown away by this one, we decided to do a lil one-off review for them.

Following the release of their previous single “This Is What You Asked For“, a politically-charged delicate and intricate tune pertaining to the fight for inequality and wealth distribution, they’ve returned with another fantastic single here which only shows how much of a force they’re to be reckoned with. 🤘 maintaining their signature sound, mixing elements of jazz and rock into an acoustic folk setting which creates a truly unique sound that is not only easy to listen to, but thought-provoking and melodic through the whole journey of the songs.

“Mending Season” starts with a soft melody played on ROSH’s acoustic guitar, and as it sweeps into the verse the drums calmly crash in and ROSH’s vocal falsetto sears above the track, almost like a wave flowing into the shore. You can really feel the emotion and intricacy put into this track, each element seems like it’s been placed with such care to ensure the atmosphere of the track is just right. 🌊 throughout the track, it builds and builds – yet so calmly, with violins and strings emerging to really pinpoint and solidify the melody of the song – as it travels to the final chorus, it’s almost a contained chaos, with so much going on in the soundscape of the track, but with every instrument working perfectly in tangent with one another to create something that is truly beautiful.

The lyrics are written about the pandemic – the sense of waiting, the uncertainty of the times in which we all experienced – the anxiety and stress that came with waiting upon every single announcement that was put out by the government and the discomfort of a complete shift in the balance of everyday life. ROSH says on Bandcamp that “It’s about the collective wound we have all suffered during this pandemic, where some have suffered more than most, but where we all have lost something. I was thinking of all the people I hadn’t seen in months who were hurting, and considering what it would take for all of us to collectively heal from the experience.” With lyrics such as “Cast as mutes in another fight, the subtle rite, even numbers can’t sanctify“; you can really see the quality of songwriting shining through here, not only are the lyrics a beautiful interpretation of such a strange time, but to still maintain vocal melodies of this calibre really puts ROSH as one to keep an eye out for here. 😊

Not only this, but the b-side to the single, a song called “Fated“; is truly a gorgeous tune in its own right! Continuing almost seamlessly from the a-side, it retains both the intimacy, delicate melodies and soft ambience of the previous track. We absolutely adore the songwriting here, it’s a discussion upon the fate of civilization – so eloquently put, and as we said before, melodically superb. There’s always something for us about songs that take deep questions and philosophical ideas and give the writer’s thoughts upon them. Well worth listening to both of these tracks! 🙌

you can find the full single on all streaming platforms (Spotify / Apple Music) and on Bandcamp as pay as you feel, also there’s a full music video for it over on YouTube. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for this artist; with an album on the way, we’re sure they’re destined for great things. 🍞

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