Red Stripe just hit 10k plays! ☎️

our very own Olivia Browse has just hit 10k streams on Spotify for her first release through the label “Red Stripe”! ☎️

it’s crazy to think you lovely lot have all enjoyed it so much you’ve streamed it so many times – big love to everyone who’s listened! ❤️ you can find it on Spotify at and on all streaming platforms! 🍞

Only two days to go til american poetry club come to The Thirsty Scholar! ☀️

there’s only two days to go til we welcome american poetry club over to The Thirsty Scholar☀️

it’s gonna be a mega one – we’ll be there all afternoon with music from APC, Radiant Heart and RN Taylor 🤘 sadly Ghostbusters VHS have had to drop out but we’re sure we’ll see them again real soon!

come on down Saturday 2nd July from 1:30pm to get there and catch all the action – quality drinks on offer, veggie/vegan menu served all afternoon and great live music! (£6-8 donation to cover band tour costs, if you can afford!) 🍞

Our next ticketed gig with Harrison Rimmer + Sally Pepper! ☀️

we can’t wait for our next ticketed gig with the amazing Harrison Rimmer and Sally Pepper doing a co-headline tour – we’ve got them on at the Lions Den Manchester on the Friday 19th August! 🤘

not only that, but we have fantastic supports from Chloe Glover Olivia Browse IsaacNeilson and michael webster – plus it’s Liv’s birthday so it’s gonna be a mental one 💥

tickets are only a fiver – 6 acts for £5 what a steal 😎 you can find tix on Fatsoma over at🍞 (also how cool is this poster!)

Class one at the Grafton Arms for Tommy Cei Trio headline! 🥪

Tommy Cei Trio

we had a proper mega one at the weekend over at the Grafton Arms for our headline gig with Tommy Cei Band! ☀️

every act absolutely smashed their sets, big love to Paul Shepherd Grace Kelly and indefinite articles for supporting, it was a lovely gig with so much talent. 🤘 we love putting these on and all of them are always so boss!

a big thank you to everyone who came down – we’ll be back next month with even more so keep your eyes peeled on it all! 😊 you can find all of our upcoming events on our website at 🍞

Just The Crust 27/06/22: Wednesday’s Child – I Want You To Want Me ☀️

our feature for Just The Crust today is the brand new single from Wednesday’s Child “I Want You To Want Me”! 🤘

we’ve covering the London-based outfit’s releases in the past, having put out a fantastic self-titled EP last year and we love their sound, encompassing a variety of genres to really put a stamp on their own sound. we especially loved the tune “Begin Again”, so well produced and put together with so many sounds in there, gorgeous harmonies and the such. ☀️

this new single only furthers upon their sound, showing such progress in their creativity – starting out with such a smooth and calming melody line on the guitar, and flowing seamlessly through to the verse. we love the lyricism here, conjuring up such vivid imagery and being so honest. suddenly it blows up into a chaotic canvas of the chorus; a complete contrast to the calm nature of the verse. 👊 so well done, it’s a brilliant change-up and really commands the attention of the listener! the build of the bridge too also, it’s so energetic and culminates in such a huge outro. 🤘

it’s a brilliant tune and another one in their amazing discography – you can find the full thing over on Spotify at and it’s well worth checking out their full discography! ⚡️

find all of our features, reviews and more on our website at 🍞

Local Loaf update! 🍞

Another Sunday, another update to our boss Local Loaf playlist ⚡

There’s been such fantastic releases lately and we’ve come across some amazing artists and bands – new additions from the likes of porij Paint Me In Colour Pyncher ALRIGHT and Emma🌞 well worth checking out!

Head on over to our Spotify at to find the playlist in full – give it a like to keep up to date with all the new tunes being added! 🍞

Tommy Cei Trio headline at the Grafton Arms tonight! 🤘

today we’re back over at the Grafton Arms for our monthly headline gig with the fantastic Tommy Cei Band! ☀️

we’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time now and it’s finally here! with support from Paul Shepherd Grace Kelly and indefinite articles, it’s bound to be a special one. 👊 an incredible lineup with such great talent from the Manchester scene!

come on down from 7:30pm tonight to catch it all – with award winning beers on draught, food served til late, free entry and great live music.. it’s gonna be a belter! find out more at our event Bread Records Present: Tommy Cei Trio + Supports 🍞

Nearly at 10k streams on Red Stripe ☀️

our very own Olivia Browse is only 400 streams from 10k on Red Stripe 🍻

we can’t believe one single has almost got 10,000 plays on Spotify… it’s surreal to see. a testament to Liv’s commitment and determination for her music. ☀️ the effort and passion she has for her songs is so inspiring ❤️

go and give it a spin, have a listen and see what you think.. we say it’s a proper banger, but I guess we may be a lil bit biased. 😆 🍞

This weekend looks to be incredible! 🤘

over the next few weeks we’ve got SO much going on 🤘 and even more plans for more and more gigs!

this weekend we’ve got two for ya – Saturday at the Grafton Arms with Tommy Cei Band Paul Shepherd Grace Kelly and indefinite articles and it’s free entry! then Sunday we’re at The Peer Hat for Hit Like a Girl UK tour with support from WYRES & Snake Parade which is only seven quid in ☀️

these are gonna be bloody mega, you can find all of our events here on our website at 🍞

So much stuff here on the website now! 🤘

just a lil post today to remind you all about all of the features and reviews over on our website – it’s not all just gigs 😆 (even though looking through our calendar it looks like it!)

we’ve got so many lovely regular features, we’re planning to update a few of them over the new few weeks and make them even cooler. 😎 there’s over TWO YEARS of posts on our website now, today marks our 784th day of posting in a row.. madness but so much so have a gander at. 🤘

you can find it all over on our website at – there’s a whole bunch of stuff to sink your teeth into. so many incredible releases from up North, we love writing about them all! 🍞