Yesterday was the 3 month anniversary of “Nevermind Valentine / Cliché”! ☀️

yesterday also marked the THREE month anniversary of the single “Nevermind Valentine / Cliché” from our Olivia Browse! ☎️

every single release from Olivia has been absolutely fantastic, so blessed to have her on the label putting out banger after banger and this one is so great – experimenting with different genres but still maintaining her iconic sound 🙌

you can find it on all streaming platforms or on Bandcamp at – there’s even a full music video on YouTube for “Nevermind Valentine” at 🍞

Just The Crust 23/05/22: Mr Matthew Fisher – The Cash ☀️

the new single from Mr. Matthew Fisher “The Cash” is the feature for our Just The Crust today! 😊

with a fantastic string of singles already behind him, Matt’s returned with a brilliant new tune which only expands on his signature sound – incorporating new elements in, but still sticking to his usual indie-rock theme! 🤘

a proper tongue-in-cheek anthem for the working class, “The Cash” discusses the financial issues that people face nowadays, with a huge singalong chorus, fantastic harmonies from his band, and a driving rhythmic element throughout, it sounds fantastic. 😎 Matthew’s vocal sounds great here, really adding to the sound of the tune – one to belt out on a summer day for sure.

you can find the full track over on all streaming platforms, including Spotify at – or you can watch the video in its full over at🤘 well worth a watch!

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Just The Crust 16/05/22: Aaron Spencer – Do It All Again ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Aaron Spencer “Do It All Again”! 🤘

the Liverpool-based songwriter has been hard at it lately, making waves on the Merseyside scene and expanding out to be a force to be reckoned with in the North West. ☀️ we had him perform at one of our gigs last year, and he smashed his set – a proper talented chap!

this new tune which came out last Friday sounds absolutely boss, adding to an already super strong string of releases from himself – mixing aspects of indie-rock and singer-songwriter genres with a more mellow and relaxed atmosphere for this tune, it sounds real lovely. 😎

proper enjoyed the laidback and personal conversation aspect to this track, it feels proper intimate and really gives you an insight into Aaron’s lyrical style. the band behind him really open up his sound too, bringing a smoother edge to his music, and really compliments his style. 🎶 plus, with a proper singalong chorus, we expect this one to go down a storm live! one of our favourites in Liverpool for sure.

you can find the full track over on Spotify at – well worth giving his past releases a spin too, proper talented chap. 🙌 keep your eyes peeled on his page for a full music video release!

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Just The Crust 09/05/22: Stone Mile – Settle Down 👊

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Stone Mile “Settle Down”! 🤘

following the success of their debut single earlier this year, Stone Mile have returned with yet another huge sounding track – chock-full of lovely lead guitar riffs and explosive energy! ☀️ their no-nonsense alternative rock sound really shows their class, and with gorgeous lead vocals throughout the track, they’ve created a proper banger here. 😊

they’ve just played over at Night People and we’re seriously looking forward to seeing where these guys go now, they’ve got a real lovely vibe to their tracks and you can really tell that these guys gel so well with each other, their sound is super tight and flows smoothly throughout the length of the tracks. 🙌

check out the full tune over on Spotify at – well worth a listen to both of their singles too, definitely ones to watch here on the Manchester scene! 😊

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Just The Crust 02/05/22: Dirt Royal – Shoot Me Now 👊

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single “Shoot Me Now” from Brighton-based Dirt Royal! 👊

their sound of high-octane rock n roll/indie is class, they have a real brilliant energy to their music – fantastic to see! they’ve already got a great following due to their previous releases and they’re well worth checking out. 🤘

this new tune continues with that energy, with a singalong chorus that we can only imagine would be belted back at them from crowds when they’re playing live, plus tongue-in-cheek lyricism pertaining to the current climate and even a lovely lil guitar solo in the middle – it’s a really well-done track with such simplicity to it but still sounding boss. 😊 definitely ones to watch!

head on over to Spotify at to check out the track in it’s entirety – their full discography sounds class too, well worth a listen to it all. 🎸 you can also find the full video over on YouTube at 📼

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Just The Crust 25/04/22: Scatterchild – Staring Me Down🌛

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Scatterchild “Staring Me Down”, out this coming Friday 29th April! 👊

we’ve known Scatterchild for a good while now, having featured a bunch of their amazing releases on the website, caught them at plenty of gigs here in Manchester and even put them on a few lineups ourselves – they always put on a top show, with such energy, intimacy and power to their sets 🤘

this new tune only continues in a long line of brilliant releases from the indie-folk outfit, with beautiful melody lines throughout, and the track builds and builds throughout each verse to reach a huge chorus chock-full of vocal harmonies and such powerful lyricism from Jay – really proving his vocal ability in this track! ☀️

we love the bridge in this, dropping to create a real intimate connection with the listener, only to open back up to a huge chorus and ending off the track with a beautiful outro that just simply puts the song at ease. a really well-crafted track from the lads! 😊

head on over to to pre-save the tune ahead of its release to catch it as soon as it’s out – or head to to check out their full discography, well worth a listen to all their tracks! 💿

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Did you catch our latest edition of The Wrap? ✨

just in case you missed it last week, our March edition of The Wrap was a belter! ✨

featuring some of the North’s best releases, from artists and bands including The PerpsGreen WireLost HiveRATSP∆VÉFoxgloveGen and the Degenerates and Black Brunswicker – it’s a real great lil peep into how insane the music scene here up North has been lately and it only keeps getting better and better! we’re sure you’ll find something you love. 😊

head on over to our website at to find all the reviews in full – let us know what you think! 🍞

Just The Crust 18/04/22: Jacob Reddy – Kings (Reloaded) 🎸

our Just The Crust feature today is the brand new single from Jacob Reddy Music “Kings (Reloaded)”! 👊

we did an interview with Jacob previously as part of our Knead To Know feature and his approach to music and creativity is simply inspiring – a real lovely lad with so much talent! 😊

this new single is a rework of one of his previous releases – that came out just as the lockdowns were implemented so he’s fancied redoing it and it sounds fantastic! you can really hear the Frank Turner inspiration in this but he’s kept it to his own sound really well 👊 a massive tune about growing up and keeping to your roots – so well written!

the chorus in this is huge – we can really hear this one being belted out from the crowd at his gigs, his songwriting here is on point and you can really feel the intimacy of his lyrics in it – sounds absolutely brilliant, big things on the way for this young chap! 😎

head on over to Spotify at to find the track in it’s entirety – or check his YouTube channel for the official full music video release real soon! can’t wait to see it! ☀️

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Olivia Browse – Nevermind Valentine music video out now! ☎️

our Olivia Browse just put out the brand new music video for her latest single “Nevermind Valentine”! ☎️

we love it, it perfectly encapsulates the chaotic energy of the track 👊 what a bop. we love us a bit of hyperpop/grungy/britpop goodness!

big love to Lions Den ManchesterTay Temple Shtum Parkridge Recording Company and our very own michael webster for helping out!! check it out on YouTube at 🍞

Just The Crust 04/04/22: Chris Tavener – Right Back Again ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Chris Tavener “Right Back Again” out now! ☀️

another in a long line of fantastic releases from Chris, this new single is sublime – with a touch of his usual witty lyricism and tongue in cheek style, he’s taking a slightly more serious note on this track, and he’s really crafted a lovely tune here! 👊

resting on a bed of a lovely chord progression, his vocal seamlessly glides over the song, and the chorus sounds absolutely lush – we can imagine this to be a real singalong one over at gigs. 🤘 the relaxed soundscape behind the track is gorgeous too, with luscious lead guitar riffs and piano melodies that really compliment his vocal super well here.

it’s really nice to see the variety here, moving away from his comedic and witty style (which of course we love!) to a more serious note – a real talent being able to manoeuvre through songwriting like this. well worth giving this one a listen, you can find it over on Spotify at 😊

this music video will also be out on Friday – it looks absolutely amazing and we’re really excited to see the full thing. make sure you head on over to his socials this coming Friday to be the first to see it! 😎

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