“January” from Alien Clouds is out now! 🏵

super stoked to be able to say that the brand new Alien Clouds tune “January” is out now! 🪐

we’re so happy to be getting new music out and it’s such a lovely song, with fantastic lyricism and a real indication of AC’s talent – their last release was back in December 2020 and we’ve been working with them for so long now and have created some fantastic music together! we are so excited for what the coming year holds for us and our artists 🥰

head on over to Bandcamp at https://alienclouds.bandcamp.com/ to check it out in full or on your preferred streaming service 🍞

Our first gig at The Grafton is this Saturday 🏵

ooosh only two days until our first gig at the Grafton Arms! 🏵

we can’t wait for this one, with a fantastic lineup of headliner Tay Temple who has been one of our favourite artists on the Manchester scene for a good while now, and incredible supports from Olivia Browse Nina Ettridge and Evie Moran! 🌹 it’s gonna be a real great one, we love it at the Grafton and we’re so excited to be doing more over there! 😎

come on down this Saturday from 7:30pm to catch all the action, it’s free entry, cheap pints and some of the finest talent around performing for us. what else could you ask for?! ☀️ find out more at our event Bread Records Present: Tay Temple + Supports🍞

Only two days until January comes out! 🥪

there’s only TWO days to go until our first release of 2022, “January” by Alien Clouds! ☀️

we had the pleasure of mixing and mastering this track and it sounds boss – we’re huge huge fans of AC’s songwriting and creativity, a real inspiration for us. it’s been so great releasing music with them and we’re super stoked for this next chapter! 🥰

go ahead and pre-save the new track over at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/alienclouds/january or you can also find it on Bandcamp at https://alienclouds.bandcamp.com/ where you can pre-order it and get it as soon as it’s out! 🍞

Cream of the Crop: 5th February 🌹

we’re back over at The Thirsty Scholar on the Saturday 5th of February with our next Cream of the Crop event ☀️

got a boss lineup for this one, with music from the amazing talents of Chloe Slater Tallulah Guard Daf Hughes and South by Zero! some of Manchester’s finest up-and-coming musicians here. we can’t wait! 🤘

come on down from 1:30pm for a lovely afternoon of live music, quality pints on offer and veggie/vegan food served all day! gonna be fantastic 😊 find out more at our event Cream of the Crop: 5th February! 🍞

Just The Crust 24/01/22: Cliché Cult – Say It Like You Mean It 🤘

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Cliché Cult “Say It Like You Mean It”, out this coming Friday 28th January ☀️

the Leeds-based alternative rockers have released a flurry of fantastic singles over the past year or two, and this is their first release of 2022 – they’ve had some fantastic tunes out in the past which have really set them as ones to watch in Yorkshire! 😎

this new tune “Say It Like You Mean It” is a proper belter, with lovely guitar riffs driving the track forward, chorusey and ambient melodies throughout and boss vocal ability throughout, paired with lovely lyricism – it’s a real class tune to not miss out on if you’re a fan of indie, alternative or post-punk bands 🤘

we’re huge fans of the ending to the track, building and building keeping you in a state of suspense as the tune unravels and opens up – and the way that the bass and drums maintain the groove of the track whilst holding their own is class! 🎸 a real well-crafted song, great to see this calibre of stuff coming out.

this tune will be released on this Friday 28th January – make sure you head over to their Spotify and drop em a follow at https://open.spotify.com/artist/0wIIaLPfQvlqIFgGjD0lXA to be notified as soon as it drops! alternatively you can pre-save it at https://distrokid.com/…/clich…/say-it-like-you-mean-it-2📼 released on Shoplifters Union!

you can find all of our features, reviews and more on our website at www.breadrecords.co.uk 🍞

Local Loaf update ☀️

it’s another Sunday so we’ve gone and updated our Local Loaf playlist ☀️featuring amazing new music from the likes of Ayanam Udoma Music INTERVENE Leopard Rays bigfatbig and Harrison Rimmer – so many fantastic releases coming out lately, well worth checking out all these great artists 🤘

head on over to the playlist on our Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5FnabVHuYeT9Yp2s7GjeKY to check it out in full, give it a like to keep up to date with all new additions 😎 over 570 songs on it now amazing! 🍞

Knead to Know: Migson Pollock 🎸

we’re back with our next Knead to Know interview, with the amazing Migson Pollock! 🤘

we’ve known Migs for a while now, having performed across Manchester at open mics and gigs for a few years now and his unique style and focused performances really stand him out as an artist – plus his use of the bow, pedals and loops all bring something new to the able that people don’t often see! ☀️ on top of this, he’s a prolific songwriter with plenty of tunes under his belt and even knows a whole bunch of covers, a great talent!

he’s just put out his debut EP under the Migson Pollock moniker, “New Migs on the Block” which sounds absolutely fantastic! it’s boss to hear these tunes in a studio setting and really shows off his creativity and talent – you can find it on Spotify here. check out our interview below! 🏵

So, you’ve recently put out your new EP “New Migs on the Block” – where did you record it, was it at a studio or at home? 

I recorded it at Futureworks Studios in Manchester, with Paul from Tilted Audio.

You’ve moved from Wales to Manchester in the past few years, what are the main differences in the scenes throughout? What made you want to move?

The main reason I moved was to try and give myself a better opportunity to be able to do more with music. Whether it’s from doing gigs myself, or going to see other bands play and meet more musicians. It’s hard to compare the scene between north Wales and Manchester, as Manchester is obviously a much busier place, especially considering its universities and the amount of musicians here, who have countless bars and venues around them to play at. And in North Wales, the facilities and number of bands and musicians just isn’t as widely available anymore. And whilst I love exploring and travelling around new places in Manchester with my guitars, it’s always a great feeling when I get invited back home to do a gig.

We know you have been doing music for a long time now, Migs – give us a little summary of your creative endeavours over the years!

2009 – I first got involved in the music scene, with a punk band I formed called Ugly Fashion, playing guitar and being the songwriter
2010 – I took over on vocals after our original singer had left. (We started as a 4-piece band but remained a 3-piece from there on.)
2011 – the band broke up due to other commitments among the band members.
2012 – I started busking in Llandudno, playing acoustic covers by mainly 60’s and 70’s artists – Bob Dylan, Bowie, Rolling Stones etc.
2014 – Joined a duet with my friend Kiani called ‘The Guitarist & The Girl’. She would sing whilst I played guitar. We did gigs and went busking together over the next couple to a few years.

2014 – Ugly Fashion got back together with a new drummer.
2015 – Went to a recording studio for the first time with the band.

2016 – Ugly Fashion broke up again.

2018 – I started my solo project.

2019 – I moved myself and my music to Manchester.

2020 – I recorded most of the material for my first EP.

2022 – Mid-January, that EP was released.

What are your main inspirations for music and creativity? 

Tash Sultana, Sigur Rós, and Spiritualized.
Tash inspired me to start creating music with a loop pedal, Sigur Rós inspired me to create music with a violin bow (not Jimmy Page, as some people think!), and Spiritualized inspired me to create some nice, slow rock songs, whilst still having that cool fort of feel to them.
But also recently I’ve dabbled into a bit of shoegazing, bands like Slowdive. And even more recently, I’ve gone back to my punk/post-punk roots and I’ve re-worked a couple of my old band’s songs mixed with newer influences – the band Crack Cloud for example.

Over the lockdowns and past few years, how’ve you been spending your time musically? (recording, writing etc)


How have you been readjusting to gigging and post-pandemic music over the past few months?

It doesn’t really feel much different to me now. It just feels like a lot of time was wasted without them. But now I’m writing more often, knowing it won’t be too long until I’ll get to perform them live. So it feels like everything I do now is becoming more worthwhile, and they’re not just ideas staying stuck in the back of my head – I’m actually completing them.

We’ve seen a lot of you over the past few months over at open mics and gigs across Manchester – what do you enjoy most about performing live?

Probably getting the violin bow out during the song ‘Lost it’. And although I don’t claim to have the originality in that, seeing the reaction of people who’ve not seen that being done before is always pretty good.
An elder gentleman said to me a couple of weeks ago that every time I play that song with the bow, it was making him fall asleep… I think that’s beautiful.

Obviously, you use quite a unique set-up for your live sets – what made you want to delve into the world of pedals and the such?

Seeing a video of Tash Sultana performing ‘Jungle’ on youtube in 2017. I had seen people using a loop pedal to do guitar solos and stuff before but I wasn’t really impressed. But when I saw Tash performing what sounded like full and complete songs created only on a loop pedal, I was just blown away.
All I was doing musically at that point was busking and doing a bunch of acoustic gigs, playing other peoples songs, as I had no desire to be an acoustic solo artist, so I never really bothered to write any of my own that way. I thought maybe being a loop-artist was the way forward for me too, as I much preferred playing my electric guitars than acoustic.
I told my friend Rico (Ugly Fashion bass player) my idea and he told me he has a loop pedal he would sell to me, which happened to be the same one Tash Sultana started off with. And I guess the rest is history.

Have you got anything else planned for 2022?


it’s so lovely to be able to hear different musicians’ perspectives on creativity, how they’ve got to where they are and their influences, and to see the similarities between certain artists and even the differences! ☀️ it’s been great to chat with Migs here, and we hope you enjoyed this insight into him as an artist. we’re huge fans of his music and the EP sounds boss, really worth checking out – we’ll pop some links below for you to have a look at. 😊 a big thanks to Migson Pollock for chatting to us here, and we’ll be back with another interview real soon! 🍩

Our latest edition of The Wrap 🥪

just a reminder in case you missed it, our latest edition of The Wrap for last month was a real special one with so many fantastic tunes on it 🥰

amazing releases from some of the best talent around – including music from Gen and the Degenerates Daz Cadwallander David Gorman Music Gdansk81 Anniemusic RIVIA Torture And The Desert Spiders and YNES! 🤘

go and have a gander at our full blog post on the website at https://breadrecords.co.uk/…/01/07/the-wrap-december-2021/ and let us know what you think! 🍞

“Red Stripe” just hit 8k plays on Spotify 💿

we’re absolutely amazed that our very own Olivia Browse has just hit 8k streams on “Red Stripe”!! 🤘

this was our first release on the label with Olivia and we hold a special place in our heart for this tune, plus it’s an absolute banger – rumour has it it’s michael webster‘s sixth most played song on spotify in 2021 👀 so great to see all the support you guys have given Olivia for this tune and all the others!!

head on over to her Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/4OdwzXj78GYA3i6QRT3pfE to check out all her tunes – and keep your eyes peeled for the future 🍞

Only a week and a half til our first Grafton gig, with Tay Temple headlining 🌹

only a week and a half to go until our first of our new monthly nights at the Grafton Arms☀️

we proper can’t wait for this one, we’ve got a headline set from the wonderful Tay Temple and amazing supports Olivia Browse Nina Ettridge and Evie Moran! 😎 it’s going to be an amazing night of class musicians doing their thing, definitely not one to miss out on! 🙌

come on down on the Saturday 29th January from 7:30pm to catch all the action – free entry, quality beers (£3 for a pint!) and top Manchester talent! Bread Records Present: Tay Temple + Supports 🍞