Yesterday was the 3 month anniversary of “Nevermind Valentine / Cliché”! ☀️

yesterday also marked the THREE month anniversary of the single “Nevermind Valentine / Cliché” from our Olivia Browse! ☎️

every single release from Olivia has been absolutely fantastic, so blessed to have her on the label putting out banger after banger and this one is so great – experimenting with different genres but still maintaining her iconic sound 🙌

you can find it on all streaming platforms or on Bandcamp at – there’s even a full music video on YouTube for “Nevermind Valentine” at 🍞

Just The Crust 23/05/22: Mr Matthew Fisher – The Cash ☀️

the new single from Mr. Matthew Fisher “The Cash” is the feature for our Just The Crust today! 😊

with a fantastic string of singles already behind him, Matt’s returned with a brilliant new tune which only expands on his signature sound – incorporating new elements in, but still sticking to his usual indie-rock theme! 🤘

a proper tongue-in-cheek anthem for the working class, “The Cash” discusses the financial issues that people face nowadays, with a huge singalong chorus, fantastic harmonies from his band, and a driving rhythmic element throughout, it sounds fantastic. 😎 Matthew’s vocal sounds great here, really adding to the sound of the tune – one to belt out on a summer day for sure.

you can find the full track over on all streaming platforms, including Spotify at – or you can watch the video in its full over at🤘 well worth a watch!

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Local Loaf update! ☀️

we’re back with yet another update to our lovely Local Loaf playlist! ☀️

continuously so much incredible music coming out each and every week, so amazing to see. 😊 we’ve got brand new music from CRAWLERS Lisa T YNES Ambiere and The Tyne – so many brill tunes this week, well worth listening to!

head on over to our Spotify at to find the playlist in full – give it a like to keep up to date with any new additions! 🍞

Just The Crust 16/05/22: Aaron Spencer – Do It All Again ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Aaron Spencer “Do It All Again”! 🤘

the Liverpool-based songwriter has been hard at it lately, making waves on the Merseyside scene and expanding out to be a force to be reckoned with in the North West. ☀️ we had him perform at one of our gigs last year, and he smashed his set – a proper talented chap!

this new tune which came out last Friday sounds absolutely boss, adding to an already super strong string of releases from himself – mixing aspects of indie-rock and singer-songwriter genres with a more mellow and relaxed atmosphere for this tune, it sounds real lovely. 😎

proper enjoyed the laidback and personal conversation aspect to this track, it feels proper intimate and really gives you an insight into Aaron’s lyrical style. the band behind him really open up his sound too, bringing a smoother edge to his music, and really compliments his style. 🎶 plus, with a proper singalong chorus, we expect this one to go down a storm live! one of our favourites in Liverpool for sure.

you can find the full track over on Spotify at – well worth giving his past releases a spin too, proper talented chap. 🙌 keep your eyes peeled on his page for a full music video release!

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Local Loaf update ☀️

another Sunday, another update to our lovely Local Loaf playlist ☀️

we’ve got some fantastic additions this week, with brand new music from UNO MAS Alkalinity Samya O’Grady Ayanam Udoma Music and Ben Williams – amazing to see so much fantastic music coming out up here in the North! 🤘

head on over to Spotify at to find the playlist in full – loads of incredible music on it now, give it a like to keep up to date with any more additions! 🍞

Our April edition of The Wrap was fantastic! ✨

ICYMI, our latest edition of The Wrap for April is absolutely top ✨

there’s been so many fantastic releases and we’re stoked to have been able to cover some of them here, including music from Lucy Wentworth ROSH Jack Critchlow The Sewer Cats SEARBY North BAND Joshua. and POLKER! 🤘

head on over to our website at to find the blog post in full – let us know what you think! 🍞

Two years of “Obliterate/Ugly”! 🎹

yesterday also marked the two year anniversary of the EP “Obliterate/Ugly” we put out with Alien Clouds! ☀️

it was a super lovely honour to work on this, with our michael webster producing it and these are such a lovely collection of songs from AC – beautiful songwriting and melodies that really run so smoothly throughout the EP. we can’t believe it’s been an entire two years! 🤘

you can find it on Spotify and all the streaming sites, or on Bandcamp at where you can purchase a digital copy! 🍞

Just The Crust 09/05/22: Stone Mile – Settle Down 👊

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Stone Mile “Settle Down”! 🤘

following the success of their debut single earlier this year, Stone Mile have returned with yet another huge sounding track – chock-full of lovely lead guitar riffs and explosive energy! ☀️ their no-nonsense alternative rock sound really shows their class, and with gorgeous lead vocals throughout the track, they’ve created a proper banger here. 😊

they’ve just played over at Night People and we’re seriously looking forward to seeing where these guys go now, they’ve got a real lovely vibe to their tracks and you can really tell that these guys gel so well with each other, their sound is super tight and flows smoothly throughout the length of the tracks. 🙌

check out the full tune over on Spotify at – well worth a listen to both of their singles too, definitely ones to watch here on the Manchester scene! 😊

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Local Loaf update! 🎸

another Sunday, another update to our fantastic Local Loaf playlist! ☀️

we’ve got some brilliant additions of new music up North today, with music from Harriette FEAR of MARKO Kate Gambhir Queen Cult and NoVacancies🤘 fantastic to see such a fantastic stream of quality music coming out!

head on over to our Spotify at to find the playlist in full – give it a like to keep up to date with any new additions! 🍞

The Wrap: April 2022 ✨

we’ve got our April edition of The Wrap for you all! ✨ there’s been so so many amazing releases over the past month, it’s absolutely fantastic to see it all going on. this is one of our favourite features to write up, hearing so much great music – you can find all of our lil reviews below! 🤘

Manchester-based Americana songwriter Lucy Wentworth has returned with another beautiful tune “Whiskey“! With a real mellow atmosphere to it, utilising gorgeous waves of acoustic guitars, pianos and a soft drum pattern holding the track together, it sounds super lovely. Lyrically the track is superb, it’s a great tale conveyed so well throughout and her vocal sits perfectly above the instrumentation to really tell the story here. Well worth a listen, very midnight/AM listening feels! 🌛 (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE / BANDCAMP)

A beautiful release from Sheffield-based rosh here with the release of their latest single “This Is What You Asked For“! Utilising aspects of folk and jazz to create something lovely and unique to their sound, it’s a really well put-together track with a real sense of focus to it. 😊 the use of the different instruments within the track keeps it nice and fresh throughout, with beautiful melodies running through the length of the song, and rosh’s vocal sounds brilliant on it – amazing stuff. The build throughout to the final section of the track is simply beautiful. Plus, the b-side to it, “Absent” sounds so gorgeous. Well worth checking out! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

We featured one of Jack Critchlow’s tracks the other month and he’s just released this new single “I Get Drunk” with Emma Kirsch! The guitar riff is absolutely lovely, and the production around it is spot on – really maintaining that chill atmosphere conveyed with the riff. 🙌 the song is brilliant, feels like a conversation with the lyricism portraying different sides of a story – and both Jack and Emma’s vocals sound sublime throughout the song, especially in that final chorus where they’re really complimenting each other super well. Great song! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

We’ve know The Sewer Cats for a long time now, and we absolutely loved their debut EP “Zelda” which we checked out after catching them live – brilliant band to see at a gig, so much energy. They’ve returned with their debut album here “Cute Aggression“, chock-full of lovely guitar riffs, heavy and driving drums, and such powerful vocals from Cass which sound absolutely fantastic. They’ve really expanded their sound for this whilst still keeping true to their signature style, and their no-nonsense lyrics pertaining to modern-day culture and politics really show off their ferocity. What a band, we love the entire album! Well worth a listen. 🤘 (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE / BANDCAMP)

Manchester-based indie-pop artist SEARBY has just put out his brand new single “I Wonder“! ☀️ to start with, we love the beat of this track, it’s got such a groove to it, and the synths used throughout really give the track such a unique and lovely energy. The use of lead synths is perfect, you can really tell so much has been put into the production on this – and SEARBY’s vocal sounds great over the top of it all. It’s a gorgeous tale too, conveyed super well through the lyricism. The final chorus is huge, and the build throughout is beautiful. It’s well worth a listen – and definitely an add to your pre-drinks playlists! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

The new tune from North, “Recovery“, this is a gorgeously crafted track. The acoustic guitar melody at the start is so lovely, with such beautiful lead melodies over the top, and the vocals sit perfectly and sound absolutely fantastic. 👊 dropping into the chorus with the full band, really travelling so well throughout the length of the song, it’s brilliant to see – that guitar solo is bloody massive. These are definitely ones to watch here in the North – and the video looks brilliant, such a beautiful concept. (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Glasgow-based Joshua has just put out his debut single “Buttercup.“! This sounds so great. Really enjoying the use of his accent in the track, utilised so well and really contributes to the feel of the song. Plus, that guitar melody is gorgeous, the drums behind it only give it even more energy, it’s really well put together. 🤘 his vocal style here is so strong too, the deadpan delivery in the verses are so great, and the chorus is super catchy, with lyrics that feel like you’re having a conversation with him! If this is the debut single, we can’t wait to hear more. One to watch, for sure! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Merseyside-based alternative rock outfit POLKER have returned with a gorgeous EP “Over Words . Ever After“! We’re really enjoying this, there’s so many influences in this, from grunge to shoegaze to singer-songwriter.. beautifully put together to solidify their own sound. The groove and feel of the band sounds top, and the lead vocal is so powerful throughout, really commanding the tracks and giving them such great energy. 🔥 This is definitely a need-to-listen-to EP, a fantastic release that we’re sure are gonna set big things in motion for the band. Proper loving it! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE)

this month has been yet ANOTHER fantastic one for music up here in the North. we’re blown away by all the diverse talent that keeps on delivering such quality releases and music, it’s so brilliant to see. this is what makes the music scene one of the most special ones and it’s always a pleasure to write these up and listen to so many incredible musicians. we hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we have – big love to everyone who’s checked this out. ❤️

Make sure you head on down to open mics, gigs, support local music and arts and keep your scenes going! 😊 all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners. 🍞