Cream of the Crop is just over two weeks away! âœŠ

just over TWO weeks to go until our first gig back at The Thirsty Scholar! 🤘

we can’t wait for this one, we’ll have music from Minervadaisy Scatterchild Harrison Rimmer Dr Fabola and our very own Olivia Browse and michael webster☀️ what a lineup for our return to actual gigs!! 😊

this is on the Saturday 7th August, running from 1pm til 5pm! don’t miss out on a fantastic afternoon of live music and some of Manchester’s best upcoming talent! 🪐 find out more at our event Cream of the Crop: THE RETURN! 🍞

10k streams on “A Good Winter in June”! ðŸ¤˜

we are SO HAPPY to say that Anyone’s Ghost EP “A Good Winter in June” has just passed 10k streams! ☀️💫☀️

we’re so bloomin’ proud of this EP and the support you guys have shown it is simply tremendous. for a lil release on an indie label to hit this kind of level of streams is fantastic! 🥰 thank you all so much for listening to it, buying our merch, and saying such lovely kind words about it all. how incredible!

if you’re new to the party, you can find it over on our Bandcamp where you can even purchase a cute lil tape cassette of it: or stream it over on Spotify at 🍞

📸: Olivia Browse

Olivia Browse live @ Below The Bridge!! ☀️ (31st July)

our very own Olivia Browse is playing Below The Bridge @Thirsty Scholar/Zombie Shack on the Sat 31st July down at The Thirsty Scholar ☀️☀️☀️

£10 for an all day ticket where u get to not only catch Olivia playing but a boss lineup including the likes of Rivver MYOTO Boxes and a bunch of other fantastic artists we love! 😊

we’re so stoked for what the future holds for our lil roster of Bread artists – you can get your tickets for this gig over on Skiddle at 🍞

Open mic at The Grafton Arms tonight! ðŸ¤˜

we’re back down at the Grafton Arms tonight for open mic with our very own michael webster🤘

after how insane last week’s first one was, we’re super hyped up to be back at it and we’ve already got a whole bunch of amazing artists coming down. it’s gonna be boss! â˜€ï¸ can’t wait for a lovely open mic in this weather!

come on down tonight from 7pm to catch all the action – cheap pints, they serve food, class musicians coming down; what’s not to enjoy!? 😊 find out more at our Facebook event Open Mic at The Grafton Arms! 🍞

Just The Crust 19/07/21: Scatterchild – No Sense To End â˜€ï¸

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the new single from Scatterchild “No Sense To End”! 😊

taking a more laid-back approach compared to previous singles, Scatterchild have created a lovely relaxing atmosphere in which Jay’s vocal sits perfectly and really portrays the image of what he’s trying to say. building throughout the track, the instrumentation is really balanced well, and really creates a sound that you can get lost in. ☀️ definitely one for those rainy Manchester evenings with a glass of wine!

fantastic stuff from Scatterchild – showing they are proficient across a variety of genres and really puts across their magnificent songwriting and performance abilities. lovely stuff! 😎 we can’t wait for the Saturday 7th August when they’re playing for us at The Thirsty Scholar for Cream of the Crop: THE RETURN!🤘

head on over to Spotify at to find the track in full, and definitely check out their other releases, they’ve got some boss tunes out! give them a follow to keep up to date with their music 🪐

as always, find all of our features, events, music and merch on our website at 🍞

Local Loaf update! â˜€ï¸

another Sunday, and another lovely update to our Local Loaf playlist 🤘 hope we’re all enjoying this lush sun!!

we’ve got some absolutely incredible songs added this week, including music from Bay BryanTHE A.V CLUBSam Seccombe Scott Magnus and Nat Dempsey😎 absolutely fantastic tunes, well worth a listen – a real showcase of the talent up here in the North West!

head over to Spotify at to find the playlist in full (25+ hours!) 😊 drop it a follow to keep up to date with the best local music! 🍞

“A Good Winter in June” cassettes ðŸ“¼

just a little reminder that we have some of the Anyone’s Ghost cassettes left!! ☀️

we’re stoked with how these turned out, they look absolutely fantastic and it’s great to have all this merch available for our releases 😊 there’s not many left so get one while you can!

each purchase comes with a free digital copy, head over to to grab one or just drop us a message and we’ll sort it for you 🍞

Knead To Know: Music Solid â˜€ï¸

our feature for today’s Knead To Know is the fantastic Music Solid! ☀️

set up by the O’Neill Bros who are fantastic musicians in their own right, they wanted to create a community of artists that supported each other and collaborated on brilliant projects and put out plenty of amazing videos last year on their YouTube, including one from our very own michael webster 🪐

next week they are releasing a brand new video, a cover of the Foo Fighters’ “My Hero” in celebration of the frontliners during the pandemic with SIXTEEN artists performing from four countries across the world! Including collaboration from the likes of Rob Crampton Music, CapitanSam and plenty of other fantastic musicians on the Manchester scene and beyond! Check out the preview below, and drop their YouTube a subscribe to be notified when it is out!! 🤘

fantastic stuff from Dom and the lads over at Music Solid. expect more and more from them soon – find out more on their Facebook, Instagram, or! 🪐


Open mic at The Grafton Arms☀️

we had SUCH an amazing time for our first open mic down at The Grafton Arms on Tuesday – around 12 artists played, including a 12-person band, a trio, and plenty of fantastic solo artists 🤘

we’re so made up with how it went, a full pub, punters having a great time.. it’s all coming back in force isn’t it!?!? 😊 a big thank you to everyone for making it so great!!!

just a reminder here that we’re down there every Tuesday from 7pm with some of Manchester’s finest up-and-coming artists, there’s already some amazing musicians confirmed for next week, and walk-in slots available too!! 🪐

drop michael webster a message for a slot, or find out more at our event Open Mic at The Grafton Arms!! 🍞

Check out our latest episode of Grain Radio ðŸ’¿

our latest episode of Grain Radio has been out for a week now!! ðŸª this one is boss, with some amazing music on there!

featuring brand new tunes from HUNYBEES Music Marcus Man Turquoise Noise Denh Izen and THE A.V CLUB – absolute bangers all the way through, what a lovely lineup of talent here! definitely something for everyone here, ranging from post-punk grunginess to lovely acoustic singer-songwriter vibes. class! 🥰

head over to YouTube at to find it, or you can find all of our episodes with more in-depth artist links at 🍞