michael webster

Hailing from the North-West of England, michael webster is a singer-songwriter inspired by a multitude of artists, ranging from the folk legends such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young, to 90’s alternative like Pixies and Nirvana, to modern-day singer-songwriters such as Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile and Phoebe Bridgers.

His unique guitar playing style, combined with lyrical imagery makes for relatable songs that pertain to various modern-day topics, including politics, society, love and rejection.

In March 2016 he released his first double single, ‘ground zero / youth decay’, which were followed by ‘mancuria / ans’ and ‘waves / complainin’. In March 2019, three years after his first release, he released his debut EP ‘paper dreams’, a collection of songs he had written over the past few years. ‘paper dreams’ contains some of his best songs yet, including ‘nausea’; a song written about “the mundane realities of life, how for every up there’s a down, for every action a reaction.. there’s a huge part of this that relates to the ideal of Jean-Paul Sartre’s book Nausea, that life suddenly fades into itself and becomes meaningless.” Another song on the EP, ‘firewall’, is a bleak inspection of media outlets – discussing the sharp increase in media bias towards certain political parties and figures, whilst many problems on the ground get hugely ignored or toned down.

In January 2020, Michael went into Spirit Studios in Manchester to record a few songs for a live session. This was to become his second EP, ‘live at Spirit Studios‘, which was released on the 28th March 2020; including live acoustic versions of his previously released songs, such as ‘firewall’, ‘rampant’, and ‘oceania rendevous’.

On the 15th June 2020, he released his fourth double single ‘ibis hotel / collision course‘, to positive reviews from various sites and blogs across the country! Any sales of the single will be donated to this fundraiser, in aid of a friend on the scene. The B-side is also a cover of a song by the lovely Toria Wooff!

Michael also runs various events in Manchester through our label, and runs weekly open mic nights across the city.

The new single ‘linger, still / single malt’ is available now! You can find it on all streaming services, and on his Bandcamp here.

“‘Ibis Hotel / Collision Course’ is a necessary listen for anyone wanting something real to experience. An absolute must for you if you want to expand your North West music collection” – Aiden McCarron, Design A Gig