Anyone’s Ghost

First appearing on the Manchester music scene in 2019, Anyone’s Ghost makes a large impact with a delicate sound, her solemn songs touching on themes of death, romance, mystery and murder. The solo project of local songwriter Wanda Roslyn, Anyone’s Ghost was born from the influence of dark folk and indie rock, encompassed in poetic lyricism and an affection for literature. Usually wielding as acoustic guitar and a multitude of effects pedals, Wanda is able to capture attention from the get go with haunting vocals, melodic guitar work and a soundscape formed with intensity and emotion.

Here at Bread Records we are delighted to be able to announce the release of Anyone’s Ghost’s debut EP ‘A Good Winter in June’. Having worked on this EP throughout the pandemic, collaging pieces of old songs and writing new, Wanda has collaborated with our very own Michael Webster to bring a fuller, gloomier soundscape to the tracks.

With six songs laden with vigour, soundscaping, acoustic guitars and heavenly vocals, ‘A Good Winter in June’ is sure to pull on your heartstrings whilst simultaneously keeping you in blood curdling suspense. Think watching horror movies with Phoebe Bridgers at Justin Vernon’s house whilst also listening to PJ Harvey on headphones.

‘A Good Winter in June’ released on the 4th June 2021, and is available to stream and download worldwide. Find it on all good streaming sites – Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp 🍞

“This EP feels like mist, it feels like mourning and solemnity, the heaviness of coming to your own thoughts at the end of the day, and yet it feels like escape. Poetic and unrelenting in its beauty and haunting I know this EP is one I will return to time and time again,”@wherearethegirlbands review of ‘A Good Winter in June”, 2021

“A Good Winter in June may be a record made for the colder months, but listening to it at the peak of summer, I felt completely absorbed into its own universe, transfixed by this marvel of an EP. Anyone’s Ghost make an incredibly bold statement with this sublime record. Like all good ghost stories, it lingers in the memory long after it ends, and invites you back for more.”QSO Media (Link to Review)