Olivia Browse

Originally from Essex, Manchester-based songwriter Olivia Browse has been making waves on the local scene for the past few years – with a strong collection of original songs, she’s always around and about playing at gigs here in Manchester!

Taking inspiration from a vast variety of artists, ranging from singer-songwriters such as Stella Donnelly and Kate Nash, to Britpop bands such as Pulp and The Smiths; even to modern pop artists like Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama, her music encompasses a huge range of inspiration in order to create something that is truly unique and true to Olivia’s style.

Her songs, with their grounded lyricism and simplistic yet catchy melodies, pertain to modern issues and events in the life of 20-somethings today. Writing about her experiences whilst at university in Manchester, listeners are easily able to connect with Olivia on a personal level through her music.

Olivia’s debut single ‘Sober‘, released in May 2020 during the pandemic, really gave her audience an inside look into her musical direction, telling her stories in a tongue-in-cheek manner, with an upbeat styling – coining the term ‘sad bops’ as her genre of choice!

Her next single ‘Halloween‘ (released, well, on Halloween 2020), really gave her music a proper shape with musical insight from her producer Shtum – proving her talent in songwriting and taking on different approaches to her music. We were absolutely blown away by this single, giving us an eerie and almost spooky insight into her life, whilst still maintaining that original upbeat ‘sad bop’ sound that we were accustomed to from the first single.

All throughout this, Olivia has been performing, putting on gigs – her ‘Doyenne’ show over at Fuel Cafe Bar last year, featuring a vast range of amazing female and non-binary artists, was a sell out show! It’s truly inspiring to see someone trying their best to not only progress their own music, but also helping others along the way – a real mantra of us here at Bread.

Olivia’s brand new single ‘Red Stripe’ is out now!! Go and check it out – Spotify / Apple Music / Bandcamp !! We’re super stoked to be putting such a great tune out through the label.

We’re super delighted to be expanding our Bread family with the addition of Olivia and we hope that you enjoy her music just as much as we do!

“Olivia Browse gives a slacker-pop edge to her solo songwriter output, with help from generous amounts of reverb and a strong sense of aesthetic. The catchiness of the songs helps – and it has all added up to make the London native a favourite on the Manchester music circuit.” – Joseph Stevens, RGM Magazine

“I admire her balls for not sticking to the status quo and writing about pleasant things like falling in love. I think a lot of young people will be able to extract something from this track; It’s haunting because it’s real shit that’s happening right now. Keep an eye peeled for Olivia Browse.” – Ella Hardy, Somebody Save Music