Incredible to host Hit Like A Girl at The Peer Hat last Sunday! ☀️

Hit Like A Girl

we had such a boss one last Sunday over at The Peer Hat for the Manchester date of Hit Like a Girl / I Feel Fine UK tour! 🤘

big love to all the bands for performing, Hit Like A Girl were absolutely sensational – WYRES and Snake Parade smashed it too, fantastic supports and what a class one. ☀️ hugely honoured to have been asked to have put this on, we love giving bands and artists the opportunities to grace the stage and especially when they come all the way from overseas! ❤️

it’s well worth checking out all these, they’re such talented artists and performers. we’ve got more stuff in the works – you can find all of our updates on our website at 🍞

Toasted: Stray Weather / HWY / BARDS 🥪

we’re absolutely STOKED to bring you our next Toasted gig over at the Grafton Arms🥪

this one’s gonna be huge with sets from the amazing talents of STRAY WEATHER HWY and BARDS – some of the North’s best up-and-coming talent on the alternative rock scene! 🤘 these guys are all bloody unreal, just goes to show how amazing music up here. 😊 definitely not one to miss out!

come on down on the Saturday 9th of July to catch all the action – at one of our favourite venues, cheap bevs, food served til late, great music, free entry… it’s gonna go off. 👊 find out more at our event TOASTED: Stray Weather / HWY / BARDS 🍞

So much stuff here on the website now! 🤘

just a lil post today to remind you all about all of the features and reviews over on our website – it’s not all just gigs 😆 (even though looking through our calendar it looks like it!)

we’ve got so many lovely regular features, we’re planning to update a few of them over the new few weeks and make them even cooler. 😎 there’s over TWO YEARS of posts on our website now, today marks our 784th day of posting in a row.. madness but so much so have a gander at. 🤘

you can find it all over on our website at – there’s a whole bunch of stuff to sink your teeth into. so many incredible releases from up North, we love writing about them all! 🍞

Just The Crust 20/06/22: Nat Dempsey & the Near Strangers 🤘

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Nat Dempsey & The Near Strangers “Run and Hide”! ☀️

we’ve known Nat for a long time now, and he’s got such a fantastic discography to his name – so many great singles that sound absolutely fantastic. 😊 a proper talent here in Manchester and one to definitely watch out for, especially for his live sets!

opening with a real groove to the track, the drums and bass in perfect sync with one another – it starts with Nat on an almost deadpan vocal, suddenly opening up to a more melodic vocal line and building and building with each instrument until the chorus which is just explosive. 💥

his lyricism has only got better and better with each track, this song takes a real inspection upon the state of the world and the influence that different figures have and how they all seem to contradict each other, yet don’t… we love seeing the stories behind songs and their meanings and there’s so much to unpack in this one, we’ll let you figure it all out for yourself though 😆

you can find the track in full over on Spotify at… and on all streaming sites! give it a listen and check out his previous releases as well. 👊

find all of our features, reviews and more on our website at 🍞

Our last Toasted was sick! 🤘

oh wow last Saturday at the Grafton Arms for our last Toasted was insane! 🥪

Luna Marble Lighter Thieves and Desire Lines all smashed their sets, each of the bands brought out incredible energy to the stage and it was definitely a night to be remembered. 🤘 big love to them all for playing, these band nights only get better and better – there’s so much talent in the scene and we’re so honoured to be able to let them have a space to perform ❤️

we’ll be announcing our next one real soon – keep your eyes peeled for the announcement, another fantastic lineup on the way! 👊 plus, we’ve got SO many great gigs coming up over the next month, you can find it all on our website at 🍞

Toasted is tonight at The Grafton Arms! 🥪

we’re over at the Grafton Arms tonight for our next Toasted gig 🤘

been super looking forward to this for a while now, we’ve got a fantastic lineup with Luna Marble Lighter Thieves and Desire Lines – proper talent here in the North West and we’re super stoked to be able to put them on! ☀️

come on down from 7:30pm tonight to catch all the action, award-winning beers from £3, food served til late, and best of all free entry to catch some of Manchester’s best bands – what’s not to love about that 😎 find out more at our event TOASTED: Desire Lines / Lighter Thieves / Luna Marble 🍞

Our next Toasted gig is this weekend 🥪

only a few days to go til our next “Toasted” gig over at the Grafton Arms! 🤘

we’ve got a stellar lineup for this one, it’s gonna be mental – with Desire Lines Lighter Thieves and Luna Marble! ☀️ some fantastic bands here who are making waves on the scene, definitely not one to miss out on! 😊

come on down from 7:30pm on this Saturday 11th of June to catch all the action – free entry, cheap pints, great music.. gonna be boss 🍞 find out more at our event TOASTED: Desire Lines / Lighter Thieves / Luna Marble!

Just The Crust 30/05/22: Cliché Cult – Plastic World 🌍

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Cliché Cult “Plastic World” 👊

we’ve been massive fans of these guys for a while now, having featured a fair bit of their music in the past and they only keep going from strength to strength with every release, showing their talent and versatility through all the tunes they put out ☀️

this new single “Plastic World” sounds absolutely top, maintaining their usual style but sounding slightly more lo-fi and relaxed – it’s got a lovely atmosphere of droney guitars and synths, the rhythm section really ties the whole track together too and keeps the groove, all whilst the main vocal commands control of the track and really lays the foundation for the story of the tune so well 🙌

what a chorus too! a massive singalong tune. we love the breakdown, and that guitar solo erupts into the track with such ferocity – absolutely stunning from the chaps. well worth a listen and we’re excited to see where the band goes from here! 😊

you can listen to the full track on all streaming sites and that, or otherwise the full music video is available on YouTube at – well worth checking out, the Leeds-based indie outfit have smashed it yet again. amazing to see! 🤘

find all of our features, reviews and more over on our website at ! 🍞

Yesterday was the 3 month anniversary of “Nevermind Valentine / Cliché”! ☀️

yesterday also marked the THREE month anniversary of the single “Nevermind Valentine / Cliché” from our Olivia Browse! ☎️

every single release from Olivia has been absolutely fantastic, so blessed to have her on the label putting out banger after banger and this one is so great – experimenting with different genres but still maintaining her iconic sound 🙌

you can find it on all streaming platforms or on Bandcamp at – there’s even a full music video on YouTube for “Nevermind Valentine” at 🍞

Toasted: Desire Lines / Lighter Thieves / Luna Marble! 🥪

absolutely hyped for our next “Toasted” gig over at the Grafton Arms next month! 🥪

our one last week was super mega, and we’ve got a brilliant lineup for our next one with Desire Lines, Lighter Thieves and Luna Marble! 🤘 some of Manchester’s finest up-and-coming talent here, a pleasure to be able to get them onto the stage for this gig.

we’ll be at the Grafton on the Saturday 11th of June, from around 7:30pm – one of our favourite pubs in Manchester with quality pints on offer, food served til late, and best of all free entry! find out more at our event TOASTED: Desire Lines / Lighter Thieves / Luna Marble 🍞