The Wrap: November 2021 ☀️

we’ve got our next edition of The Wrap for you all! 🙌 November has been an incredible month for music, with so many fantastic releases and gigs going on. here’s a little bit of what’s been happening! check out our in-depth reviews below ⬇️

Liverpool-based songwriter LARO is back with a brand new single “Empty Words”! With gorgeous piano melodies, and synth-pop production reminiscent of artists like Lapsley and Lorde, it’s a remarkable tune that sounds so lovely. Gorgeous vocals and harmonies throughout, it’s a relatable love story that you can tell really comes from the soul. Well worth a listen! 🙌 [SPOTIFY]

Manchester lads JCK have just released their newest single “Right By Your Side”! We loved their single “Stranger To Call” last year and this shows that they’ve only gone from strength to strength. 🤘 Mixing rap, indie and alternative vibes they’ve got a real groove going on throughout the track, destined to keep you dancing and jumping about to the song all month. Such a great, feel-good tune and definitely ones to watch, with a class music video as well. 🙌 [SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE]

Manchester’s Luna Marble have just released their debut single “Running”! With fiery guitar riffs, and explosive drum patterns, the song opens with such a powerful energy and suddenly the lead vocal rips right through it, creating a fantastic atmosphere right from the get-go. We absolutely love the strength of the chorus, so huge – the band sounds SO tight and we’re amazed that this is just the debut single. Definitely ones to watch for the future!! Plus, that guitar solo is heavenly 🙌 [SPOTIFY]

Another super beautiful release “Silver” from Lea Willms following the lead single a few months ago, “Bittersweet”! With gorgeous guitarwork, soft and delicate melodies and beautiful soundscaping, it sounds absolutely incredible. Lea’s vocal is sublime throughout the EP and really gives it a unique and soulful folky sound. Big shout to Sloe Flower Studio for recording this so well, so much great work coming from them. Well worth a listen, for fans of Laura Marling, Beabadoobee and Waxahatchee! [SPOTIFY]

Psych-rockers Mort Jardin have just released their brand new album “Mort Noir”! With dark, grungy riffs, walls of sound and distortion, and echos of delay and reverb it sounds fantastic. 😎 One for all the rockers out there, with some great production and dark, melancholy atmospheres. Another great release from them! Well worth checking out “Evidence”, one of our faves! [SPOTIFY]

Gorgeous and soulful release from Sola – “Thinline” sounds absolutely fantastic. With such a great groove to the track, lovely production and amazing lyricism, we’re blown away by how this sounds. The contrast in mood from the verse to the chorus is defining of the track, and the lyrics in the chorus are fantastic. Well worth a watch of the music video too – can’t wait to see more from Sola! [SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE]

Square Wild have just released their brand new EP “The Tree-P” over on Bandcamp! Sounding fantastic, really translating their live sound to a studio setting – we’ve caught them live a good few times and they’re super class. Well worth catching them at a gig, and this EP is chock-full of powerful vocals, gorgeous guitar riffs and intense breakdowns. Well worth adding to your Bandcamp collections! [BANDCAMP]

Warrington indie-dreamboats are back after the success of their latest single “I Think I’m Fallin'”, with a cover of “Meet Me at Our Spot”! Sounding absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful vocal harmonies and such a tight groove throughout the track from the bass and drums, it flows seamlessly through the whole song – really worth a listen, such a great take on the tune! We’d love to see more of these covers from them! 😊 [SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE]

This is only a little amount of the amazing songs that have been released over the past month, really showing that the North has so so much talent ☀️ it’s great to be able to bring you all these, one of our favourite features!

Make sure you head on down to open mics, gigs, support local music and arts and keep your scenes going! 😊 all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners. 🍞

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