Just The Crust 29/03/21: Evie Moran – Dream ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the absolutely stunning new single from Evie Moran – ‘Dream’! 😊

for fans of Laura Marling, First Aid Kit and other folk artists, Evie’s new song is absolutely breathtaking! with soft, ethereal vocals over light and delicate acoustic guitar, ‘Dream’ really invites you into Evie’s space where she is painting a picture of her thoughts and vulnerabilities. seriously one to listen to on this day of lockdown easing! ☀️ (ps. those lead guitar melodies are absolutely heavenly…)

based in Liverpool, and having just moved over to Salford, we’re sure that she’s going to be a massive force of reckoning on the scene, especially if this song is a sign of things to come.. we can’t wait to hear even more from her! 🪐

head over to Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/1tSwoIoAmVDdRA1ZmirsiL where you can find ‘Dream’ alongside her debut single ‘All My Love’ (which we highly recommend listening to as well!!) ☕️

remember, you can find all of our features here on our website at www.breadrecords.co.uk! 🍞

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