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“Calendar Girl” music video! β˜€οΈ

have you seen the brand new music video from Olivia Browse and Szou for “Calendar Girl” yet? πŸ™Œ

it was an absolutely blast making this up with Matchbox Productions, and we love how its turned out! also featuring some guest appearances from artists on Manchester’s music scene.. 😎

head on over to YouTube at to find the video in full – check it out and drop a comment with what you think of it! 🍞

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New music callout! β˜€οΈ

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Just The Crust 24/05/21: michael webster – left to speak β˜€οΈ

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from our very own michael webster “left to speak”! 🀟

we’re super proud of this one, we’ve been working so hard to get releases out as well as keeping at it with our features, gigs and the such. it’s been a long time coming for michael’s latest single – a huge anthem about climate change backed with a melodramatic and huge b-side! typical michael webster style. 😎

we hope you enjoy this ridiculous video.. πŸ˜… had to make this one quick up but it kinda fits the vibe of the track well, right? find michael’s latest single in full over on Spotify, Apple Music, all streaming sites – or you can buy it over on Bandcamp😊

keep your eyes peeled and drop michael a like on his page, there’s plenty of things coming up soon so don’t miss out! we’ve got so much planned for the label this summer! πŸ₯°

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Olivia Browse – Red Stripe (Lyric Video Teaser) β˜€οΈ

have you checked out the brand new lyric video for Olivia Browse‘s tune ‘Red Stripe’? 😎

we love this lyric video, it’s super cute and so Olivia. head over to YouTube at to find the full video ❀️ let us know what you think of it!

also, we can’t believe that ‘Red Stripe’ is now at just short of 6k streams!! a big shout to anyone who’s listened to the track and supported Olivia’s music! 🍞

Just The Crust 10/05/21: Luc Garrett – Hold On β˜€οΈ

Our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Luc Garrett, ‘Hold On’! 😊

Released on the 30th of April, the new track has set the scene for Luc’s sound and ambitions for the future – a lovely sombre track, with such flavour in there from his backing band, mixed with Luc’s soft and delicate vocals and lyrics.. definitely one to watch for the future!! 🀘

another fantastic tune under his belt, Luc has plenty of music for you to check out over on streaming sites! head over to Spotify at to find it all 😎

this video is taken from his live performance of the track, which you can find at – such a lovely rendition of the song, well worth watching on this overcast Manchester Monday! 🎧

we’re sure that he’ll be a familiar face on the Manchester scene once things start opening up again, we’ll be sure to get him on a gig as soon as we can! ✊ in the meantime, drop his page a like and keep supporting local artists!!

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Just The Crust 03/05/21: Gen and the Degenerates – Underwear πŸŽ§

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the amazing new single from Gen and the Degenerates – “Underwear”! 😊

this tune is so boss! with driving basslines, guitar riffs, huge drums.. amazing vocals on this and just an absolute journey from start to finish. these guys are definitely ones to watch! 🀟 we heard this and we were like hell yeah, this has gotta be featured.

‘Underwear’ really sets the band apart from the rest on the scene, bringing raw power and an unimitable statement that they’re here to do what they want, and empower people to do the same. 🎸 amazing stuff!! exactly what we want to see from artists and bands!

head over to Spotify at to find the full track – or you can find the full video over on YouTube! πŸ–€

find all of our features and gigs here on our website at 🍞

Just The Crust 26/04/21: Blacksheeplad – She Makes Me Me β˜€οΈ

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new track from Blacksheeplad – “She Makes Me Me”! 😊

we’ve had Phil perform for us as part of our virtual open mic for a loong time now and he always plays us a lovely set! 😎 lovely songwriting, such personal and intricate lyrics on his tracks. His new track here is a lovely ode to love – and we really enjoy the full band instrumentation behind it all! ✊

the track will be released this Friday, on the 30th April – it’ll be available over on Blacksheeplad’s Bandcamp page 🎸 in the meantime, check out his other singles over on Spotify at 😊

we’re looking forward to Thursday when he’ll be performing for us at our virtual open mic – hopefully we’ll catch a rendition of the new song ahead of the release on Friday!! 🍷

Just The Crust 19/04/21: Olivia Browse – Red Stripe β˜€οΈ

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Olivia Browse – Red Stripe! 😊

we’re super honoured have put this out through the label, what an absolute tune!! we’ve been fans of Olivia for so long and we’re delighted to be working with her. ❀️ this tune has done so well so far, with over 2k plays and we’re so proud of all the work that Liv’s put into this 🎧

might be a bit weird to feature one of our own releases but damn we love this song so much. head over to Spotify at to go and check out all the fuss!! πŸͺ

alternatively head over to Bandcamp at and you’ll be able to download it for the tiny price of a quid! keep supporting artists. ✊ ps. how cute is this video? what a brand 🎸 keep your eyes peeled for even more on the way soon!!

check out all of our features here on our website at ! 🍞