Another ‘Local Loaf’ update!

we’ve just updated our lovely Local Loaf playlist 🐝

featuring brand new tunes from a lovely range this week, including Chloe Foy Lindsay Munroe The Shakamoto Investigation Some Kind of Illness and Lauren Young! 😎 some absolutely incredible tunes. check em out!

find the full playlist over 20 HOURS of music (how?!?) over on Spotify at – and whilst you’re there, give it a follow to keep up to date! 🍞

And another Local Loaf update β„️

got a couple of posts to put out this weekend, so what better time than to update our Local Loaf playlist? 🀟

some real great additions this week, featuring new music from EJ O’Reilly & Katie O’Malley Jamie Ainslie Seagoth The Jonny Oates Band and Colorful Crimes! 😁 so much talent around! make sure you check it out πŸ’Ώ

you can find our Local Loaf playlist over on Spotify at – drop it a follow to keep up to date! 🍞

Local Loaf update!

and this one is a little late, but better late than never 😎 our Local Loaf playlist is 325 songs long now! how crazy.. so much great music out there ❀

featuring new additions from Bassey Noise Daisy Harris Mike Collinson Music Blacksheeplad and the single ‘Swings and Waterslides’ from Warrington artists in memory of Viola Beach (WAM 🀟 amazing tunes!

find it all over at our playlist on Spotify! 😊 give it a like and a follow to keep up to date with all the new music we add! 🍞

Local Loaf update! β˜€οΈ

here’s another update to our Local Loaf playlist! 🀟 you all know the Sunday drill nowadays πŸ™‚

featuring additions from Abi Rose Kelly music Ade Capitansam Ryan Martin Music and Novustory you better check these new ones out! such great songs πŸ₯° amazing stuff by all these artists!

find it over on our Spotify at – give it a like or a follow to keep up to date 🍞

Local Loaf update! πŸž

another update to our Local Loaf playlist!! 🀟

featuring some fantastic new music from the likes of MILLICENT Alan Jacob – meatbehindabeat Jessica Luise Music Tom Welsh and Michael Collinson – some absolutely amazing music has just come out recently so definitely worth checking it all out! πŸ™ƒ

find it over on our Spotify at πŸ₯° give it a like / follow to keep up to date! 🍞

Tom Welsh – You Came To Talk (NEW!)

just a little shoutout today for Tom Welsh‘s new single ‘You Came To Talk’! 🀟

Tom put this out 3 days ago and it’s definitely worth checking out!! πŸ™‚ following up from his last single with Niamh Finan, Tom’s back with a real signature song for his unique folky, indie sound – with a real groove to the track and top quality songwriting you almost feel like you’re in the room with the band! 🀟

we’re a huge fan of Tom’s music and it’s great to hear him putting out music of such top calibre! check it out on Bandcamp atπŸ™‚ it’s also available to stream! 🍞

‘Local Loaf’ update! πŸž

another Sunday so that means another update to our wonderful ‘Local Loaf’ playlist 🀟

some amazing additions this week including The Donaghys Bryony Drake (Music) Nico’s Mind Heidi Dewhirst Music and Gloria Band πŸ™‚ definitely worth checking out!!

find it over on Spotify at and give it a follow so you’re up to date on it all! 🍞

Local Loaf update! βœŠ

another update to our Local Loaf playlist 🀟

some fantastic additions this week, including new music from Gloria Band Marcus Man Blown Away By Giants Luc Garrett and The Gus Glynn Band! πŸ™‚ definitely something for everyone here!

find it over on Spotify at πŸ–€ give it a like and a follow to keep up to date! 🍞

Local Loaf update! β˜€οΈ

we’ve just updated our Local Loaf playlist again ✊

featuring new additions from Daphne Did It Niamh Finan Tom Welsh Ryan Buxton Music Colorful Crimes and Saving Face! a wide range this week, but some lovely tunes! 🌸

head over to Spotify at to check it out – give it a follow to keep up to date 🍞