Knead to Know: Scott Magnus 🌛

we’re back with our next Knead To Know interview today, with the amazing Scott Magnus! 🤘

it’s fantastic to be able to speak with Scott here, he’s a super talented artist based here in Manchester and over the past year or two he’s been releasing banger after banger, getting some amazing recognition for his work and doing super well. we love his unique blend of genres, mixing together rapping, indie rock and even elements of metal in his music to create something truly his own style! 👊

he’s just released his debut EP “COMEBACK STRONGER” which sounds absolutely brilliant, a fantastic collection of songs that really give you a true insight into his life and experiences – we really loved the singles prior to the release of the album and this only exceeds our expectations! find our full interview with him below! 👇

Hey Scott, we’re delighted to be able to have a chat with you about your music here. You’ve released a few singles in the past – tell us a little bit about them and what they mean to you!

A lot of my singles have been about personal development whether that be embracing being an introvert but recognising the need to stay connected on ‘Lone Wolf’ or trying to learn and come back stronger back from failure and a fall from grace with ‘The Phoenix’. These two singles were written quite a while ago and were singer-songwriter pop with elements of trap and electro.

My latest single ‘Don’t Take Away My Purpose’ was the least introspective, it was assertive and fierce as it explored challenging a naysayer trying to make me stop doing what I love and be someone i’m not. This was my most eclectic song yet it built and built starting with indie/ neo soul/ chill rap then going into electro pop, hiphop then into grunge/ pop rock. 

Your new EP is out now! How was it releasing a full-length EP? 

It was really satisfying to tell a story through music in a way that my previously singles haven’t allowed me to. The story is one that is very personal to me and tackles the challenges I face as someone with learning difficulties. This is a topic which is rarely looked at and a voice that we rarely hear from so it was great to have the chance to express this point of view so candidly and authentically. I wanted people to see how challenging life with learning difficulties can be and despite that you can prevail if you focus on what you can do, learn from your mistakes and work hard. I hope this can inspire and comfort those struggling with the challenges I face or any of the challenges they face in their lives.  

The response from people who listen to the whole EP was great. Many reported feeling inspired and uplifted which is exactly what I had hoped.

Where did you record the album? What was involved in the creation of it?

I recorded the album/ EP at Tngey’s studios in Blackpool. The process of creating it involved me composing a demo at home. Sometimes I would write the song solo on guitar first and sometimes I would write the song initially on a logic project. I’d make use of the instrument packs like Omnisphere and also the sample database Splice. I’d then take the demo to the studio, record guitars, vocals and then my good freind Tngey would take things to another level with his mind blowing production!

What inspires you to write songs? Have you got a creative process when you’re writing / creating?

I’m often inspired to write song when something poignant, dramatic and interesting happens to me and I have something I really want to say! My process will frequently involve me coming up with an instrumental or beat on logic then improvising to it, I will keep the best melodies and then make sense/ refine my lyrics in a notepad.

Who produces your music? (If yourself, just talk about the production elements and inspirations)

Tngey produced my Ep. He is incredibly skilled, talented but also really receptive and adaptable to the directions I would like to take things sonically. The imprint of where I want to take things will be in the demo I make at home but he can bring something really fresh to the table!

Tell us a bit about your musical journey – where did you start and what has made you evolve to where you are now?

I started playing guitar at 11 and I started writing songs at 15. I had a hiatus for a few years while pursuing acting blinkeredly but I decided to pursue music more seriously two years ago. To get back into it I started by learning covers and making songs on logic. I was on Contact theatres online music course which really challenged me to push my music skills in different directions such as writing a score to a short film. I have been working on my guitar, singing and production skills trying to learn more challenging covers each time. I have been searching for better and more interesting musical influences and trying to bring them together in a powerful and unique way – I’m trying to innovate!

How did the lockdowns impact you as a musician? What did you do throughout them? Did it get in the way of any projects? 

The lockdowns were a positive impact on me as a musician. I was a key worker for a lot of it but for the first few months I was able to have more time to work on my music than before. I wrote songs did covers and also started making sketch comedy which has become a key part of the content that I make. 

When you’re performing live, do you have any rituals to get into the mindset of it all? What do you enjoy most about it all? 

I like to do yoga and exercise the day of a performance if I can. This keeps me alert and energised. I love the freedom on stage to express myself and to entertain the audience!

We’ve seen a great deal of interest in your singles – what kinds of responses have you had from fans or press?

The response has been really positive. People seem to respond really well to the fact I merge many genres and my songs have positive motivational messages! I have been lucky enough to receive press from publications such as Earmilk and Rolling Stone India. 

Have you got anything coming up in 2022 we should know about?

My biggest single ‘Smirked’ will be coming out later this year and with a badass music video for it. It is a real culmination of the sound I have been trying to hone, a sound which combines, rock, melodic rap and trap and pop!

it’s been super lovely to chat with Scott here and see his perspective and journey – it’s so inspiring to hear about everyone’s different challenges and how they overcame hurdles to get to where they want to be. ☀️ brilliant to see, and he’s very deserving of the success he’s got, the EP sounds brilliant and well worth checking out!

a big thank you to Scott for answering these questions for us – you can find his new EP “COMEBACK STRONGER” at 🌛 we hope that you enjoyed this feature as much as we did – let us know what you think! 🥪

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