Knead to Know: Scott Magnus 🌛

we’re back with our next Knead To Know interview today, with the amazing Scott Magnus! 🤘

it’s fantastic to be able to speak with Scott here, he’s a super talented artist based here in Manchester and over the past year or two he’s been releasing banger after banger, getting some amazing recognition for his work and doing super well. we love his unique blend of genres, mixing together rapping, indie rock and even elements of metal in his music to create something truly his own style! 👊

he’s just released his debut EP “COMEBACK STRONGER” which sounds absolutely brilliant, a fantastic collection of songs that really give you a true insight into his life and experiences – we really loved the singles prior to the release of the album and this only exceeds our expectations! find our full interview with him below! 👇

Hey Scott, we’re delighted to be able to have a chat with you about your music here. You’ve released a few singles in the past – tell us a little bit about them and what they mean to you!

A lot of my singles have been about personal development whether that be embracing being an introvert but recognising the need to stay connected on ‘Lone Wolf’ or trying to learn and come back stronger back from failure and a fall from grace with ‘The Phoenix’. These two singles were written quite a while ago and were singer-songwriter pop with elements of trap and electro.

My latest single ‘Don’t Take Away My Purpose’ was the least introspective, it was assertive and fierce as it explored challenging a naysayer trying to make me stop doing what I love and be someone i’m not. This was my most eclectic song yet it built and built starting with indie/ neo soul/ chill rap then going into electro pop, hiphop then into grunge/ pop rock. 

Your new EP is out now! How was it releasing a full-length EP? 

It was really satisfying to tell a story through music in a way that my previously singles haven’t allowed me to. The story is one that is very personal to me and tackles the challenges I face as someone with learning difficulties. This is a topic which is rarely looked at and a voice that we rarely hear from so it was great to have the chance to express this point of view so candidly and authentically. I wanted people to see how challenging life with learning difficulties can be and despite that you can prevail if you focus on what you can do, learn from your mistakes and work hard. I hope this can inspire and comfort those struggling with the challenges I face or any of the challenges they face in their lives.  

The response from people who listen to the whole EP was great. Many reported feeling inspired and uplifted which is exactly what I had hoped.

Where did you record the album? What was involved in the creation of it?

I recorded the album/ EP at Tngey’s studios in Blackpool. The process of creating it involved me composing a demo at home. Sometimes I would write the song solo on guitar first and sometimes I would write the song initially on a logic project. I’d make use of the instrument packs like Omnisphere and also the sample database Splice. I’d then take the demo to the studio, record guitars, vocals and then my good freind Tngey would take things to another level with his mind blowing production!

What inspires you to write songs? Have you got a creative process when you’re writing / creating?

I’m often inspired to write song when something poignant, dramatic and interesting happens to me and I have something I really want to say! My process will frequently involve me coming up with an instrumental or beat on logic then improvising to it, I will keep the best melodies and then make sense/ refine my lyrics in a notepad.

Who produces your music? (If yourself, just talk about the production elements and inspirations)

Tngey produced my Ep. He is incredibly skilled, talented but also really receptive and adaptable to the directions I would like to take things sonically. The imprint of where I want to take things will be in the demo I make at home but he can bring something really fresh to the table!

Tell us a bit about your musical journey – where did you start and what has made you evolve to where you are now?

I started playing guitar at 11 and I started writing songs at 15. I had a hiatus for a few years while pursuing acting blinkeredly but I decided to pursue music more seriously two years ago. To get back into it I started by learning covers and making songs on logic. I was on Contact theatres online music course which really challenged me to push my music skills in different directions such as writing a score to a short film. I have been working on my guitar, singing and production skills trying to learn more challenging covers each time. I have been searching for better and more interesting musical influences and trying to bring them together in a powerful and unique way – I’m trying to innovate!

How did the lockdowns impact you as a musician? What did you do throughout them? Did it get in the way of any projects? 

The lockdowns were a positive impact on me as a musician. I was a key worker for a lot of it but for the first few months I was able to have more time to work on my music than before. I wrote songs did covers and also started making sketch comedy which has become a key part of the content that I make. 

When you’re performing live, do you have any rituals to get into the mindset of it all? What do you enjoy most about it all? 

I like to do yoga and exercise the day of a performance if I can. This keeps me alert and energised. I love the freedom on stage to express myself and to entertain the audience!

We’ve seen a great deal of interest in your singles – what kinds of responses have you had from fans or press?

The response has been really positive. People seem to respond really well to the fact I merge many genres and my songs have positive motivational messages! I have been lucky enough to receive press from publications such as Earmilk and Rolling Stone India. 

Have you got anything coming up in 2022 we should know about?

My biggest single ‘Smirked’ will be coming out later this year and with a badass music video for it. It is a real culmination of the sound I have been trying to hone, a sound which combines, rock, melodic rap and trap and pop!

it’s been super lovely to chat with Scott here and see his perspective and journey – it’s so inspiring to hear about everyone’s different challenges and how they overcame hurdles to get to where they want to be. ☀️ brilliant to see, and he’s very deserving of the success he’s got, the EP sounds brilliant and well worth checking out!

a big thank you to Scott for answering these questions for us – you can find his new EP “COMEBACK STRONGER” at 🌛 we hope that you enjoyed this feature as much as we did – let us know what you think! 🥪

Knead To Know: Katie O’Malley ☀️

We’ve got our next Knead To Know interview for you today, this time with the amazing Katie O’Malley! 👊

we’ve known Katie for a long time now, she’s been performing on the North West scene for ages and her unique and gritty sound has always stood her out as one to watch, with some incredible songs, top performances and a lovely personality it’s always great to catch her play and hear her music! 😎 she’s now performing with a band for her solo music and we absolutely love these new tunes, so much energy and power to her sets now which is fantastic to see.

She’s just released her brand new EP “Dirt On My Knees” so we decided it’d be lovely to get an interview with her about it – read it all below! 🤘

Hey Katie, it’s fantastic to be able to get you on this and have a little chat about your music! You’ve just released your brand new EP “Dirt On My Knees” – tell us a little bit about it. 

So most of the songs are familiar sounding as they’re my latest singles I’ve released over the past year: Taste the Dirt, Devil’s Got a Hold and Traveller with one extra song Feeling It. I wanted to make a record where people could physically own the songs and a place where I could own them too. I’m proud of these songs and felt they deserved to be on a record. 

How long have you been doing music, and what drove you to start?

I’ve been singing since I was 14 which is probably later than most. I wasn’t one of these that have been singing since they could talk. I was brought up with a lot of music around me but never believed I could do it. My dad is a massive music fan and gave me my love for soul & blues music but he listens to anything and everything and so do I. But to answer your question I’ve been writing songs for about 10 years now. I loved hearing Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Elkie Brooks and my fave film is The Commitments people singing with guts and soul and that’s what I wanted to do but I have so many inspirations and my writing style was inspired more from folk music, Bob Dylan and Laura Marling just to name a few! 

When we first met you, you were an acoustic country/Americana solo artist – how has your music evolved since then? 

The sound is definitely heavier than how I first started out on my own but I love that. I feel I’ve been able to encompass so many of my inspirations into one sound and take people on a journey of high energy and also the more mellow folkier sound I started out with. People change and grow and so it makes sense the music will too. 

You’ve now got a band, who we must say sound fantastic – how did this come about and what do you enjoy most about playing with a band? 

The lads are great aren’t they. The band have evolved the sound so much. I loved writing these melodic quite airy folky songs but my voice just wanted to belt it out and I struggled with the balance of that for a while but when I got the band behind me it opened up the way I could write and also what they bring to it. We’ve had quite a few line up changes along the way but all the players I’ve had have been great. They’re not just people that play their instruments well they know how to serve the song and bring out it’s best it’s what I look for and it’s so important. I love playing live with them too. I can honestly say it’s the best feeling! 

When it comes to your music, what would you say are your main inspirations for creating and writing?

I don’t tend to sit down knowing what I’m going to write about most of the time. I kind of write subconsciously and after a few lyrics I analyse what it means and what I’m trying to tell someone or even myself. We’re constantly affected by what’s going on around us even if we don’t realise it at the time. It’s quite a cathartic experience and sometimes a little scary. It’s like my own personal therapy session sometimes haha.

When you’re writing songs, do you have any processes or ways of getting into the right mindset for it?

Sometimes I’ll just put some music on and listen for a few hours and then later on in the day a song starts to form, if I do straight after listening I’ll probably just end up rewriting a song I was listening to haha, but if I give some space in between it comes quite naturally. I know I need a clearer mind space to do it which can be hard because I know naturally I’m quite an erratic person. 

How did the lockdowns impact you as a musician? What did you do throughout them? Did it get in the way of any project? 

I felt I was still able to achieve some things. I was lucky I had just recorded Wild West before lockdown happened and I wasn’t letting lockdown get in the way of the music video but I was just like go with it you have these restrictions but instead of thinking of them like that think of them more as guidelines. So my sister was in the video as she was staying with me, we filmed outside and that worked out. Looking back I wish I had wrote more than what I did but I released some live vids which I might not have done if it wasn’t for lockdown. 

We’ve seen you perform a whole bunch now, but what do you enjoy most about it? 

I just love singing my heart out. Especially when you’re singing songs you’ve wrote and the band are playing their souls out too. I’m such a nostalgic person and I feel we could be on stage in the 70s somewhere haha it’s a nice image. 

How has your EP and singles been going lately – what response have you got from audiences and fans? 

Both Taste the Dirt and Devil’s Got a Hold have been quite popular. They’re definitely crowd pleasers live and I think this has transcended to the online streams too. It’s so nice to hear when people say ‘oh I had your song stuck in my head today’ love that! 

Where do you record your songs?

I record with Adam at Pinhole Sound I always go back to him as I feel he really captures my voice and the sound of the band. We also recorded some live sessions at Green Velvet Studios with Johnny which was a great experience! I always feel we’re at our best live and wanted to capture this. 

Have you got anything coming up in 2022 we should know about?

Yes, I’ve steadily been releasing our live sessions from Green Velvet we have more to come and we’re releasing a record of them too. We also have some great gig dates in the diary we’re headlining at Deaf Institute 30th June which I’m so excited for and for anyone wanting tickets they’re available from my website – We’ve also got some great festivals coming up throughout Summer too including Buckle and Boots and The British Country Festival where Tom Oddell is playing so can’t wait to see him play too!

It’s great to be able to chat with Katie here about her music, and her journey and experiences – it’s super inspiring to see such great progress and just getting on with putting out and playing music that you enjoy with people! ☀️ you can really tell Katie’s passion for her music and we absolutely love the EP – a really strong collection of songs that are a must listen here in the North West. seeing her grow as a musician over the past few years has been fantastic and we really love her new sound – it’s definitely worth catching her at any gigs she’s playing at! 😎

a big thank you to Katie for answering these questions for us – you can find her new EP “Dirt On My Knees” at and her headline gig sounds fantastic (tickets!) 🌛 we hope that you enjoyed this feature as much as we did – let us know what you think! 🥪

Knead To Know: Jacob Reddy 🥪

we’ve got our next Knead To Know interview for you all, this time with the fantastic singer-songwriter Jacob Reddy! 🌾

Jacob’s a singer-songwriter based in Blackburn, whose been performing across the North West over the past few years playing to crowds at pubs, bars and even bigger venues – he performs a lovely range of covers and has been releasing his own music for a few years now, produced and recorded over at Esche Haus Audio who have been continuously putting out fantastic releases, a real cornerstone of the music scene 🤘

His music is a range of indie and singer-songwriter influenced music, being inspired by artists like Frank Turner and other singer-songwriters and he’s got a real ear for writing fantastic choruses and melodies, some real lovely tunes under his belt now! We’ll pop a link to them down at the bottom of the post. He’s even gone on a busking tour of every English city over 22 days last summer in aid of Derian House over in Chorley who provide a really special service, giving children and young people quality end-of-life care which absolutely blew us away for us to know he’s done that – what a star! 👊

We’re really glad to be able to chat with Jacob about his music his journey, a real inspiration – check out the interview below! 🥪

Hey mate, fantastic to be able to get you on this and have a little chat about your music! Tell us a bit about yourself, your music and that!

Hi!  I’m Jacob Reddy and I’m a 17 year old indie pop artist.  I’m currently studying songwriting and the music industry at BIMM in Manchester, and am gigging all over the North West whenever I get the chance!  I’m full of energy and love being on stage.  I always try to get the crowd on their feet and joining in.  I’ve released 5 singles so far, and I always try to make them as catchy and anthemic as possible so that people go away with the song still playing in their head!

How long have you been doing music, and what drove you to start?

I had my first electric guitar lesson on my 7th birthday! The previous year I’d been at my Uncle & Auntie’s wedding and there was an amazing covers band playing called The Indie Killers.  I stayed up all night listening to them and at the end of the evening they came over to talk to me.  The lead singer, Damian Keyes (who now runs his own massive social media business – DKMBA), told me I should get myself a guitar and start playing as soon as I can… so I did!  I got the guitar for Christmas, had my first lesson in January, and I’ve been playing ever since

We saw you did the busking marathon throughout last Summer – how was it? Are there any highlight moments from it for you? 

The busking tour, where I played in all 51 English Cities in 22 Consecutive Days, was such an incredible (and very tiring!) experience!  There are so many highlights it’s hard to pick out one or two but I’ll do my best.  

  • Firstly, I’ve got to mention the amount raised.  Both the general public in each of the cities, and the followers online, were so generous that we made just over £10,000 for Derian House Children’s Hospice, which was 4 times more than we’d originally set as a target!
  • On tour itself it was great when some of my friends (Miles Berry – Preston & Liverpool, Ray Morris – Hull, and Charlotte Bettson – Derby) turned up to busk with me in different cities.
  • I had a massive stag party join me for ‘Wonderwall’ in Liverpool and another fancy dress wedding party (Thor, Woody from Toy Story, Leatherface etc) in Portsmouth for ‘Sweet Caroline’
  • Finally, I’ve got to mention the last day of the tour, where I finished in Manchester & Salford then went to watch my music hero Frank Turner in Concert at the O2 Apollo.  During the encore he gave the busking tour a massive shout out and I then had the very surreal experience of 3500 people chanting my name!  That was just unbelievable!
  • Oh – nearly forgot!  2 days after the tour finished I was interviewed by ITV News which was definitely a first.  The interview was played on Granada Reports and I got to play one of my own songs, ‘Outside The Box’, live on air!

What inspired you to do the marathon?

2 things really.  The idea behind the tour came from my favourite YouTuber Jaackmaate. In June last year he did a feature where he hid a golden ticket in every city in England, each of which would lead to a prize of up to £5000.  I turned up in Preston with loads of other Jaackmaate fans to search around the Deepdale stadium.  I didn’t find the ticket but it did give me the idea for the busking tour.  What made it even better was that Jack himself, along with co-host Stevie White, actually turned up to see me in Norwich!  That was just amazing!  We chatted for about half an hour then they filmed me busking and put it onto their social media channels!

The other inspiration for the tour was the fundraising.  Derian House looked after my brother Joseph many years ago, and gave both Joseph and my family such wonderful care and support.  He would have turned 21 this year so it seemed like the perfect reason not only to do the tour in his memory, but also to help Derian House, whose fundraising had been so badly affected by Lockdown.

When it comes to your music, what would you say are your main inspirations for creating and writing?

Well… I think that at the moment there are a lot of songs out there, understandably, with fairly downbeat lyrics and messages.  I generally try to write songs, instead, that are uplifting and optimistic.  I aim to write instantly accessible melodies, with lyrics that encourage people to find their inner strength and to work together.  Mental health is such a big issue at the moment, especially after Lockdown, and I hope that my songs can give people a feeling of belonging and positivity.

When you’re writing songs, do you have any processes or ways of getting into the right mindset for it?

Not particularly.  Most of my songs begin in different ways. Sometimes it’s just a simple guitar melody, which I then develop and build up.  Other times a certain phrase or conversation sparks a lyric or a tune.  More often than not, once I’ve started on a song the first verse and chorus follow relatively quickly, and I then have the structure for working on the rest of the song.  I’ve even done a few social media challenges where I’ve written a song in 15 minutes or half an hour based on random words sent in by followers or chosen from a dictionary!  

How did the lockdowns impact you as a musician? What did you do throughout them?

Lockdown was both a good and bad time for me as a musician.  At the start of Lockdown, I had my first ever single, ‘Kings’, ready to be released on 26th March 2020.  I had gigs lined up to promote it and loads of ideas for follow-up activities etc.  That was the week that we actually went into Lockdown so I had to just release the single without being able to promote it via any of my normal means!  It still did fairly well, but I always wished I’d been able to really get it out there so… two years to the week that it came out I’ve now re-recorded a completely new version of the song, ‘Kings (Reloaded)’.  It’s shorter, more uptempo, rockier, catchier, and hopefully people will really liked the new version.  It’s a song that I’m really proud of and this time I’ll be able to launch it properly!

There were two fairly positive aspects of Lockdown for me. Firstly, it was great having so much more time to write songs.  I think I had about 8 songs written before Lockdown and 28 afterwards!  

Secondly, I got lots of practice in Livestreaming.  I began by joining in with Open Mic Livestream sessions, hosted by local promoters, and by the end of Lockdown was hosting my own.  I performed for 2 promoters in Scotland, one in Manchester, and a ‘Rockdown’ session for GMC Management in Clitheroe.  Then, with help from my sister Lydia and my mate Miles, I put together a 2 hour Livestream to raise money for Derian House.  I arranged for lots of my musician friends to perform on the night, and I hosted the whole event, which raised £1500 in 24 hours.  It was really good fun and one of the highlights of Lockdown.

When you’re performing live, what’s your favourite part about it?

I pretty much love everything about performing live!  That’s why I do so much busking as there’s always different people listening to me playing.  When I’m doing gigs the best bit is definitely the audience participation.  I have one song, in particular, called ‘Happy’, where I usually get everyone joining in with the chorus, waving their phones if possible!

How have your releases been going lately – what response have you got from audiences and fans?

My releases have been going really well.  My latest single, ‘Nothing is Impossible’, has been streamed over 8k times on Spotify, which I’m really happy about.  People seem to enjoy the music video too (based around the busking tour), which is great!  My most popular single, ‘Outside the Box’, has had 11.5k streams so far, and featured on Frank Turners official playlist (I still can’t believe that happened)!!

Where do you record your songs and videos? Do you think that studio choices play a big part in how you record and the final masters of the tracks?

I record all my songs and videos at Esche Haus Audio in Blackburn. I honestly can’t thank Imogen and James (the producers / engineers) enough for all the time and effort that they spend on my tracks.  They pretty much know exactly what I’m looking for every time!  They do refer to me as ‘The Studio Pest’ as I can sometimes be a bit annoying (I call it being funny!) but they’re honestly the perfect production team and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else!  The final masters of my tracks are all done by Jasper Ward at Air Studios, who again knows exactly how I’d like the song to sound, and manages to give every track that extra polish before it’s released!

Have you got anything coming up in 2022 we should know about? 

Absolutely! ‘Kings (Reloaded)’ comes out on 1st April and then I’ve got my first physical EP of all 6 singles (+ a bonus track!) landing mid April.  I’ve also got 3 or 4 more singles coming out later in the year, which I’m so excited about!  

I’m even more chuffed that the brilliant punk band ‘Pet Needs’ (who are about to join Frank Turner on his European & US Tour) have asked me to open for them at their gig in Manchester on 31st March.  Bread Records are very welcome to come along!!! It’ll be a fantastic night.

Two other quick things to tell you about.  ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ has been chosen as one of the theme songs for National Careers Week on 7th – 11th March.  It’s happening online and will hopefully be accessed by hundreds of secondary schools.  I’ve also been asked to put together a selection of short videos with my ‘5 Top Tips’ to succeed in your chosen career.  They’ll be part of a virtual Fair and also will be shared nationally on Twitter.

Finally, in June, on the longest day of the year, Chatbox Productions, an award winning online business show, are hosting a 24 hour ‘Stream Aid’ to raise global awareness of how business can be more sustainable.  They’ve asked me to write them a theme song which they’ll then play throughout the whole 24 hours of streaming.  I’ve not written it yet but I’ve got loads of ideas and am really looking forward to it!

Thanks so much for the interview and I hope to speak to you many more times in the future!

it’s such an honour to be able to sort these interviews with up-and-coming talented creatives here in the North West – it can be so interesting to see everyone’s different journeys and takes on music, showing that such a range of experiences can induce creativity and passion for their work. Jacob’s story here is superb in that he’s obviously so passionate about his music, and his love for it also reflects in his own actions of compassion, and raising £10,000 for charity is no small feat. as we said before, what an inspiration – we expect huge things for this lad in the future and can’t wait to see what he’s up to next! 🤘

it was so fantastic to chat with Jacob here, a big shout out to him for letting us sort this interview. it’s well worth heading over and checking out his music, he’s a real talented chap with some incredible tunes under his belt and we can’t wait to hear more songs from him in the future! ☀️ we hope that you all enjoyed this interview as much as we did, and we’ll keep you posted on our next features! 🍞

Knead To Know: Cottons 🥪

we’re back with our next Knead To Know interview, with the amazing Manchester-based indie rockers Cottons! 🤘

we had Cottons perform for us down at The Old Abbey Taphouse here in Manchester back in 2019, and they absolutely smashed their set, it was a brilliant gig. since then, they’ve been releasing some proper bangers, we’re massive fans of their sound and they’re lovely chaps as well. 😊 one of our favourite tunes of theirs has to be “Disregard The Times”, it’s got a lovely groove to it, proper boss songwriting and the album art is simply gorgeous.

since then, they’ve put out a load of fantastic music, most recently their new single “Time To Leave” – continuing with their calming and mellow indie signature sound, but really moulding their style to create something really unique to them. it’s a lovely tune with their usual classic songwriting, definitely one to catch if you’re a fan of indie or alternative rock. ☀️ we’re proper delighted to be able to have been able to ask them a few questions about their music, find it below!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and what you guys do! 

We’re a four piece band living in Manchester, playing a familiar indie sound with melodic verses & driven chorus’. Consisting of Ricky, Jasper, Jack and Charlie, Cottons began by meeting at Uni. We’re currently working on new music that we’re pushing to release throughout the year!

We had you guys perform for us back in like 2018 over at The Old Abbey Taphouse – feels like a lifetime ago now! How has it been over the years in the band?

That was a fun gig. It was Ricky’s first gig as part of the band so that definitely made it a memorable one! We’ve had a quiet few years due to the pandemic but we feel like we’ve developed our sound a lot, the next few songs will sound quite different to our previous releases so we’re excited to see how they’re received! I think Time To Leave has been the first song to move in that direction.

What are your main inspirations for music and creativity? 

Lockdown gave us space and time to listen to new music and find new artists, when we all got back to Manchester we would listen together and share demos and ideas we had created. Change of environment is a big thing for us too, a lot of these songs reflect where we were and what we were doing at the time. 

How do you write? Do you take a group approach to it, or do you have someone focus on lyrics, jam the tracks out to build them from ideas or otherwise?

Usually one of us will have a shell of a song that we take into a practice room to jam through, this gives us a basic idea then we can work on individual sections and parts. Lockdown forced us to become comfortable with logic, so we wrote a lot on there too and sent bits across to each other. 

Did you find it difficult to work together as a band creatively during the lockdowns? Obviously it wouldn’t have been easy to practice together, or did you use other means such as video calls / streams?

We just focused on content really, we did a couple of lockdown covers remotely which did help us grow. 

How have you been readjusting to gigging and post-pandemic music over the past few months?

We did a headliner in Manchester, Charlie was sick down an alleyway before we played so as a first gig back not the worst. In all seriousness It was quite nerve racking running up to our first gig back but as soon as we got on stage we remembered why we’re doing this.

When you’re performing live, what do you each find best about it?

  • Ricky – Jumping off stage
  • Jack – ‘I don’t know, I just find it fun init.’
  • Jasper – Riffin’
  • Charlie – Giving it large

How have your releases been going lately? You’ve been doing videos, putting out some top singles – what response have you guys got from audiences?

We filmed our first music video, we shot it in Derby whilst Boris was probably having a party. The response has been good to the video and helps put some faces to the name. We’ve had some recognition from Dean Jackson on BBC Intro East Mids which has been really encouraging.

Is there anything coming up we should know about?


Have you got anything else planned for 2022?

We’ll be playing Bearded Theory in May, it’s our first festival so we’re very excited! 

as always, it’s super lovely to be able to conduct these interviews with some of the best talent here in Manchester! we love hearing each artist and band’s unique perspectives and experiences, and Cottons’ here is really interesting in that they used lockdowns and pandemics to focus on themselves as a band, expand out their sound, try new things and it’s really worked out for them! 🙌 it’s a similar aspect to ourselves here at the label, in that we expanded out our online features, which in turn has worked out amazingly and we’ve seen some brilliant feedback from people and really managed to help push the musical community in a positive manner. great stuff! ☀️

brilliant to chat to the lads here, a massive shout to them for helping us with this. ❤️ we hope that you guys enjoyed this as much as we did! make sure you check out their tunes, we’ll pop some links below for you all to have a look at and let us know what you think! 🍞

Find all of our features! ☀️

just a lil one following yesterday’s post, we’ve got so many incredible features with so much boss music from the North West! 😎

find them all over here on our website at – it’s so great to be able to cover so much fantastic music here, and to be able to bring you so many amazing talents! 🍞

Knead to Know: Migson Pollock 🎸

we’re back with our next Knead to Know interview, with the amazing Migson Pollock! 🤘

we’ve known Migs for a while now, having performed across Manchester at open mics and gigs for a few years now and his unique style and focused performances really stand him out as an artist – plus his use of the bow, pedals and loops all bring something new to the able that people don’t often see! ☀️ on top of this, he’s a prolific songwriter with plenty of tunes under his belt and even knows a whole bunch of covers, a great talent!

he’s just put out his debut EP under the Migson Pollock moniker, “New Migs on the Block” which sounds absolutely fantastic! it’s boss to hear these tunes in a studio setting and really shows off his creativity and talent – you can find it on Spotify here. check out our interview below! 🏵

So, you’ve recently put out your new EP “New Migs on the Block” – where did you record it, was it at a studio or at home? 

I recorded it at Futureworks Studios in Manchester, with Paul from Tilted Audio.

You’ve moved from Wales to Manchester in the past few years, what are the main differences in the scenes throughout? What made you want to move?

The main reason I moved was to try and give myself a better opportunity to be able to do more with music. Whether it’s from doing gigs myself, or going to see other bands play and meet more musicians. It’s hard to compare the scene between north Wales and Manchester, as Manchester is obviously a much busier place, especially considering its universities and the amount of musicians here, who have countless bars and venues around them to play at. And in North Wales, the facilities and number of bands and musicians just isn’t as widely available anymore. And whilst I love exploring and travelling around new places in Manchester with my guitars, it’s always a great feeling when I get invited back home to do a gig.

We know you have been doing music for a long time now, Migs – give us a little summary of your creative endeavours over the years!

2009 – I first got involved in the music scene, with a punk band I formed called Ugly Fashion, playing guitar and being the songwriter
2010 – I took over on vocals after our original singer had left. (We started as a 4-piece band but remained a 3-piece from there on.)
2011 – the band broke up due to other commitments among the band members.
2012 – I started busking in Llandudno, playing acoustic covers by mainly 60’s and 70’s artists – Bob Dylan, Bowie, Rolling Stones etc.
2014 – Joined a duet with my friend Kiani called ‘The Guitarist & The Girl’. She would sing whilst I played guitar. We did gigs and went busking together over the next couple to a few years.

2014 – Ugly Fashion got back together with a new drummer.
2015 – Went to a recording studio for the first time with the band.

2016 – Ugly Fashion broke up again.

2018 – I started my solo project.

2019 – I moved myself and my music to Manchester.

2020 – I recorded most of the material for my first EP.

2022 – Mid-January, that EP was released.

What are your main inspirations for music and creativity? 

Tash Sultana, Sigur Rós, and Spiritualized.
Tash inspired me to start creating music with a loop pedal, Sigur Rós inspired me to create music with a violin bow (not Jimmy Page, as some people think!), and Spiritualized inspired me to create some nice, slow rock songs, whilst still having that cool fort of feel to them.
But also recently I’ve dabbled into a bit of shoegazing, bands like Slowdive. And even more recently, I’ve gone back to my punk/post-punk roots and I’ve re-worked a couple of my old band’s songs mixed with newer influences – the band Crack Cloud for example.

Over the lockdowns and past few years, how’ve you been spending your time musically? (recording, writing etc)


How have you been readjusting to gigging and post-pandemic music over the past few months?

It doesn’t really feel much different to me now. It just feels like a lot of time was wasted without them. But now I’m writing more often, knowing it won’t be too long until I’ll get to perform them live. So it feels like everything I do now is becoming more worthwhile, and they’re not just ideas staying stuck in the back of my head – I’m actually completing them.

We’ve seen a lot of you over the past few months over at open mics and gigs across Manchester – what do you enjoy most about performing live?

Probably getting the violin bow out during the song ‘Lost it’. And although I don’t claim to have the originality in that, seeing the reaction of people who’ve not seen that being done before is always pretty good.
An elder gentleman said to me a couple of weeks ago that every time I play that song with the bow, it was making him fall asleep… I think that’s beautiful.

Obviously, you use quite a unique set-up for your live sets – what made you want to delve into the world of pedals and the such?

Seeing a video of Tash Sultana performing ‘Jungle’ on youtube in 2017. I had seen people using a loop pedal to do guitar solos and stuff before but I wasn’t really impressed. But when I saw Tash performing what sounded like full and complete songs created only on a loop pedal, I was just blown away.
All I was doing musically at that point was busking and doing a bunch of acoustic gigs, playing other peoples songs, as I had no desire to be an acoustic solo artist, so I never really bothered to write any of my own that way. I thought maybe being a loop-artist was the way forward for me too, as I much preferred playing my electric guitars than acoustic.
I told my friend Rico (Ugly Fashion bass player) my idea and he told me he has a loop pedal he would sell to me, which happened to be the same one Tash Sultana started off with. And I guess the rest is history.

Have you got anything else planned for 2022?


it’s so lovely to be able to hear different musicians’ perspectives on creativity, how they’ve got to where they are and their influences, and to see the similarities between certain artists and even the differences! ☀️ it’s been great to chat with Migs here, and we hope you enjoyed this insight into him as an artist. we’re huge fans of his music and the EP sounds boss, really worth checking out – we’ll pop some links below for you to have a look at. 😊 a big thanks to Migson Pollock for chatting to us here, and we’ll be back with another interview real soon! 🍩

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Knead To Know: Gideon Foster 🥪

here’s our first Knead to Know interview of 2022, with the fantastic Gideon Foster! 🤘

Gideon’s been a regular on the Manchester scene now for a year or so, frequenting our open mics and we’ve had him perform at a few gigs now – the Hebden Bridge-based songwriter is fantastic, with a real knack for lyricism conjuring lovely imagery throughout his songs and even being featured in the likes of Rolling Stone Brazil and other great publications! 😊 he’s released a bunch of singles and even an EP over the past year or two which sound fantastic. he’s able to bring these to life so well within his live performances and we’re stoked to be able to have him on this feature!

Check out our interview below! 🛣

Over the lockdowns and past few years, how’ve you been spending your time musically? (recording, writing etc)

I’ve mainly been writing and recording since the lockdown started, I’ve had a lot of time on my own and music has been my only outlet really. I feel guilty saying this when it obviously caused a lot of suffering for many but I don’t think I would have had the space to write the things I have otherwise, so it’s been a really creative time for me.

What made you want to start making music?

I came to it quite late actually, I’ve always been musical but never wrote a song until 6 years ago then I had a real change in life and discovered music really helped me, so I sat down and started writing songs. It was only really ever intended as a personal thing but a friend suggested I put them on Soundcloud and I mistakenly shared it amongst all my friends on Social Media, anyway people seemed to be complimentary so I carried on! My inspirations are too many to mention really I’ve been very lucky due to my advancing years to have lived through some great times musically but still open enough to appreciate all the new stuff being made.

How have you been readjusting to gigging and post-pandemic music over the past few months?

The main thing has been the ability to get out and do live stuff again after so long and just to be involved in life, there is obviously a lot of caution still around but fingers crossed 2022 surprises us for the right reasons and we can all regain a sense of fun.

We’ve seen a lot of you over the past few months over at open mics and gigs across Manchester – what do you enjoy most about performing live?

Yeah sorry about that! I love meeting people and being able to share the songs and to watch other musicians who have been doing things a lot longer than me, I learn from it.

In the studio what do you usually do to get ready for recording? What kinds of processes do you go through when creating your music?

Coffee, usually followed by putting the world to rights with my producer Si and then seeing what we come up with, the songs are all ideas from me just sitting down with a guitar and coming up with something, and hopefully that initial idea stands in its own right but i think what we’ve tried to do is take that initial idea and say how can we do this a bit differently for a recording. I think the more we have done you just tend to know when something starts to work.

As you can see from your releases, you’re predominantly putting out singles – are there any plans for an album at any point in the future?

Ah album yes! When I started out on this road a few years back that was the plan really just to make an album but I ended up just putting songs out as they were made and we’ve been doing that all the way through but then over the last few months I’ve written a lot of different stuff and I’ve decided to just carry on and put the whole thing out as an album, we’ve got about halfway through it and have just released a song from it called “Fatal Kiss” as a single as a taste of things to come.

When you’re writing, what inspires you the most?

Different things at different times really, observations of life, personal experience, nature, during 2020 I’d just go up the hill behind where I live and sit in the sun listening to music, I listened to Folklore a lot and developed an addiction for mint choc chip ice cream and it just puts you in a good place.

I think things have evolved for me really this all started for me with a spiritual awakening which is something I never sought it was just spontaneous and when I was initially writing stuff I never really considered that as being a subject to write about, but as time has gone on I’ve started to write more about that, “Fatal Kiss” is really about death, but the death of the old me, there’s another song on the album called “Prophecy” which is about a woman stood on a cliff looking out to sea, it’s a dream I’ve had most of my life and has started to make sense over the last few years when I discovered my Grandma used to see the same thing and even though she’s not here I feel like she’s always giving me nudges. So it’s all a bit ethereal really.

How has the past year impacted your relationship with music, creativity and releases?

The last year has been a strange time for me, very introspective for the most part but in a positive way and strangely despite everything going on in the world I’m ok with life . It’s really allowed me to concentrate on music, and getting ideas recorded.

Have you got anything planned for 2022?

Firstly the album, more promotion and hopefully getting out and playing live more, but I’d like to travel again as well, I love seeing new places when I can so fingers crossed things get a bit easier . Other than that, just to be happy really.

It’s so great to see so many different perspectives within music, the influences and experiences that carve a musician’s creativity and Gideon’s is no different! 🙌 Gideon’s drive to perform and create is super inspiring to us and we’re proper lucky to have got to known him this last year or so. We can’t wait to hear his album – each of his singles and EPs have been fantastic so far and we’re sure he’s got plenty more boss tunes on the way. ☀️ a massive shout to him for doing this for us, we love this one with so many intimate and personal details really giving you a proper insight into each of the artists. We’ll be back soon with yet another of these Knead to Know interviews, for the time being check out Gideon’s music below!

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Knead To Know: Tay Temple ☀️

We’ve got another of our brand new Knead To Know interviews, today we have the fantastic Tay Temple

We’ve known Tay for a good while now and we’re amazed at how far she’s come in the past few years, even in the midst of a pandemic and global lockdowns, she’s been smashing it and writing, performing and releasing throughout it all.. an absolute machine with so much talent! 😊

She’s been featured on our Just The Crust a few times now with her singles, and our very own michael webster did a lil cover of “Millennials” as well – we love to see it. Her brand new EP “Painfully Aware” is a beautiful collection of Tay’s songs, really giving the listener an insight into her thoughts and feelings, through lovely americana/indie-influenced songwriting, a fantastic band behind her and her usual amazing vocalwork and guitar playing! One of our favourites of the year for sure. 🙌

Check out the interview below!

Having released your singles just prior to, and throughout the pandemic, how was it to be able to put out your EP once things had opened up again?

The whole thing has been a bitter sweet experience. I released my debut single ‘Millennials’ back in March 2020 just before everything kicked off so it was really bad timing. We recorded the EP over 2019/2020 so when it finally came out in October this year I wasn’t as attached to the songs but I’m still so proud of the final product. 

What kinds of things did you do to prepare for recording?

I’m a perfectionist so I record every rehearsal then listen back and pick out instrumentation parts I like – lead guitar riffs/ bass lines / drum fills etc. I also write out all the lead sheets for each song, as well as the lyrics, bpm, key signature, harmonies and a few other things. Basically I like to be as prepared as possible. 

Have you got a favourite song from the EP, if so.. How come?

I think I’d have to say ‘Ladybird’ because it’s just such a significant song to me and the societal obsession with female beauty is something I strongly disagree with. I mean, I even got a tattoo of a ladybird. If that’s not commitment I don’t know what is haha. 

What are your main influences within your songs – artists, music, the general world.. Lots of things often come into it!

I’d say the general world / politics are definitely a major influence on my writing, if not the main one. But I also write a lot about my own experiences because channeling my emotions into songs is basically my coping mechanism. 

How has the past year impacted your releases, creativity and relationship with music?

If anything it’s made me realise just how much I need to perform. Having that taken away really impacted my mental health and made me question my whole identity so it’s safe to say I’m over the moon that I’ve been lucky enough to have multiple gigs this year. 

It’s also made me so much more appreciative of the wider industry roles that don’t always get the limelight; Live Sound Engineers, Promoters, Booking agents, Venue owners etc. Without those people, artists like myself can’t put on shows so they are just as important and it’s a shame they don’t always get the credit they deserve.

What do you find most enjoyable about music?

When I first show my band something I’ve written and it all just starts to click. That’s when I know if a songs gonna work or not. It’s one of the most euphoric feelings – I just love it. 

Is there anything else we should know for what’s on the horizon for Tay Temple?

I can’t reveal anything just yet but we have big big plans for 2022 and I’m just so excited for it all! 

It’s fantastic to see such an insight into Tay’s music this way, and we couldn’t agree more with her on the under-appreciated areas of the music industry; and also with regards to the need for music for not only getting your thoughts out there, but with relation to creativity and self-care. Her attention to detail is super inspiring and we hope that you guys can take something away from this for yourselves! 🤘 a massive thanks to her for doing this for us, amazing stuff. 😊

We’ll be back soon with yet another edition of our Knead To Know interviews, in the meantime check out Tay’s music below! 🍞