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Knead To Know: Music Solid β˜€οΈ

our feature for today’s Knead To Know is the fantastic Music Solid! β˜€οΈ

set up by the O’Neill Bros who are fantastic musicians in their own right, they wanted to create a community of artists that supported each other and collaborated on brilliant projects and put out plenty of amazing videos last year on their YouTube, including one from our very own michael webster πŸͺ

next week they are releasing a brand new video, a cover of the Foo Fighters’ “My Hero” in celebration of the frontliners during the pandemic with SIXTEEN artists performing from four countries across the world! Including collaboration from the likes of Rob Crampton Music, CapitanSam and plenty of other fantastic musicians on the Manchester scene and beyond! Check out the preview below, and drop their YouTube a subscribe to be notified when it is out!! 🀘

fantastic stuff from Dom and the lads over at Music Solid. expect more and more from them soon – find out more on their Facebook, Instagram, or! πŸͺ


Knead To Know: Farrow and Friends Promotions πŸŒž

Our feature for today’s Knead To Know is the fantastic Farrow & Friends Promotions 🀘 they host various open mics across Manchester and they’re a real cornerstone of the scene!

During the pandemic last year they hosted open mics over at Lions Den Bar Deansgate each Friday and provided a fantastic covid-secure environment for performers to keep going, with busy nights each week with some of Manchester’s finest artists and really kept the scene alive during a tough time! 🌞

They now host two open mics – the Friday one down at Lions Den as previously mentioned and also one on a Sunday at Royal Oak, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy 🀘 they have featured artists for each one, if you want to perform just drop them a message! 😊

This is all run by Laura Farrow who is a fantastic musician in her own right, she’s been on the scene for a good few years now and has plenty of lovely tunes available to listen to over on Spotify πŸ‘Š head over to to find her EPs which are lovely listens πŸ₯°

Definitely one to check out here and a top friend of the label – fantastic stuff so head down to a gig as soon as you can! 🍞

πŸ“Έ: Marc Gallagher

Check out all of our features! β˜€οΈ

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New music call-out πŸ€˜

Anyone with new music, gigs, videos, collabs.. get in touch! We’re always keen to feature new and upcoming talent on the North West scene 🀘

We have six online features now and we’ll be looking for artists to perform across Manchester over the next few months or so, depending on restrictions – there’s so many new artists popping up all the time it’s hard to keep up with it sometimes! 🌞

Drop us an email at – easily the best way to get in touch with us and we’ll sort you out with some lovely opportunities 🍞

Check out all our features! πŸ€˜

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Knead To Know: Tom Metcalfe πŸ€˜

our Knead To Know feature today is the fantastic Tom Metcalfe Music! originally from Preston (we’ve known Tom a long time!) Tom has just moved to Manchester and is sure to be a familiar face on the local scene ✊

not only writing his own music, Tom also works as a guitar tutor, teaching not only guitar but extensively music theory, which he is extremely proficient in – he’s easily able to make even the most complicated theory easy to understand for budding guitarists; we’ve spoken to him about all kinds of scales and he’s taught us a whole bunch! πŸ™‚

he’s also a session musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer.. if you need anyone to jump in and help out on a track, get in touch with him! he attained a Master’s Degree with Distinction in Music (Performance) from Salford University last year with a record-breaking mark of 96! 😎 he’s often seen performing as a flamenco guitarist with dance accompaniment – definitely one to watch here in Manchester. 🐝

Tom will also be the featured artist tonight at Lions Den Bar Deansgate for Laura Farrow‘s open mic – come on down and catch him doing what he does, you’ll surely be astounded at his guitarwork! 🎸 if you’re looking for a guitar tutor, get in contact with Tom for sure. one of the best around!

find him on Twitter at @tommetcalfe8 // Instagram – @tommetcalfe // his new website will be coming soon at too! 🀘

as always, find all of our features here on our website at 🍞

Knead To Know: Mad Fox studios🀘

for our Knead To Know feature today, we’ve got the absolutely incredible Mad Fox studio! 🀟 they’ve been super busy lately, producing and recording some incredible music over there – including releases from Minervadaisy MILLICENT Kestrel Palace and Supera Morza😊

Tayte started this studio to provide not only a recording space for bands and artists – but to try and give them a platform for their music to not only be heard but evolve and develop. The work he has been doing on production is absolutely incredible, and the studio has only gone from strength to strength over the last year! They’ve been seeing radio play from not only BBC Music Introducing but also XS Manchester Amazing Radio and getting on some huge Spotify editorial playlists. 🀟

he’s even expanded out to having two main studios now, allowing up and coming producers and engineers to come in and rent the rooms for their own recording projects – absolutely incredible stuff. there’s some fantastic gear over there too, industry-standard equipment but also some preamps used by The Beatles on three of their albums!! ❀

definitely, definitely a serious Knead To Know up here in the North West. we’re absolutely in awe of how Tayte has provided a lovely space for the community and we CAN NOT wait to see what else he has in store in the future! drop them a message or go to their contact at to get in touch with any enquiries! 😊

πŸ“Έ credits: Tom Hetzel and Maggie Malyszko photography

as always, find all of our features, merch, gigs, music etc at 🍞

Knead To Know: Jessica Seymour – Photography! β˜€οΈ

our feature for today’s Knead To Know is the amazing Jessica Seymour’s Photography! 😊

Jess is a photographer originally from Liverpool, but now based up in Leeds for university. She’s been getting involved in the local music scenes across the North West for a few years now, and has been working a bunch with creatives across Liverpool up until the pandemic – and is looking now to expand further out into Leeds now that things are opening up again 🀟

As restrictions ease, Jess is hoping to make an impact with photography, focusing on gig photography and photoshoots for musicians, but also hoping to expand out into fashion and portrait photography. We’re proper looking forward to what is in store for Jess over the next few months, and her photography is insanely great!! πŸ“Έ

find more examples of Jessica’s work over on Instagram at @seymour.snaps and drop over a message if you fancy getting any shoots or collaborations done! 😊 love to see creatives doing well and supporting each other.

find all of our features, reviews, gigs, and more here on our website at! 🍞

Knead to Know: Aime Grzesik Art ! πŸ˜Ž

for our new Knead To Know feature today we have the amazing Aime Grzesik Art!! 😊 super lovely to be getting to know and showing you all these amazing creatives!

Aime is a printmaker based over in Liverpool, creating designs inspired by plants, records and powerful women 🀟 She’s now selling her prints and cards at craft markets and online on her website at

we’ve attached a couple of examples of her work and they look absolutely incredible! go check out her website above to find her prints and get something real cool 😊 amazingly talented.

find all of our features, reviews, gigs, releases and more here on our website at! 🍞