New FEATURE: The Wrap – May 2021 πŸ₯ͺ

We’ve got ourselves a BRAND NEW FEATURE. We were a lil fed up of having all these amazing music submissions and not having space for them, so we’ve put together a lil ‘end of month’ Wrap feature to be able to bring em straight to you. 🀘 there’s so much great music coming out, so many gigs, so many videos – AMAZING stuff from the scene. 🍞

Brand new video for the collaborative single “Your Time” from Abi Rose Kelly and Marcus Man – we’re massive fans of these guys. Such a great song, and the parallels in this video are just stunning. Fantastic work from them! 🀘 [Spotify / YouTube] [Recorded by Matchbox Productions]

New video from Nottingham-based Bassey – a lovely chap who runs a radio show, helps promote local music and is a fantastic musician. This tune ‘Hollow Man’ is a real delve from his usual, but it’s super top. The video is amazing too, such lovely storytelling in it, definitely worth watching this piece of art. [Spotify / YouTube]

HUGE HUGE HUGE track from Scottish punks PERMO. Driving riffs, mad distortion, angry vocals. Got me screaming ‘Matryoshka’ all the time. Love the second verse – a real testament to songwriting. These guys are gonna be massive πŸͺ [Spotify] [Courtesy of Disobedient Records]

Live video from the Myoto boys, for their debut single ‘Wanted Man’. They’re a real mellow, chilled, upcoming band from Manchester – we can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned. This tune is a proper summery anthem, definitely worth a listen! [Spotify / YouTube] [Recorded at Dock10 Studios]

FANTASTIC new music video from one of our faves, Tay Temple. Think burning hearts, lovely guitar melodies, and above all, a relentless desire to feel better and move on. A massive positive anthem for all those in need right now. You can never go wrong with our Tay πŸ’« (ps that guitar riff. Jordi, stop it. you’re too good) [Spotify / YouTube] [Recorded by Matchbox Productions]

Absolutely insane debut single from Peacock Method. Super 80s, super groovy, super sunny. Expect to see these guys on stages soon! Really looking forward to what they’ve got planned for the future! (Ps, this video is lush as anything. [Spotify / YouTube] [Directed by Bloody Bandit Productions]

Scottish punks The Riot Vans put out a proper banger here. That intro riff is banging, and then the driving riffs throughout, drums balancing it all, and then so much energy throughout. Definitely worth a listen here, and we love the artwork. 🀘 [Spotify] [Courtesy of Disobedient Records]

Just SIMPLY heavenly. Toria Wooff is one of our favourite artists on the scene right now, a lovely lovely girl with bucketfuls of talent. We LOVE the 60’s country-folk feel here, kudos to Sloe Flower Studio for the work on this! Yet another classic in the Toria discography. Think June Carter and Stevie Nicks, but they’re in lovely sunny Bolton. One of the best! 🍷 [Spotify]

We’ve had a real lovely one writing up all of these. It’s refreshing to just go out on a limb and write about new music that we love – there’s so much out there just waiting to be snapped up and listened to. β˜€οΈ all music and images remain copyright of their respective owners!

As always, feel free to drop us a message with regards to new music, videos, all of that pulava. We’re very, very, very passionate about covering all of this, and it warms the soul to be able to do it πŸ’« let us know what you think of the new feature!

Ps. a quick one. We’re blown away by the support for Anyone’s Ghost‘s new EP. Thank you to everyone for streaming/downloading/purchasing it! You’ve made two lil people very happy over the past day or two. 🍞

[Spotify / Apple Music / Bandcamp]

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