The Wrap: July 2022ʉϬ

we’re back with our July edition of The Wrap! 👊 there’s been so many incredible releases over the past month, with bands and artists making waves with new music. it’s so brilliant to see! we’ve wrote up a few lil reviews of some of our faves, you can find them all below! ⬇️

Another huge release from Scotland’s Pizza Crunch, “Wilting Youth” expands on their already huge sound encapsulated within their previous releases – maintaining that cool, collected vibe, huge riffs and steady rhythm to provide lovely sonic scenery for the buttery main vocal to slide through. 🍃 a real summery indie/alt anthem here, the guitar riffs are gorgeous and sound so lush, and as it opens up into that dreamy bridge, we love the atmosphere around it, really sets the scene for the remainder of the tune and the explosivity of the outro/final chorus makes this a tune to be put on repeat all through the summer. (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE)

One of our favourites on the North West scene, The Empire Police returned with an absolutely huge track “Tell England We Don’t Know“! Opening with a huge gang vocal, a real cinematic intro it really shows the ferocity of this tune. The verses are a gorgeous contrast, mellow and calmed; yet lyrically poetic and beautiful – suddenly becoming direct and aggressive and oh so political, distortion crackling at the sidelines and the rhythm becoming more and more chaotic and brutal… exploding into that huge chorus! 👊 the bridge is a relentless rant at the state of the country, the socio-political climate and oh so spot on. Lyrically, it’s a beautiful middle finger towards the political part of the country – so eloquently put, but with no holds barred. Probably our favourite release from them yet! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Lancashire-based indie outfit The Forensics have just put out their newest single “Change My Mind“! Opening up with some synthy/dream-pop-esque ambience, it sounds fantastic from the get go. As it flows into that first verse, the rhythm kicks in and really gives it a deserved groove, and as it opens up into the chorus we can imagine this is gonna be a huge sing-a-long hit for them at gigs and that. 👊 the guitar solo sits perfectly after the first chorus, staying reserved but pushing melodies all over the track and sounding fantastic. We can’t wait to hear more from these! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC)

South Wales based RATOON released their second single “What Do They Know“! A brill tune with an honest and relatable story behind it (the video portrays this so well and it’s perfect for the track!) it sounds great, fast-paced punky indie feel here which you can never go wrong with. ☀️ it’d go off live, we can imagine it sounding huge! With a catchy chorus, anthemic fast paced vibes, we’re sure RATOON are gonna be making waves! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Pop/soul extraordinaire James Reid has returned with his brand new single “LYING“! Opening up with a massive EDM influence, the track soars into the first verse with a real smooth groove to it, the drums give it such a good feeling and James’ vocal sits so well within it. As it comes into the chorus the bassline drives it so well, a fantastically written hook and such a smooth and gorgeous vocal on this too. Unreal stuff here, such a good energy to the track and definitely one to put on repeat. We love the production, it’s honest and heartfelt storytelling and just a proper banger! Well worth a listen! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC)

The fantastic We Three Kings have their new tune “The Criminal” out! First off, that riff is absolutely gorgeous. From the start it’s huge, you can hear how tight the band is here and they’re able to craft such a huge sounding track. Vocals here are on point too, absolutely belting it out – a real catchy tune that is just gonna go mental at any live setting. 🤘 we love the energy of the bridge, changing up a bit, opening up and culminating in a massive sound! Well worth a listen, plus their back catalogue is well tasty. Plenty to sink your teeth into! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE)

Manchester-based Roukaya B put out this absolute banger of a tune this month, “The Sauce“! With unreal production, a proper feel-good vibe with such a groove behind it – one to reyt blast out during these sunny days. She’s able to effortlessly flow between her rapping and singing, utilising both to glide over the track so seamlessly, and her lyricism is class, telling her story with such imagery and confidence! Perfectly balancing her energy with the atmosphere of the track, well worth having a gander at! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Manchester-based singer-songwriter jamie henry has just dropped his second release, “don’t leave“! A familiar face on the Manchester circuit – this tune sounds fantastic, so effortlessly delicate and raw, yet you can hear the pure passion and effort that’s gone into the writing of this. 🌛 the soft ambience in the background is gorgeous, the guitar licks accompanied by the backing vocals sound so massive and really bring the song to life. the build up throughout is great, climaxing in that final section with such a dreamy atmosphere – we feel like there may be some Phoebe Bridgers influence in there… plus, a b-side that is hauntingly beautiful. Can’t wait to hear more! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC)

bloomin’ heck, yet another great month of music for us all up North. we’ve covered such a fantastic range here, so many different genres and varieties but so so much incredible talent on offer. this is why we love it! we hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we have – big love to everyone who’s checked this out. ❤️

Make sure you head on down to open mics, gigs, support local music and arts and keep your scenes going! 😊 all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners. 🍞

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