The Wrap: June 2022 ✨

we’ve got our June edition of The Wrap for you all! ✨ it’s been yet another incredible month of releases in the North, there have been so many artists putting out absolute tunes, performing across the region, and it’s just been absolutely boss to see. we’ve put together a lil taster of it all here (hardly even breaking the surface!) – you can check out all of our lil reviews below, have a gander ☀️

Right from the get-go, Rivver‘s new track “Fever” sounds massive. The drums explode into the track with a serious commanding spirit, and as the verse comes in, the lads really control the attention of the listener. With a huge chorus, catchy as anything (as we’re used to with them by now!) – it sounds incredible. A real testament to their sound, showing that they’re here to stay.. a real force to be reckoned with on the North West scene. We love the guitar solo too, so simple but yet so effective and then the vocal comes in and is just belting it out, insane stuff. 🤘 the pre-final chorus section is a work of great production too, breaking it down so well only to erupt right into that final chorus. Fantastic stuff from the boys! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

London’s own Devansh has just put out his brand new single “In Your Nature“! Combining elements of soul, indie and psychedelia – it’s a beautiful concoction of different influences and elements coming together to create something truly wonderful. ☀️ the sounds used here are just simply gorgeous, so many fantastic synth lines throughout that only compliment Devansh’s vocal melody which is so soothing throughout the entire track. It’s a real summery and mellow tune that we’re sure to have on repeat during these heatwaves! We can’t wait to hear more. (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE / BANDCAMP)

Liverpool-based indie-pop outfit TRAITS have just released their debut single “Holding On“! Really amazing sound here on this track, almost surf-pop in areas, the guitar tones are just sublime – and the use of synthesised melodies behind it all creates a real beautiful soundscape to the track. ⚡️ the vocal floats perfectly above the dreamy ambience of the tune, and really flows so well with all the instrumentation throughout… it’s a real banger and really shows everyone what they’re capable of here! We absolutely can’t wait to hear more from these guys. A real tune to blast out on the waterfront during the summer months! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

A proper contrast to the former tracks so far on the feature, The Perps return with their brand new single “Megalomaniac” 🤘 that drum fill at the start really sets the scene for the rest of the tune – punchy, shouty punk music – all the goodness we need as of late in this political climate. The guitar riff is bloody lovely too, really commands the attention of the listener, along with the direct lyricism throughout it’s a proper lovely connection between the two to form this top tune. Personally, we love the lyrics, especially on the rhyming schemes – getting words to rhyme that shouldn’t really fit (it’s definitely a Northern thing.) It’s a proper huge track, listening to this live in a basement gig would simply go OFF. (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Hailing from the Peak District, PEAK LOW has returned here with his brand new EP “The Golden Hour I“! Right from the start, we’re entranced by his gorgeous vocal – not only does he sound lovely, but he knows exactly what to do to make it unique and personal to himself. 🙌 the instrumentation behind only solidifies his musical talent, a perfect backdrop to his songs – sad, honest and so personal… it’s a beautiful insight into his life. You can really tell these songs have been crafted with care, putting thought into every melody line, and every rhythmic element. It’s a gorgeous EP and well worth checking out – we can’t wait to see if there’s gonna be a part II! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Glasgow’s own Velvet have just put out their latest release, “Spine“! We’ve covered these chaps in the past and we’re well-acquainted with their talent. Mixing post-punk with grunge, heavy rock riffs and huge changeups, this is proper our cuppa tea. 💥 the verse of the track is so lush, flowing so well, calm, mellow and restrained; and abruptly explodes into a huge riff that paves the way for the huge chorus. You can really tell these lads perform so well together, they sound so tight as a band – mixing synthesised sounds in there too.. it’s a real tune. Well worth checking out, gotta catch these live soon! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / BANDCAMP)

Manchester’s very own The Deep Blue have just released their brand new single “Yellow and Gold“! Entrenched in vocal harmonies, gorgeous melodies throughout and fantastic songwriting, it’s a real belter. We absolutely love the chorus, it’s a great contrast to the verses and really keeps you listening intently for what’s happening next. 😊 the harmonies and arrangement in the second chorus are beautifully crafted, you can really see the time taken to create this but also feel the fun they’ve had in the process! It’s well worth a listen, and they’ve just played a show over at The Deaf Insititute so we’re sure they’re not going anywhere! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / BANDCAMP)

One of our favourites on the Manchester scene, Hayden J Barlow has returned with another single (that’s like 5 this year!? what a machine!) “persona non grata“! ☀️ taking a different direction to his previous EP “rudimentary”, he’s gone for the full on acoustic atmosphere, however with some expertly done production to maintain his usual sound. It’s a proper belter, a real direct song written straight from the heart. You can really hear the passion he’s put in this song, lyricism is on point as always with this fella. The production is so poignant, really keeps you interested as always with Hayden’s music – well worth listening to! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / BANDCAMP)

it’s been another absolutely fantastic month for music up North! there’s always so many different and diverse artists all equally fantastic in their own right – it’s class to see so many brilliant musicians doing their thing, this is what makes the scene so incredible. big shout to everyone here! we hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we have – big love to everyone who’s checked this out. ❤️

Make sure you head on down to open mics, gigs, support local music and arts and keep your scenes going! 😊 all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners. 🍞

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