Just The Crust 04/07/22: The Seminals – All On You ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the fantastic new single from The SeminalsAll On You“! 🥖

following on from the release of their debut single “Peasants With Money“, they’ve come out with a no-nonsense track here that really puts them on the map as ones to watch for the future. 🤘 we love their indie-rock sound that takes from so many influences and genres, both of the singles so far have been boss!

exploding into the track with a huge guitar riff, it sounds huge from the get-go; and we love the massive energy of the track, so upbeat. the main vocal sounds amazing too, with that scouse touch in there to really show their roots! ⚡️ the chorus almost gives a massive contrast with the verse, having such a different feel to it and then suddenly pulling out a rude guitar solo before dropping back into the next verse. 😎

the energy of the tune only continues throughout, and the outro guitar solo has so much to it, really giving it a fresh breath of air – we can’t even imagine how mental this tune would sound live. might have to get them on for a gig at some point! 👊 keep your eyes out for these guys, two formidable tracks already and we can only imagine even more on the way!

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