Just The Crust 30/05/22: Cliché Cult – Plastic World 🌍

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Cliché Cult “Plastic World” 👊

we’ve been massive fans of these guys for a while now, having featured a fair bit of their music in the past and they only keep going from strength to strength with every release, showing their talent and versatility through all the tunes they put out ☀️

this new single “Plastic World” sounds absolutely top, maintaining their usual style but sounding slightly more lo-fi and relaxed – it’s got a lovely atmosphere of droney guitars and synths, the rhythm section really ties the whole track together too and keeps the groove, all whilst the main vocal commands control of the track and really lays the foundation for the story of the tune so well 🙌

what a chorus too! a massive singalong tune. we love the breakdown, and that guitar solo erupts into the track with such ferocity – absolutely stunning from the chaps. well worth a listen and we’re excited to see where the band goes from here! 😊

you can listen to the full track on all streaming sites and that, or otherwise the full music video is available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q36_VajliZI – well worth checking out, the Leeds-based indie outfit have smashed it yet again. amazing to see! 🤘

find all of our features, reviews and more over on our website at www.breadrecords.co.uk ! 🍞

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