The Wrap: March 2022 ✨

here’s our March edition of The Wrap for you all! ✨ what a brilliant month of class releases up North here, so fantastic to see it all going on. we love writing up these and you can find all of our lil reviews below! 🤘

Manchester-based indie outfit The Perps have returned with their brand new single “Wake Up On Saturday“! Starting out with a lovely flowing melody that really sets the scene for the track, and a rhythm section that adds so much power behind it all, it sounds super lovely. The vocals on this are fantastic, really commanding the attention throughout and such a catchy chorus – a real feel good tune to bring us into these summer months! A great unique sound to these guys, well worth a listen for anyone who’s into their indie and rock music. We love that guitar solo too, flowing seamlessly and so melodic! 🙌 (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

A familiar face on the Manchester scene now, Green Wire have brought out yet another banger “Cigarettes On The Dancefloor“! A real lovely atmosphere to the track, with a huge intro that drops into the verse where the vocal sounds class, really huge energy and dynamic to it – we’d absolutely love to see this live at a gig! The little guitar licks in the background are super lush too, really creating a solid foundation to the track. There’s a few little nods to Manchester within the lyrics too, super cheeky but we love it. The guitar solo in this sounds massive too, so much power to it and it really takes control over the track. Another fantastic release from these guys, keep an eye on them for sure! 👊 (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Leeds-based Lost Hive have brought out their debut single “Confessions“! With a beautiful groove to the track, it starts out on such a strong front, with all the elements working perfectly in sync together. The main vocal here is relaxed and delivers the story so well, whilst still keeping the listener engaged – and the backing vocals only add to this, with lovely contrasts between the both to balance them out nicely. The breakdown is perfect, dropping away to a real soft feeling only to drop back into that final chorus that explodes! The music video is high-octane too, well worth a watch. Can’t wait to see what these guys have in store! ☀️ (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Liverpool-based RATS have been on our radar for a while now, with so many fantastic releases under their belt already and they’ve returned with a massive banger here. “Jenny” is delivered so well, and they’ve got such a knack for storytelling and in such a unique style, really setting them apart! We love that their Scouse accents are a huge part of the track, really solidifying their sound – and that breakdown with the harmonising backing vocals is simply beautiful! Well, well, well worth listening to, these guys have been making huge waves lately and this only shows that they’re destined to go far. 😎 (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

Manchester’s own indie-pop pioneers Foxglove have returned with yet another brilliant single “Lights Off“! Instantaneously dropping into a beautiful soundscape of euphoric-like vibes, this sounds fantastic right from the get-go. The use of space, delay and reverb in this is spot on – really making the use of everything in their arsenal to create such a lovely styling of dream-pop influenced indie rock. Lead singer Abi’s vocal sounds absolutely gorgeous here, the use of backing vocals to compliment her lead in the chorus is class, fantastic stuff! Well worth watching the video too, such a great concept and delivers the story so well in tandem with the lyricism. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys! 🌛 (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

PAVÉ have been on the scene for a while now, and we’ve been huge fans of their singles to date – this EP “Distraction” really brings them all together in a beautiful and such well-crafted manner! With huge guitar riffs, massive rhythm sections to compliment Alanya-Jade’s tremendous vocal throughout, it’s well worth a listen if you’re after huge, powerful tunes. 🤘 There’s even a new song on the EP too, “Cherry Blossom” which we love, super melodic and intricately put together to really relay the lyrics – it’s a gorgeous track and a brilliant addition to the rest of the tracks. Definitely worth checking this EP out! (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE)

We’ve been in awe of Gen and the Degenerates ever since we heard their first single – with such raw power, huge soundscapes and an incredible vocal from Gen, they’ve made absolute scenes with their music. This EP “Only Alive When In Motion” is insane. They’ve pulled out all the stops for this, every song is a banger and only improving on their already brilliant sound, we’re blown away by it! We knew these guys were going places already, but this release has to definitely set them as ones to watch on the entire UK scene. Each song is unique but maintains that familiar sound we’ve come to see from the band, with fantastic choruses, beautiful guitar licks, huge rhythm to it all.. it’s expertly written, produced and just shows off simply how talented these guys all are. A definite listen. (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE)

We’ve known Ethan AKA Black Brunwicker for a good while now here at the label, he’s a familiar face on the Manchester scene with his delicate and intricate soundscapes, beautiful melodies and he’s just a real lovely chap. This album “High Peaks” is simply beautiful, really showing off his unique talent to create atmospheres that really suck the listener in – with expertly crafted songs that have such life to them. The use of space and ambience throughout is so well done, every single aspect of the tracks seem so perfectly positioned within the soundscape and we’ve had such a lovely time listening to this! It’s even available on vinyl too for anyone who fancies it, and it’s a real lovely addition to anyone’s music library. 🎸 (SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC / YOUTUBE / BANDCAMP)

the calibre of talent here for this one has been absolutely beautiful. it’s so brilliant to see such a wide and diverse range of music and artists here, really special to see – it’s what makes the music scene so fantastic, we love to see it. we love this feature, being able to listen and write up about so much incredible music and we hope you guys have enjoyed them as much as we did! a big thank you to everyone whos read through it all! 🍕

Make sure you head on down to open mics, gigs, support local music and arts and keep your scenes going! 😊 all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners. 🍞

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