The Wrap: December 2021 ❄️

here’s our December edition of The Wrap 🤘 so much amazing music coming out lately and we’ve put together a lil list of some fantastic ones released last month! this is easily one of our favourite features, we’ve covered so many incredible tunes and it’s a pleasure be to able to bring them to you. 😊 check out our reviews below!

Liverpool-based Gen and the Degenerates are back with yet another class single – following their previous releases, they’ve put out a new tune “Wild Thing“! 🤘 a huge anthemic song celebrating difference and diversity, with lovely riffs, massive drumbeats and fantastic vocals from Gen. We love the breakdown, really building up to that final chorus that just explodes into the catchy lyricism we’ve seen throughout each of their singles. Yet another incredible release, we can’t wait to see what 2022 holds in store for these guys! (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE)

Sheffield-based songwriter Daz Cadwallander has been on our radar for a while now and we were amazed by his last release “On My Mind” – and he’s returned with an introspective and lovely single “When I’m“. ☀️ with heartfelt and personal lyricism, great vocals throughout and a lush atmosphere to the track, it’s a great listen and really shows off his songwriting ability. For fans of The Verve, Seahorses and old school 1990’s indie vibes – looking forward to see what he’s got for us next! (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE)

One of our favourite songwriters on the Manchester scene, David Gorman has released a brand new tune “La Mort“! We’ve caught him performing a good few times in the past few years and he never fails to impress. We loved his 2019 release “Curses” (actually one of the first tracks on our Local Loaf playlist!) and this song only continues to show off his fantastic vocal ability, lovely songwriting style with such great storytelling, and the production on this is so lovely, with so many different instruments coming together to create such a great soundscape. 🏵 The harmonies throughout this are gorgeous, and really compliment David’s main vocal that really commanders the track and draws the attention to the imagery conjured throughout the song. Hoping to see more from him soon! (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP)

Post-punk indie rockers Gdansk81 have returned with a brand new EP, “Star Of The Sea“! We had them perform for us back in 2019 over at The Old Abbey Taphouse and they played a fantastic set, performing songs from their first album which had some brilliant tunes on it – with driving riffs, a great connection between the band members and fantastic songwriting. 🤘 They’ve continued this through their new EP, with walls of sound and down-to-earth lyricism, we’re blown away with how great it sounds. Well worth the listen! (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE / BANDCAMP)

Liverpool-based creative AnnieMUSIC has returned with a brand new single, “Tomorrow / Pedal“! Blending electronic atmospheres with distorted guitars, lovely vocals and subtle yet lovely lead riffs, it sounds super gorgeous. Reminiscent of artists such as Angel Olsen and Sharen Van Etten, there’s a real shine to these tracks and they sound absolutely fantastic. ☀️ even better in that it’s a double single, getting even more music from the release and the b-side “Pedal” has a gorgeous groove to it, with an almost industrial soundscape – we’d love to vibe to this tune in a music venue! Huge. Can’t wait to hear more! (SPOTIFY)

We’ve featured the fantastic Liverpool-based alternative rock outfit RIVIA in the past, with brilliant singles already under their belt – and this new tune “Wasted” sounds brilliant. With a luscious groove to the track, and fantastic vocals, suddenly opening up to a huge and explosive chorus, it’s really set them apart as ones to watch for 2022. 🙌 the breakdown is beautiful too, calming down to a mellow yet powerful atmosphere that really allows the final chorus to erupt into its full ferocity. Fantastic tune! Keep your eyes out for these guys this year. (SPOTIFY)

Another Liverpool-based artist, Torture and The Desert Spiders have been tearing it up across Merseyside over the past year or so – and they’ve just released a lovely acoustic album composed of 27 tracks! 😊 with such personal and retrospective lyricism, the songwriting on this album is absolutely fantastic – a really lovely unique style that really entices the listener in. It’s an album that you can really get lost in, with lovely vocals, minimalistic and mellow atmospheres throughout the full tracklist; sounding absolutely gorgeous and a really great collection of expertly-written tracks. Well worth checking out! (BANDCAMP)

Our final release here is actually a Christmas song from one of our favourite artists, YNES with “It’s Christmas (I Miss Ya)”! Continuing with that unique britpop/punk style we’ve seen throughout their releases, it’s got a lovely and mellow atmosphere to it with the lo-fi feel to it. The lyricism here is super personal, feeling almost effortless in the delivery and really shows off how unique and talented YNES’ creativity is. ❄️ we’re not usual fans of Christmas songs, but this might have just changed our minds! Sounding brilliant, if you’ve not heard this yet it’s definitely worth a listen. (BANDCAMP)

There’s been so many incredible releases over the past month and it’s such an honour to be able to write up about some of our favourites – brilliant to see such a rich music scene at the moment. 🤘 we can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us all!

Make sure you head on down to open mics, gigs, support local music and arts and keep your scenes going! 😊 all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners. 🍞

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