Just The Crust 06/12/21: Hayden J Barlow – LCD ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Hayden J Barlow “LCD” out this Friday 10th December! 😎

we’ve known Hayden for a good while now and we’re still in awe at his sublime guitarwork, passionate and lovely vocals and lush songwriting ability. definitely one to catch live, such a fantastic talent. 🤠

we loved his latest singles “LONELINESS” and “DUPLICITY”, such top production on them creating such a unique sound for his music, and really blending so many genres to make super boss tunes. 🤘 well worth checking out his previous releases!! https://open.spotify.com/artist/54QKgqIuwIximWz6A6ZQG2

the new single “LCD” carries on from his previous releases, with distortion and synths throughout, weaved together with heavy drum samples, basslines and gorgeous vocals that we’ve come to hear consistently from Hayden. we can’t wait to hear this once it’s out – go and give it a pre-save ahead of Friday’s release at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/haydenjbarlow/lcd 🙌

head on over to our website at www.breadrecords.co.uk to find all of our reviews, features, music and more! 🍞

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