Freshly Sliced: BlackSheepLad / Pat Gallagher / John W Doyle ðŸ¥ª

we had a super lovely one last night at The English Lounge for our weekly Freshly Sliced gig! 😊 a big shout out to Dr Fabola Rob Crampton Music and Alf Whitby for playing – you all played fantastic sets and we had a great time 🥰

we’ll be back next Friday with another top lineup for you all! 🤘 we’ve got the fantastic talents of Blacksheeplad Pat Gallagher and John W Doyle Music – each of our nights has been well great, this one looks no different! 🥪

we’re real stoked with how these nights are going, it’s a super chill vibe over at The English Lounge with quality food and drink served – in the heart of Manchester. class pub! 🤠

find out more on Facebook at our event Freshly Sliced: Blacksheeplad / Pat Gallagher / John W Doyle – don’t miss out on a lovely night of live music! 🍞

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