An entire year since we were nominated for “Best North West Record Label” πŸ‘Š

it’s been an entire YEAR since we got through to being finalists for Red Spot Events “Best North West Record Label”! πŸ€˜

it was an honour to be nominated for this, alongside the amazing Jacaranda Records and Sour Grapes Records – brilliant to see. since then we’ve done SO much! β˜€οΈ from hosting our weekly open mic nights showcasing up and coming talent, putting on monthly gigs at The Thirsty Scholar and the Grafton Arms with some insane artists from the North performing, and releasing plenty of records from our artists.. it’s gone from strength to strength! πŸŒ›

a massive thank you to everyone whose come to a gig, streamed/bought music, your continued support means the world to us β€οΈπŸž

Knead To Know: Mad Fox studios🀘

for our Knead To Know feature today, we’ve got the absolutely incredible Mad Fox studio! 🀟 they’ve been super busy lately, producing and recording some incredible music over there – including releases from Minervadaisy MILLICENT Kestrel Palace and Supera Morza😊

Tayte started this studio to provide not only a recording space for bands and artists – but to try and give them a platform for their music to not only be heard but evolve and develop. The work he has been doing on production is absolutely incredible, and the studio has only gone from strength to strength over the last year! They’ve been seeing radio play from not only BBC Music Introducing but also XS Manchester Amazing Radio and getting on some huge Spotify editorial playlists. 🀟

he’s even expanded out to having two main studios now, allowing up and coming producers and engineers to come in and rent the rooms for their own recording projects – absolutely incredible stuff. there’s some fantastic gear over there too, industry-standard equipment but also some preamps used by The Beatles on three of their albums!! ❀

definitely, definitely a serious Knead To Know up here in the North West. we’re absolutely in awe of how Tayte has provided a lovely space for the community and we CAN NOT wait to see what else he has in store in the future! drop them a message or go to their contact at to get in touch with any enquiries! 😊

πŸ“Έ credits: Tom Hetzel and Maggie Malyszko photography

as always, find all of our features, merch, gigs, music etc at 🍞

‘WOMEN WHO BOSS IT’ event! tomorrow night! β˜€οΈ

this is tomorrow!! 🀟

Minervadaisy and Rebel Riot Records are putting together a super night with some amazing artists playing, including our fave Olivia Browse ❀ they’ve also got a raffle going, where you can win some super stuff from all the creatives involved – it’s only Β£3 donation at! 😊

you can find the event at WOMEN WHO BOSS IT – free to attend, and any donations go to The Fawcett Society – Official! the event starts at 6pm tomorrow night so don’t miss out on a top one! 🍞

‘This Is Just An Interval’ πŸŽ§

bit of a different post for today but we just wanted to highlight this extremely important documentary that’s just come out in support of the music industry! πŸ™‚

‘This Is Just An Interval’ is a short film created to highlight the effects that coronavirus has had on the industry, directed by Matthew Boone – in support of the #WeMakeEvents initiative 🌸 hopefully this is able to reach those in government and educate them on the problems that live music is currently facing, and provide proper financial support for musicians, artists, and creatives in the music industry. πŸ™‚

most of us all know about the devastating impact that this pandemic has had on local businesses, especially music venues and creatives – a real important one today πŸ–€

head over to to find the documentary on YouTube, give it a share, a like, and make sure that it gets seen as many people as possible! 🍞

Bread in 2020 πŸž

LOOK AT THIS 🀟 we’re super proud of all of this!

so many amazing artists got involved with us this year, even with all of the chaos that’s been brought our way. we’d love to tag them all but there must be hundreds! πŸ–€

so much was happening! we even put on a few socially distanced gigs on which were super lovely. a highlight for us was that gig with War Stripes at the start of the year – incredible band with a huge sound 🌟

we’ve had so much planned and so much came to nothing, but nevertheless we keep on πŸ™‚ two releases by Adam Carpenter Music and four by michael webster too.. we’re looking forward to the new year! 🌸

a huge thank you to all the artists who have got involved with us, and anyone who has checked out any of the features or streams we’ve been putting on. you the best πŸ₯°

hopefully we’ll be back out there, smashing out gigs open mics and releases on the regular real soon! see you all at a gig in 2021 🍞

support your scene, most of us already retrained! πŸž

to all the creatives enduring this pandemic, keep going and doing what you’re doing πŸ–€ it’s a difficult time to be in any industry, especially music and that!

it’s been a challenge lately to keep on doing stuff, especially with the ever changing restrictions and that – but we gotta adapt, going on livestreams and online events and moving releases and that βœŠ

if anyone has any releases coming up, or need any help with anything, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll do our best to provide any assistance we can! πŸ™ƒ

defo worth reading this post I put up on my michael webster page – some of the points are so relevant and important. thanks to everyone for supporting me doing this label stuff on my own, ur the best πŸ₯° if you want to support me then go over to where we have merch for sale and music available to purchase!

thank u everyone, michael 🍞

#letthemusicplay 🎧

here at Bread Records we stand in full support of the #letthemusicplay initiative – we need a proper plan for how live music is going to deal with the consequences of coronavirus and extended isolation. we all know that the arts are essential, with everyone relying on music, films, books, and so forth for entertainment – so why are we being neglected in the time of need?

the second photo we shared is an extract from the website, detailing some of the biggest parts of a music industry hit by a pandemic. it’s extremely important for us to be supporting local music and musicians, which many of us have been doing!! but it’s also very difficult for us to support every single venue, every label, every PR team out there – this is why we’re joining up and calling on the government to provide further help for the industry πŸ™Œ

find out more over at – email your local MP, tweet your opinions to policymakers over on Twitter, there’s plenty of things you can do! πŸž