Lass open mic on tonight! πŸ€˜

we’ll be down at The Lass O’Gowrie tonight for open mic and also for the birthday of our michael webster! πŸŽ‚

there’s already a bunch of incredible artists confirmed and slots going for anyone who fancies it – going to be absolutely fantastic. always a lovely one at The Lass! 😊 starts up around 7:45pm or so, get in touch with michael if you want a slot! 🍞

Breadstock final wave of artists! πŸ₯ͺ

we’ve got our third and final wave of acts for you all, for Breadstock 2022 in a week’s time! 🀘

loadsa great artists on the Manchester scene here, including Nina Ettridge Jack Hamilton Max Macmillan Josh Valters Konna Spencer Jessamine Grace michael webster Danny Carruthers Laura Farrow and Trent Delves – a mega lineup with so many of our favourite acts, in addition all of those already announced! β˜€οΈ sadly Tragicomics have had to drop out due to personal circumstances.

come on down next Friday and Saturday, 27th and 28th of May to the Grafton Arms to check it all out – it’s michael webster‘s birthday weekend, all in aid of local foodbanks in association with Joseph Holt (suggested donation Β£3!) 🍞

Foundry Live is this Sunday! βœ¨

we’re back on over at the Foundry Project Manchester this Sunday for our next open mic! β˜€οΈ

we’ve already got a huge bunch of interest for it, it’s so fantastic to see so many people wanting to perform and support live music. 😊 very limited slots left, if you fancy performing give our michael webster a message! we’ve got a feature slot from the amazing Thomas Rennie!

free pint for each performer, starts up at 7pm, such a lovely atmosphere to the bar and so many supportive musicians there. so great to be able to put this on! find out more at our event Foundry Project open mic! 🍞

Fantastic for our first one at The Foundry Project! πŸ˜Š

we had an incredible one for our first open mic over at Foundry Project Manchester on Sunday! β˜€οΈ

big love to everyone that came down, we had so many fantastic musicians doing their thing – around 14 in total, and our feature artist Ayanam Udoma Music was incredible as always! brilliant to see! πŸ‘Š

we’ll be back in a fortnight, on the Sunday 22nd May – we’ve already got a real bunch of interest for it, if you’re keen, drop our very own michael webster a message. free drink for each performer in such a lovely bar! find out more at our event Foundry Project open mic!🍞

πŸ“Έ: Max Macmillan (pictured: michael webster Ayanam Udoma Music Dr Fabola Thomas Rennie and Tom J Johnson Music)

Two years of “Obliterate/Ugly”! 🎹

yesterday also marked the two year anniversary of the EP “Obliterate/Ugly” we put out with Alien Clouds! β˜€οΈ

it was a super lovely honour to work on this, with our michael webster producing it and these are such a lovely collection of songs from AC – beautiful songwriting and melodies that really run so smoothly throughout the EP. we can’t believe it’s been an entire two years! 🀘

you can find it on Spotify and all the streaming sites, or on Bandcamp at where you can purchase a digital copy! 🍞

Foundry Project open mic this Sunday! πŸ™Œ

only two days to go until our brand new fortnightly open mic at the Foundry Project Manchester! β˜€οΈ

we’re super looking forward to this, each one will have a feature artist doing their thing with an extended set and we’ve got the fantastic Ayanam Udoma Music for the first one. 😊 we’ve known Ayanam for a loooong time now and he’s such a talented chap, one of our favourites on the scene πŸ‘Š

we’ll be here at The Foundry Project every other Sunday, we’ve got a lovely lineup confirmed for the first one already and a few slots going for anyone who’s up for a lil couple of tunes. get in touch with our michael webster for a slot! find out more at our event Foundry Project open mic! 🍞

Our new open mic at The Foundry Project! πŸŒ›

we can’t wait for our new open mic over at the Foundry Project Manchester starting on the Sunday 8th of May! πŸ‘Š

hosted by our very own michael webster – it’s going to be every fortnightly Sunday and we’ll have a feature artist for each one, for this first one we’ve got the amazing Ayanam Udoma Music performing for us which will be super lovely. β˜€οΈ

we’ll be running from 7pm through til around 10pm or so, we’ve already got some interest for it so if you’re up for performing at it just drop us or michael webster a message! 😊 free drink for every performer too, in such a lovely bar in the NQ – find out more at our event Foundry Project open mic! 🍞

“paper dreams” is three years old! πŸ’Ώ

our very own michael webster‘s debut EP “paper dreams” turns three years old today 😱

it feels like an absolute lifetime since we put this out – a year before the pandemic and so so much has happened since then! β˜€οΈ 15 releases and countless gigs and so many more artists. the start of an era, eh? πŸ˜† this is a collection of some of michael’s earlier work, seven songs with tunes like “firewall” and “oceania rendevous” which we reckon you’ll recognise from any gigs!

it’s available to listen to on all streaming platforms, or you can head over to Bandcamp at to find it in full – very limited amount of CDs left too if anyone fancies one! 🍞

Artist appreciation post πŸ€˜β€οΈ

just a lil love and appreciation post for all of our artists here on the label πŸ₯°

a massive shout out to Olivia Browse Narwhals Alien Clouds Anyone’s Ghost and michael webster – we’ve had TWENTY-FIVE releases out now in the space of six years. it’s been a long old grind and a very crazy journey but we are super blessed to be able to work with all of these amazingly talented artists. they keep us motivated to do what we do πŸ‘Š

you can find all of their music on streaming platforms or if you want to go one further, head on over to our Bandcamp at where you’re able to buy them and support us and our fantastic friends here on the label. big love to everyone who has made time for us! 🍞

Can’t wait for the Lass open mic tonight! β˜€οΈ

we’re back on down at The Lass O’Gowrie for our weekly open mic tonight, hosted by our very own michael webster🀘

the way that our open mics have been going lately at The Lass and the Grafton Arms have just been simply spellbinding – so busy, so many incredible talented artists and just a reyt lovely snapshot of the brilliant scene here in Manchester!

we’ll be starting up at 7 tonight as we’re expecting a real busy one – got some slots left for anyone who fancies it, go over and drop michael a message if you’d like to play! πŸž