Grain Radio: Episode 12 has been out for a week! ☀️

have you seen our latest episode of Grain Radio? ☀️

featuring some absolutely amazing artists from here in Manchester and the North, including Sioux Tay Temple Invisible Giant Charlotte Mary and Reardon Love! ✊

go and find it here on our website at or on our YouTube at 🍞

Grain Radio: Episode 12! ☀️

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Here’s our twelfth episode of Grain Radio! ✊

We’ve got some absolutely incredible music from the local scene here in and around Manchester! A big thank you to each of the artists for contributing their music 🙂

Featuring music from:

Watch on YouTube here!

Grain Radio Episode 12 out next week!

our next episode of Grain Radio will be out in a week! 🤟

we’ve got some fantastic new music for you, can’t wait to show you all the unreal music coming out at the moment! 🙂

in the meantime you can find all of our previous episodes over on our website at or on our YouTube at🥰

keep your eyes peeled! 🍞

Bread in 2020 🍞

LOOK AT THIS 🤟 we’re super proud of all of this!

so many amazing artists got involved with us this year, even with all of the chaos that’s been brought our way. we’d love to tag them all but there must be hundreds! 🖤

so much was happening! we even put on a few socially distanced gigs on which were super lovely. a highlight for us was that gig with War Stripes at the start of the year – incredible band with a huge sound 🌟

we’ve had so much planned and so much came to nothing, but nevertheless we keep on 🙂 two releases by Adam Carpenter Music and four by michael webster too.. we’re looking forward to the new year! 🌸

a huge thank you to all the artists who have got involved with us, and anyone who has checked out any of the features or streams we’ve been putting on. you the best 🥰

hopefully we’ll be back out there, smashing out gigs open mics and releases on the regular real soon! see you all at a gig in 2021 🍞

New playlists! ❄️

we’ve just made up two playlists with all the music we had for our Just The Crust and Grain Radio features this year! 🤟

there’s a whole bunch of music in these ones, and a load of local artists (way too many to tag!) but a big thank you to them for letting us feature their music! 🙂

you can find the playlists over on our Spotify at 🖤

there’s a few more over there too if you fancy checking them out! hopefully 2021 will be packed with more gigs, features and great local music for you all to check out! 🍞

Grain Radio reminder 💿

just a lil reminder that you can find our latest episode of Grain Radio (which came out a week ago!) over on youtube at 🖤

we featured some amazing new music from artists on the scene, including Izzie Walsh Rivver Rob Crampton Music Dora Noszkay and Olivia Browse! 🙂

it’s also available to listen to here on our website 🍞

Grain Radio: Episode Eleven! 🙂

By downloading this file, you agree to use the content for only personal purposes.

We’ve got our eleventh episode of Grain Radio for you! ☀️

As always, this one is full of amazing local music, definitely some of the ones to watch on the Manchester scene! A massive thank you to these artists who contributed to the episode, and a big shout out to all of those who are supporting this little radio show 🙂

Featuring music from:

Watch on YouTube here!

Grain Radio: Episode 11 out next week! 🍞

our next episode of Grain Radio (the 11th!!) will be out in one week! we got some absolutely incredible music to show you, we can’t wait! 😎

we would have put it out today, but we’ve got some stuff we’ve been busy working on this week.. more to be announced very soon! 🖤

in the meantime, you can check out all of our Grain Radio episodes here on our website at ! 🍞

Find all of our features, and thank you for the continued support ☀️

we’re so honoured to have such lovely support for what we do! it means so much for people to be getting involved and listening to some amazing local music. this is how we build ourselves a better tomorrow, by supporting each other 🖤

we’ve always stood by this notion to help people out, it’s a true essence of our Northern spirit. from here in Manchester we’ve managed to build a beautiful community of people and it brightens up our rainy skies to see how much talent is around us! 🙃

if you’d like to discover new music and help support us, we have SO many features now with so many unreal musicians on there! 🤟 you can find all of it here on our website at 🍞

Just put out our newsletter! ☀️

we just put out our fortnightly newsletter with updates from the scene here in Manchester and the North! 🙃

some absolutely incredible new music out, including O’Neill Bros Anniemusic Crying Beauty Queens Sioux and Izzie Walsh‘s new music video! 🖤 we also have some great gigs on there; a fundraiser for Miners Community Arts and Music and JMW Promotions Christmas festival!

there’s also a boatload of Bread updates too! go and check it out at or you can sign up to get it straight to your emails at🍞