“Obliterate Me” just hit 1k streams!! πŸ’₯

our very own Adam Carpenter Music just hit 1k streams on the title track ‘Obliterate Me’ from the EP we put out last May!! ❀

it was super lush to work on this, such a prolific songwriter with some amazing tunes! hard to believe it’s almost been a year since it came out though 😱

go and check out the full EP ‘Obliterate/Ugly’ over on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/album/4jszSRx3K3F9T0GAyZoaEw – or you can find it on our Bandcamp along with all of our releases at www.breadrecords.bandcamp.com/🍞

Bandcamp Friday again! β˜€οΈ

we almost forgot about this one… it’s Bandcamp Friday again! 🀟

you can find ALL of these releases over on our Bandcamp, including music from Adam Carpenter Music michael webster and even the brand new single “Red Stripe” from Olivia Browse (which if you preorder today, you’ll get automatically next Friday on release!) 😊

every first Friday of the month, Bandcamp waive their fees to help musicians throughout the pandemic and therefore all proceeds and income will go directly to the artists! 😎

you can find all of this music (and, actually, even more!) over at www.breadrecords.bandcamp.com! πŸ₯° go and check it out and support independent artists! 🍞

Bandcamp Friday! πŸͺ

it’s #bandcampfriday! 🀟

for today, Bandcamp are waiving their fees and so all sales of music and merch go directly to the artists, and labels! a great idea for musicians during the pandemic. 😊

we’ve got a whole BUNCH of releases over on Bandcamp at www.breadrecords.bandcamp.com featuring music from michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music! ❀ go and check them out, and show a bit of love!

we’ve also got a load of merch, including our t-shirts and tote bags from michael’s ‘live at Spirit Studios’ EP – and ALSO a few tapes from The Cosmonaut Cassettes! 🀠 any merch sold today will be sent out asap! 🍞

(ps, here’s two of these silly promo pictures we made for past Bandcamp Fridays. is this how you market music effectively?)

2020 releases! 🌹

we’re still super stoked that we got ALL of these releases out in 2020! so many songs across all of these, definitely worth checking out 🀟

we have such a lovely Bread family here.. keep your eyes peeled for even MORE stuff this year! 😎 drop michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music a like whilst you’re here as well.

with all the news of reopening the UK, you’re sure we’ll be back out there soon enough. we can’t wait for the day when we can celebrate music again, with a lovely cold pint in hand 🍞

find all our music over on our Bandcamp at www.breadrecords.bandcamp.com !

Bandcamp Friday β˜€οΈ

and another Bandcamp Friday is upon us! 🀟

you can find all of our releases over on Bandcamp including music from Adam Carpenter Music and michael webster! πŸ₯° here’s all of the releases we put out last year – with the two latest ones being released on the 4th December, the last Bandcamp Friday of the year! πŸ–€

we put a lot of work into all of these and we’re super proud of them. it’s great to have such a lovely amount of releases now! (ps. we also still have merchandise available!!) any support would be very much appreciated 🍞

‘We Lived For Nights Like These’ / ‘a sliver moon, upon ribble dunes’ out for a whole month! βœŠ

these two releases by michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music have been out for just over a month now! 🀟

we love that these are sister releases, having being released on the same day – we even did this with michael’s first single and The Northern Rambler’s first single, 7th March (albiet different years) πŸ˜†

‘We Lived For Nights Like These’ is also available to listen to over on Spotify in its full 14 track glory! head over to https://open.spotify.com/album/1HzcrkS8Z6WPWC9e8AYaDU to find it! πŸ₯°

you can find them both at each artists’ respective Bandcamp sites! we have more plans for 2021 inbound, so keep an eye out! 🍞

links above, below album covers ❄️

Bread in 2020 πŸž

LOOK AT THIS 🀟 we’re super proud of all of this!

so many amazing artists got involved with us this year, even with all of the chaos that’s been brought our way. we’d love to tag them all but there must be hundreds! πŸ–€

so much was happening! we even put on a few socially distanced gigs on which were super lovely. a highlight for us was that gig with War Stripes at the start of the year – incredible band with a huge sound 🌟

we’ve had so much planned and so much came to nothing, but nevertheless we keep on πŸ™‚ two releases by Adam Carpenter Music and four by michael webster too.. we’re looking forward to the new year! 🌸

a huge thank you to all the artists who have got involved with us, and anyone who has checked out any of the features or streams we’ve been putting on. you the best πŸ₯°

hopefully we’ll be back out there, smashing out gigs open mics and releases on the regular real soon! see you all at a gig in 2021 🍞

Local Loaf update! πŸ·

another Sunday and another update to our lovely Local Loaf playlist! πŸ’Ώ

we’ve got new music from Adam Carpenter Music The Vandalis Jess Kemp Artist Foxglove and Dora Noszkay! some absolutely class songs here 🀟

you can find the playlist over at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5FnabVHuYeT9Yp2s7GjeKY – drop it a follow to keep up to date with all the additions! 🍞


we hope everyone’s having a festive time today! πŸ₯³

we’ve had a year to forget but there’s definitely some great stuff. from all the gigs and livestreams we’ve put on, to all the features we started doing for local music, it’s been a good laugh. look at all of the releases we put out! πŸ–€

we had even more plans, but we’re saving those for another day. grab a beer and relax (and listen to these lovely pieces of music we put out from michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music – we’re super proud of em) 🍞

‘We Lived For Nights Like These’ available on Spotify! β˜€οΈ

our very own Adam Carpenter Music‘s new album ‘We Lived For Nights Like These’ is out now over on Spotify!! 😎 you can find it over at https://open.spotify.com/album/1HzcrkS8Z6WPWC9e8AYaDU🀟

so far Adam has raised Β£150 for The Trussell Trust with the sales from the album – if you want to get it up to Β£200 feel free to go and buy it over on Bandcamp at www.adamcarpenter.bandcamp.comπŸ–€

it’s a pleasure to have more music out through the label and this album is a testament to Adam’s songwriting ability! definitely worth checking out 🍞