Still got a few pieces of merch in stock! πŸ‘•

just a little reminder that we have these two pieces of merch still in stock – we’re running a little low on t shirts but we got plenty of tote bags still available!! 🌞

tried to set up a shop on Facebook and on Instagram, but they take a while to implement so you’ll see them in a few days. in the meantime you can either drop us a message or go over to our Bandcamp at to get your hands on them! 🀟

what would anyone fancy in the future? anything you guys want us to sort for yous? 😊 we’ve got a few ideas but definitely open to any suggestions!

modelled so professionally by our very own michael webster and Sleeping Ducks frontman Liam! 🍞

‘Red Stripe’ giveaway! πŸΊ

our Olivia Browse is doing a super lovely giveaway for her new single!! 🀟 look at all the amazing things you could win. you could be the official superfan – all designed by herself too, such talent ❀

all you need to do to enter is: 1. pre-save the new single ‘Red Stripe’ over at
2. drop her a follow on Facebook or over on Instagram
3. screenshot your pre-save and add it to your story and tag her!

super simple and you could win so much lovely stuff! πŸ₯° all of this means that her music can reach more people and help her out with putting more stuff out. thank you to everyone in advance, winner will be announced on the 9th April (release date!) 🍞

Bandcamp Friday! πŸͺ

it’s #bandcampfriday! 🀟

for today, Bandcamp are waiving their fees and so all sales of music and merch go directly to the artists, and labels! a great idea for musicians during the pandemic. 😊

we’ve got a whole BUNCH of releases over on Bandcamp at featuring music from michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music! ❀ go and check them out, and show a bit of love!

we’ve also got a load of merch, including our t-shirts and tote bags from michael’s ‘live at Spirit Studios’ EP – and ALSO a few tapes from The Cosmonaut Cassettes! 🀠 any merch sold today will be sent out asap! 🍞

(ps, here’s two of these silly promo pictures we made for past Bandcamp Fridays. is this how you market music effectively?)

Only two cassettes left! β˜€οΈ

we’ve only got 2 cassettes left! 😎 thank you to everyone who has purchased one already and supported us in this new venture. it’s great to be able to distribute these tapes for The Cosmonaut Cassettes – 47 is such a great album!

if you would like to purchase one then simply head over to our Bandcamp over at and you can take your pick from all of our merchandise available! 🍞

The Cosmonaut Cassettes – ’47’ – available on tape for UK/EU distribution! β˜€οΈ

okay we are absolutely delighted to say we’ve got a couple of tapes from The Cosmonaut Cassettes over in the US, for their debut album ’47’! 🀟

they released ’47’ last year, a folk-rock concept album surrounding the mysteries of the lost ‘Cosmonaut Cassettes’. we love this album, some absolutely unreal storytelling and a super lovely piece of work. we can’t wait to hear even more stuff in the future! 😁

if you fancy one of these super limited-run tapes, then head over to our Bandcamp page at !! 🀠 we’re stoked to be able to help them out with UK/EU distribution of tapes.

if you would like to purchase the album in a digital format, then please head over to The Cosmonaut Cassettes’ original release at where you’ll be able to support them directly! 🍞

All of our features, gigs and more! πŸž

just a little reminder that you can find all of our features, music and gig listings here on our website! 🀟

we’ve featured so much new music now, and put on so many livestreams over all these endless lockdowns that we seem to be experiencing – there’s more plans in the works, but we gotta wait until we can see each other safely again πŸ–€ your support means the world! 🍞

Bandcamp Friday β˜€οΈ

and another Bandcamp Friday is upon us! 🀟

you can find all of our releases over on Bandcamp including music from Adam Carpenter Music and michael webster! πŸ₯° here’s all of the releases we put out last year – with the two latest ones being released on the 4th December, the last Bandcamp Friday of the year! πŸ–€

we put a lot of work into all of these and we’re super proud of them. it’s great to have such a lovely amount of releases now! (ps. we also still have merchandise available!!) any support would be very much appreciated 🍞

Merch still available! β˜€οΈ

we’ve sold a few bits of merch this week! so we’re just popping up a post to promote it all a lil bit πŸ™‚

got t shirts and tote bags available – head over to to check them out or just drop us a message and we can sort it out! 🀟

all the income goes into our work, promoting music, putting on gigs and the such. support local music 🍞

our latest newsletter just went out! πŸ„‍♀️

we’ve just put out our latest edition of the newsletter πŸ₯³

we include a list of so much new music, including that from Niamh Finan and Tom Welsh, Charlotte Mary Harrison Rimmer and plenty plenty more! πŸ™‚

if you wanna check out some new things just head over to or you can subscribe at 🍞

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Just put out the latest issue of our newsletter! β˜€οΈ

we’ve just put out our fortnightly newsletter! 😎

filled up with a whole bunch of amazing local music and updates, including new music from Adam Carpenter Music Lucy Bernardez The Losing Score Harrison Rimmer Dora Noszkay and Hareth Houston! (ps, sorry Harry the link isn’t right!) πŸ˜† so much top local music coming out and a whole bunch of gigs too!

find it all over at this link here: or feel free to subscribe to our mailing list at 🍞

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