Knead To Know: Tom Metcalfe πŸ€˜

our Knead To Know feature today is the fantastic Tom Metcalfe Music! originally from Preston (we’ve known Tom a long time!) Tom has just moved to Manchester and is sure to be a familiar face on the local scene ✊

not only writing his own music, Tom also works as a guitar tutor, teaching not only guitar but extensively music theory, which he is extremely proficient in – he’s easily able to make even the most complicated theory easy to understand for budding guitarists; we’ve spoken to him about all kinds of scales and he’s taught us a whole bunch! πŸ™‚

he’s also a session musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer.. if you need anyone to jump in and help out on a track, get in touch with him! he attained a Master’s Degree with Distinction in Music (Performance) from Salford University last year with a record-breaking mark of 96! 😎 he’s often seen performing as a flamenco guitarist with dance accompaniment – definitely one to watch here in Manchester. 🐝

Tom will also be the featured artist tonight at Lions Den Bar Deansgate for Laura Farrow‘s open mic – come on down and catch him doing what he does, you’ll surely be astounded at his guitarwork! 🎸 if you’re looking for a guitar tutor, get in contact with Tom for sure. one of the best around!

find him on Twitter at @tommetcalfe8 // Instagram – @tommetcalfe // his new website will be coming soon at too! 🀘

as always, find all of our features here on our website at 🍞

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