Cream of the Crop 20/06: Artist Focus! ☀️

Thought we’d do a little thorough post here about some of the artists we have performing for us at ‘Cream of the Crop 20/06’ this coming Saturday!

Tay Temple – we’ve known Tay for quite a while now and she’s only gone from strength to strength with every performance! A talented singer-songwriter originally from the North East of England, she’s made her home here in Manchester and has really honed her craft! Her direct and heartfelt songwriting accompanied by mellow guitarwork really sets her apart from the rest. You can find her debut single (out only three months ago) on Spotify or Bandcamp! Well worth a listen. We featured it in our last episode of Bread Radio!

Mark Pratt – Mark’s been on our radar for a few years now and his energetic and emotional performances are definitely not to be missed. His style of blues mixed with folk and even some elements of indie are a great combo that we over at Bread Records love! His self-titled debut album is full of great songs, one of our favourites has to be ‘She’s The Reason (Bay of Pigs)’ or ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ – you can find his music on Spotify or go and have a gander at his Bandcamp!

Dora Noszkay – we’ve only known Dora for a short amount of time but we love her music, and she’s an absolutely lovely person! We had her play Breadstock this year, where she astounded us with a fantastic performance 🙂 You can find her debut single ‘In The Morning’ (again, which we featured on Bread Radio!) on Spotify, or on Bandcamp! Keep up to date, we expect great things 💥

Daniel Clarke – to say that Danny is a cornerstone of the local music scene in Manchester is an understatement. He’s been hosting open mics, performing at various venues and in different bands since well before we came over to the big city! A top bloke with some absolutely fantastic tunes. Definitely check out ‘Victorian Terraced‘ (find it on YouTube!)! We even featured his band ‘Death to the Strange’ on our compilation CD ‘Born and Bread‘ back in 2017. Well worth a listen, you’ll be transported right into the Mancunian world. His track ‘Trampin’ Stampin” is available over on Bandcamp!

Some absolutely amazing artists performing for us this weekend. Go and catch it all over on Facebook at our page – or in our Bread Social group!

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