Meet our newest artist, Olivia Browse! ☀️

we are ABSOLUTELY stoked to be announcing Olivia Browse as another part of our lovely bread family ❤

you know we adore Olivia and her music – we’re super stoked to be helping her out with her next single ‘Red Stripe’, released on the 9th April! 🤟

you can presave the new single over at (make sure you screenshot and send it to her to be a part of her giveaway!) or you can pre-order it on her Bandcamp account at 👊

we’ve got a full bio for her here on our website at! 🍞

Bandcamp Friday! 🪐

it’s #bandcampfriday! 🤟

for today, Bandcamp are waiving their fees and so all sales of music and merch go directly to the artists, and labels! a great idea for musicians during the pandemic. 😊

we’ve got a whole BUNCH of releases over on Bandcamp at featuring music from michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music! ❤ go and check them out, and show a bit of love!

we’ve also got a load of merch, including our t-shirts and tote bags from michael’s ‘live at Spirit Studios’ EP – and ALSO a few tapes from The Cosmonaut Cassettes! 🤠 any merch sold today will be sent out asap! 🍞

(ps, here’s two of these silly promo pictures we made for past Bandcamp Fridays. is this how you market music effectively?)

Bread in 2020 🍞

LOOK AT THIS 🤟 we’re super proud of all of this!

so many amazing artists got involved with us this year, even with all of the chaos that’s been brought our way. we’d love to tag them all but there must be hundreds! 🖤

so much was happening! we even put on a few socially distanced gigs on which were super lovely. a highlight for us was that gig with War Stripes at the start of the year – incredible band with a huge sound 🌟

we’ve had so much planned and so much came to nothing, but nevertheless we keep on 🙂 two releases by Adam Carpenter Music and four by michael webster too.. we’re looking forward to the new year! 🌸

a huge thank you to all the artists who have got involved with us, and anyone who has checked out any of the features or streams we’ve been putting on. you the best 🥰

hopefully we’ll be back out there, smashing out gigs open mics and releases on the regular real soon! see you all at a gig in 2021 🍞

800 Facebook likes!

a big shout out to anyone who has given our lil page a like over the past few days! 🤘 we’ve just gone over 800 likes on Facebook!

for an independent label run from home by just one person this is lovely news – we do our best to promote local music and artists and it’s great to see that we’re being supported ❤️ if you fancy getting our weekly newsletter in your email every friday then go and sign up at – full of great music! 🙃

if you’d like to support us even more, then if you’re able to go and invite some friends to the page that’d mean the world to us! we’d love to have more people involved in our community – join our Facebook group Bread Social for the latest, or go and check out our website! 🍞

Breadstock 2020 announcement 🍞

we’re stupidly excited to announce this next gig. A week tomorrow on the 25th May (bank holiday Monday!!) we’ll be hosting the return of Breadstock 2020! 🥰

we have a WHOLE load of amazing local musicians livestreaming for you, including Harrison Rimmer | Mathew Kerry | Wanda Roslyn | Matthew Smedley | indefinite articles | Fordaze | Edward Thomas | Benjamin Finney | Laura Farrow | O’Neill Bros | Jessamine Grace | Dora Noszkay Music | MILLICENT | Olivia Browse | michael webster – these are some of our favourite musicians on the scene and we can’t believe how great this is gonna be! 🤘🙃

tune in from 3pm on our Facebook page Bread Records or in the Bread Social group to catch all the action!! 🍞

Nat Dempsey – artist feature!

if you haven’t already, go and check out Nat Dempsey!

he’s a singer-songwriter from Cumbria and we’ve had him play our open mics and he’s becoming a real fixture across the Manchester music scene 🙃 he’s a real good songwriter and his latest single ‘Think On This’ shows his talent spectacularly! 👊

you can find his single on Spotify here – go drop him a like and support upcoming artists! 🍞

📷: Marc Gallagher

Join our ‘Bread Social’ Facebook Group!

in the light of the current crisis, with all the venues closing, pubs shutting, gigs being cancelled there’s a hugely amazing response from the online music community, in livestreams, releases and the sort! 🙂

we’re trying to gather a load of Manchester indie musicians content in our group, Bread Social – the response we’ve been having is incredible and well worth checking out! 🥰

go join it at and be one of the cool kids 🍞🍞🍞

Bread gig cancellations :(

we’re so sad to announce that these two gigs James Carline Single Launch and michael webster EP launch! are cancelled until later in the year 😞

this isn’t a decision we’ve made lightly, but due to current circumstances we think it’s best! make sure you go and like James Carline and michael webster to keep up to date with any information they release! 🙂

it’s such a shame that one of our busiest periods of gigs have all been ruined by the spread of this pandemic! once this has all gone over, make sure you go out to every local gig you can 🍞

Cream of the Crop 21/03 postponed!

we’re sad to say that Cream of the Crop: 21st March will be postponed due to the pandemic! we’ll hopefully be able to reschedule the gig for the future! 👽

make sure you go and check out all the artists we had involved Jessamine Grace Benjamin Finney Mathew Kerry and Cloughster – they’re all fantastic and you should go and stream any of their music they have online! 🍞

Tiny Changes Fundraiser postponement!

we’ve not taken this decision lightly, but our Tiny Changes fundraising event this weekend has been postponed due to the current climate 😞

there’s been growing concern amongst artists involved about the morality of asking people to come down and potentially risking their health / other’s health just to come to a gig – especially as Lions Den Bar Deansgate have taken the precaution of shutting for the indefinite future 👽

we’d like to shout out our artists who were involved in the gig, including Harrison Rimmer Mathew Kerry Benjamin Finney Olivia Browse Laura Farrow Wanda Roslyn Adam Pilgrim – make sure you go and listen to any of their music they’ve got online! if you want to support the amazing Tiny Changes cause then please donate to them 🍞