Breadstock was fantastic! ☀️

we had an absolutely fantastic one over the weekend at the Grafton Arms for Breadstock 2022☀️

big love to everyone who played, here’s a few photos of our Friday headliners Harrison Rimmer Tommy Cei Band The Distance and The Colliers who all smashed their sets 🤘 a brilliant weekend and we managed to get a load of money raised for the foodbanks which was super! 😊 Joseph Holt

we’ve got some more photos to upload of our other artists but we don’t really want to spam you all with so many photos as we had like 21 acts play 😆 a big thank you to everyone who came down and supported the festival 🍞

📸: Max Macmillan

Breadstock day 2! 🙌

andddddd we’re on for our second day of Breadstock 2022 today over at the Grafton Arms! ☀️

yesterday was absolutely amazing with so many talented artists performing for us, everyone smashed their sets – and we’ve got even more performances today too! 🤘 with music from Scatterchild Olivia Browse Anyone’s Ghost indefinite articles Jessamine Grace Thomas Rennie Max Macmillan Konna Spencer and Danny Carruthers – so many more talented musicians to come! 😊

come on down today from 2:30pm to catch all the action – we’re raising money for Manchester-based foodbanks in association with Joseph Holt too, £3 suggested donation! we’ll be taking a break from the music at 7:30pm for the Champions League final and then we’ll spin some bangers afterwards! 🍞

Breadstock day one! ☀️

today’s the first day of our Breadstock 2022 festival over at the Grafton Arms! ☀️

we can’t wait for this one, so many amazing artists performing for us including Harrison Rimmer Tommy Cei Band The Distance The Colliers Tom J Johnson Music Migson Pollock Aaron Spencer Nina Ettridge and even more! 🤘 starts up at 3pm through til 11pm!

we’re raising funds for Manchester-based foodbanks in association with Joseph Holt – free entry but a suggested donation of £3, gonna be super mega. don’t miss out! 🍞

Three days til Breadstock! 🎂

only THREE days to go til Breadstock 2022 at the Grafton Arms – our two day festival in aid of Manchester foodbanks in association with Joseph Holt! ☀️

it’s going to be absolutely mega, so many fantastic artists performing from across the North West, including headline sets from Harrison Rimmer Tommy Cei Band The Colliers Scatterchild and The Distance! 🤘 we’ve got the full list of acts performing here on this lil poster.

come on down 3-11pm on Friday 27th May or 2:30-11pm on the Saturday 28th May – all in aid of amazing causes, £3.50 pints, food served til late.. £3 suggested donation but otherwise free entry! we can’t wait! 🍞

Breadstock final wave of artists! 🥪

we’ve got our third and final wave of acts for you all, for Breadstock 2022 in a week’s time! 🤘

loadsa great artists on the Manchester scene here, including Nina Ettridge Jack Hamilton Max Macmillan Josh Valters Konna Spencer Jessamine Grace michael webster Danny Carruthers Laura Farrow and Trent Delves – a mega lineup with so many of our favourite acts, in addition all of those already announced! ☀️ sadly Tragicomics have had to drop out due to personal circumstances.

come on down next Friday and Saturday, 27th and 28th of May to the Grafton Arms to check it all out – it’s michael webster‘s birthday weekend, all in aid of local foodbanks in association with Joseph Holt (suggested donation £3!) 🍞

Breadstock wave TWO of artists! 🍞

we’ve got our SECOND wave of artists here for you, for our two-day festival Breadstock 2022 over at the Grafton Arms! ☀️

first off, we have our very own Olivia Browse and Anyone’s Ghost – two of our favourite artists in the entire world. we also have the fantastic David Miller of Boxes Aaron Spencer Thomas Rennie indefinite articles Tom J Johnson Music and Migson Pollock! 😊 going to be a brilliant show of how many amazing artists there are here in the North West and Manchester. 🤘

keep your eyes peeled for EVEN more artists to be announced.. we have so so many brill acts performing for us. it’s going to be a mega weekend in aid of foodbanks for Joseph Holt – suggested donation £3 for the charities, 27-28th May, can’t wait for this mega one. 🍞

Breadstock: Artist Focus continued! 🍞

Here’s the rest of the lineup for our event Breadstock on Monday!

Laura Farrow – Laura is a Manchester-based singer songwriter who hosts her own weekly open mic night at Lions Den Manchester every Monday (when not in quarantine!) Her first EP ‘Waiting For Something’ is a lovely collection of her songs, and she’s just released another EP ‘One Take’ which really encapsulates her live performances – definitely worth checking out!!

O’Neill Bros – we’ve known the O’Neill Bros for a long time now and their americana/folk rock blend is right up our street! We’ve had them perform for us a few times and they’ve recently started up Music Solid which focuses on promoting local artists – a venture we can all get behind! Check out their EP ‘Flight of the Earls’ here!

Edward Thomas – Ed is a regular on the local music scene, performing across Manchester on a very regular basis through open mics and gigs! His intricate guitarwork is always great to hear, and the structuring of his songs brings a fresh twist to modern singer-songwriters! Check out his first single ‘Breathe / Business or Death’ here!

Millicent – we’ve personally known Millie for a very long time, being from Preston and she’s only gone from strength to strength! Her vocal talent is insane and her songwriting work really stands her out from the rest – her 2018 release ‘Senses’ is full of great tracks and gives us a great glimpse into her ability – find it on Spotify here!

Harrison Rimmer – Harrison is a Bread regular nowadays, performing at plenty of our gigs and often making an appearance at our open mics – especially with the turn to virtual spaces for performance! We love his music – he’s able to write folk-punk tunes such as ‘Ripped Up Magazine’ and then also bring it down to a more relaxed level with songs such as ‘I Am On Fire’ (which we featured on the first episode of Bread Radio!) and ‘Scared’. He’s just released a brand new EP ‘Broken Strings’ which is definitely worth a stream!

Mathew Kerry – Mathew is another artist who we’ve featured heavily lately – easily one of our favourite artists on the scene and a lovely chap too! His songwriting capability and lyrical wizardry are evident as soon as you listen to him, especially on his single ‘Paper Round’ which we’re huge fans of! You can find his EP ‘Okie Dokie?’ on Spotify here – we went down to the launch last year and had a lovely time 🙂

michael webster – we don’t think we need to talk too much about our next artist. Michael runs the label and hosts all of our gigs – inspired by artists such as Courtney Barnett, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Neil Young – and everyone on the scene too! Check out his music on Spotify or Bandcamp!

Wanda Roslyn – we’ve only known Wanda for a while but we’re truly amazed by what we’ve seen! Unreal songwriting capabilities and intricate performances. Would be perfect on a Sofar Sounds gig. We are super looking forward to new music!!

Matt Smedley – Matt is a guitarist whose talent is beyond belief – gets better every time we see him perform. His guitarwork is insane, such care taken with each note and melodies that could fit into a lovely soundscape! Definitely worth checking out. We featured him on Just The Crust a few weeks back – you can find his music on Spotify here! He also recently put out a collaborative release with Benjamin Finney which is amazing!

That’s the lot! A lot of artists to check out, and plenty of great musicians performing for you on Bank Holiday Monday! Go check out the event page on Facebook! 👽

Breadstock: Artist Focus ☀️

here’s a little look at the first batch of artists we’ve got performing for us next week at Breadstock ☀️

Olivia Browse – her brand new single ‘Sober’ will be out this coming Friday, we managed to feature it on yesterday’s Just The Crust so go and check that out! she’s played many of our gigs and we’re super happy to have her play this one 🙂you can pre-save her new single at this link.

Benjamin Finney – Benjamin is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter based in Manchester who weaves lovely tapestries of music with his intricate guitarwork. He’s a big part of the scene, having performed solo for a while now and also playing alongside Izzie Walsh in her band! Go and check his latest release ‘rabbit / for sarah’ alongside Matt Smedley!

Dora Noszkay – we first found Dora through the release of her single ‘In The Morning’ and we loved the songwriting style of it – you can find it online on Bandcamp and Spotify! We’re looking forward to hearing more from her, we were very lucky to catch a great Joni Mitchell cover on one of her livestreams over the past few weeks!

Jessamine Grace – Jessamine has been involved with many of our gigs for a very long time now and has been at so many open mics and gigs across Manchester over the past few years!! We featured her new single ‘Broken’ as part of our Just The Crust feature a few weeks back – you can find it online on Bandcamp and Spotify! Definitely worth listening to. There’s a video too!! ☀️

Fordaze – Mike aka Fordaze has been running open mics in Manchester for a while now but we’ve recently got more involved with him since the start of self-isolation – he put out his debut single Like a Sunrise last week and it is unreal! You can find it on Spotify here! His blend of mellow acoustic and electronic components to his music is a lovely fresh breath of air to a scene usually full of acoustic musicians!

indefinite articles – we’ve known indefinite articles for a very long time and we’re super proud to have him performing for us again! Joseph puts on open mics and gigs across the city weekly and is a cornerstone of the local music scene in Manchester. his folk-punk style is instantly recognisable and we love his songs – you can find more on his Bandcamp or on Spotify! 💥

that just about wraps it up for us on this post, but we’ll be doing another posts featuring even more artists who we’ll have performing for us next Monday 25th May! 🍞

Breadstock 2020 announcement 🍞

we’re stupidly excited to announce this next gig. A week tomorrow on the 25th May (bank holiday Monday!!) we’ll be hosting the return of Breadstock 2020! 🥰

we have a WHOLE load of amazing local musicians livestreaming for you, including Harrison Rimmer | Mathew Kerry | Wanda Roslyn | Matthew Smedley | indefinite articles | Fordaze | Edward Thomas | Benjamin Finney | Laura Farrow | O’Neill Bros | Jessamine Grace | Dora Noszkay Music | MILLICENT | Olivia Browse | michael webster – these are some of our favourite musicians on the scene and we can’t believe how great this is gonna be! 🤘🙃

tune in from 3pm on our Facebook page Bread Records or in the Bread Social group to catch all the action!! 🍞