Two years of “Obliterate/Ugly”! 🎹

yesterday also marked the two year anniversary of the EP “Obliterate/Ugly” we put out with Alien Clouds! β˜€οΈ

it was a super lovely honour to work on this, with our michael webster producing it and these are such a lovely collection of songs from AC – beautiful songwriting and melodies that really run so smoothly throughout the EP. we can’t believe it’s been an entire two years! 🀘

you can find it on Spotify and all the streaming sites, or on Bandcamp at where you can purchase a digital copy! 🍞

Four years of Tidal Wave! β˜€οΈ

today marks the FOUR YEAR anniversary of our first release with Alien Clouds – their debut album “Tidal Wave”! 🌊

we can’t believe it’s been so long since this came out – we remember working on it and producing it like it was yesterday! 😊 we’re so proud of this album, it’s a beautiful collection of songs that are so personal to AC and they’re so well written, it was an honour to be able to put this out! ❀️

you can find it on all streaming sites, or alternatively on our Bandcamp where you can buy it digital or on a CD! find it at 🍞

Our releases this year! β˜€οΈ

we’re so proud of our releases this year on the label πŸ₯°

amazing releases from our lovely artists Alien Clouds Narwhals and Olivia Browse – so much talent and each of the singles are such tunes, we’re blessed to have these guys on our roster πŸ™Œ

if you’ve not heard them yet, you can find them all on our Bandcamp at where you can also purchase each for only a quid per song! 🀘 let us know what you think and keep your eyes out for even more stuff, got lots in the works 🍞

Artist appreciation post πŸ€˜β€οΈ

just a lil love and appreciation post for all of our artists here on the label πŸ₯°

a massive shout out to Olivia Browse Narwhals Alien Clouds Anyone’s Ghost and michael webster – we’ve had TWENTY-FIVE releases out now in the space of six years. it’s been a long old grind and a very crazy journey but we are super blessed to be able to work with all of these amazingly talented artists. they keep us motivated to do what we do πŸ‘Š

you can find all of their music on streaming platforms or if you want to go one further, head on over to our Bandcamp at where you’re able to buy them and support us and our fantastic friends here on the label. big love to everyone who has made time for us! 🍞

Local Loaf update! πŸ€˜

another Sunday, so obviously that means another update to our Local Loaf playlist 🎸

this week we’ve got some boss new music – including tunes from Alien Clouds Pizza Crunch Leopard Rays CARØLINA and Bosola! fantastic new music coming out lately, so great to see! 🀘

we’re so made up with how this playlist is now, there’s some absolutely brilliant music in here and such an incredible indication of the talent up North πŸ₯° head on over to Spotify at to find it in full – give it a like to keep up to date with all the new additions! 🍞

“January” from Alien Clouds is out now! πŸ΅

super stoked to be able to say that the brand new Alien Clouds tune “January” is out now! πŸͺ

we’re so happy to be getting new music out and it’s such a lovely song, with fantastic lyricism and a real indication of AC’s talent – their last release was back in December 2020 and we’ve been working with them for so long now and have created some fantastic music together! we are so excited for what the coming year holds for us and our artists πŸ₯°

head on over to Bandcamp at to check it out in full or on your preferred streaming service 🍞

Only two days until January comes out! πŸ₯ͺ

there’s only TWO days to go until our first release of 2022, “January” by Alien Clouds! β˜€οΈ

we had the pleasure of mixing and mastering this track and it sounds boss – we’re huge huge fans of AC’s songwriting and creativity, a real inspiration for us. it’s been so great releasing music with them and we’re super stoked for this next chapter! πŸ₯°

go ahead and pre-save the new track over at or you can also find it on Bandcamp at where you can pre-order it and get it as soon as it’s out! 🍞

Brand new music on the way from Alien Clouds πŸͺ

we’re absolutely STOKED to be able to announce even more new music on the way πŸͺ

on the 28th of January we’ll be releasing the brand new single from our very own Alien Clouds – their first piece of new music in over a year. it sounds bloody lovely, a real heartfelt tune that we had the pleasure of mixing and mastering. πŸ₯° fantastic lyricism and songwriting as always, we’re super proud to have this out and can’t wait for you all to hear it! 🀘

you can pre-order the song over on Bandcamp now at or pre-save it on your preferred streaming site at 🍞