Lots of merch available now β˜€οΈ

ook at all this lovely merchandise we have! πŸ₯° plenty of t-shirts now, and got a bunch of the tote bags still. we’re proper made up with these and buying our merch is one of the best ways to support our lil indie label 🀘

head over to our Bandcamp at https://breadrecords.bandcamp.com/merch to check it out in full – we’ve also got some CDs still available from our very own michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music too! 😊 we’ve also got ONE cassette from The Cosmonaut Cassettes left! πŸͺ

you can order over on Bandcamp, or just drop us a message and we’ll be able to sort it all out for you! can post anywhere in the world too! the wonders of modern postage πŸ’«

we’ve also got some more stuff ON THE WAY so keep your eyes peeled for those.. we’re really expanding out our range now and we’re hyped for what the future holds 🍞

Still got a few pieces of merch in stock! πŸ‘•

just a little reminder that we have these two pieces of merch still in stock – we’re running a little low on t shirts but we got plenty of tote bags still available!! 🌞

tried to set up a shop on Facebook and on Instagram, but they take a while to implement so you’ll see them in a few days. in the meantime you can either drop us a message or go over to our Bandcamp at www.breadrecords.bandcamp.com/merch to get your hands on them! 🀟

what would anyone fancy in the future? anything you guys want us to sort for yous? 😊 we’ve got a few ideas but definitely open to any suggestions!

modelled so professionally by our very own michael webster and Sleeping Ducks frontman Liam! 🍞

Merch still available! β˜€οΈ

we’ve sold a few bits of merch this week! so we’re just popping up a post to promote it all a lil bit πŸ™‚

got t shirts and tote bags available – head over to www.breadrecords.bandcamp.co.uk/merch to check them out or just drop us a message and we can sort it out! 🀟

all the income goes into our work, promoting music, putting on gigs and the such. support local music 🍞

Bread in 2020 πŸž

LOOK AT THIS 🀟 we’re super proud of all of this!

so many amazing artists got involved with us this year, even with all of the chaos that’s been brought our way. we’d love to tag them all but there must be hundreds! πŸ–€

so much was happening! we even put on a few socially distanced gigs on which were super lovely. a highlight for us was that gig with War Stripes at the start of the year – incredible band with a huge sound 🌟

we’ve had so much planned and so much came to nothing, but nevertheless we keep on πŸ™‚ two releases by Adam Carpenter Music and four by michael webster too.. we’re looking forward to the new year! 🌸

a huge thank you to all the artists who have got involved with us, and anyone who has checked out any of the features or streams we’ve been putting on. you the best πŸ₯°

hopefully we’ll be back out there, smashing out gigs open mics and releases on the regular real soon! see you all at a gig in 2021 🍞

Merch! 🍞

just a little reminder that we have a couple of things available for sale! πŸ™ƒ

we have these lovely Bread T shirts and these tote bags available as well! they’re only Β£10 + Β£5 respectively, a perfect Christmas gift to that local music fan in your life 😎

you can find them over on our Bandcamp at www.breadrecords.bandcamp.com or just drop us a message and we’ll be able to get one your way! 🍞

(images featuring our very own michael webster and lead singer of Sleeping Ducks Liam!)

Bread merch still available! πŸž

just a reminder that we’ve still got these t shirts available! 🀟

we don’t really make any money from any of our other features, so the best way to support us would be to buy our merch over at www.breadrecords.bandcamp.com/merch πŸ™ƒ we’ve also got some tote bags and cds available. we can pop it all in the post too! in order to reach more people and share local music, it’s kinda essential we have a marketing budget – and also, it’d be super boss to see people rocking bread t shirts! πŸ–€

feel free to drop us a message to get one, or you can buy them from our Bandcamp🍞

support your scene, most of us already retrained! πŸž

to all the creatives enduring this pandemic, keep going and doing what you’re doing πŸ–€ it’s a difficult time to be in any industry, especially music and that!

it’s been a challenge lately to keep on doing stuff, especially with the ever changing restrictions and that – but we gotta adapt, going on livestreams and online events and moving releases and that βœŠ

if anyone has any releases coming up, or need any help with anything, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll do our best to provide any assistance we can! πŸ™ƒ

defo worth reading this post I put up on my michael webster page – some of the points are so relevant and important. thanks to everyone for supporting me doing this label stuff on my own, ur the best πŸ₯° if you want to support me then go over to www.breadrecords.bandcamp.co.uk where we have merch for sale and music available to purchase!

thank u everyone, michael 🍞

Every little helps! πŸž

we’re super happy with all the amazing support you guys have given us over the past few months especially over lockdown! hitting 1000 likes over on Facebook was immense! 🀟

here’s just a post to remind you that we do have merch available, and it’s probably one of the best ways to support us financially! we’re only a small independent label and don’t have the funds for a whole bunch of stuff, but every purchase helps us more and more 😊 we have t shirts and tote bags available!

you can find it all over here on our website or on our Bandcamp – there’s also a load of music on there too for your listening pleasure! just drop us a message or go there if you’d like to help us out! πŸ₯°

modelled by our very own smiley michael webster – also ps our next episode of Grain Radio will be out tomorrow!!

Just The Crust 01/06/20: Sam Tucker? – Live From The Village πŸž

our feature this week for ‘Just The Crust’ is Sam Tucker?‘s new EP ‘Live From The Villlage’! 😊

as well as it being a lovely EP with some great tunes on it, the Sheffield-based songwriter has decided to split the proceeds between The Palladium Club and Something Else‘s #FieldMe – both supporting grassroots musicians and venues, essential at this time! πŸ†

if you’d like to find out more, Sam’s Bandcamp is at https://stucker92.bandcamp.com/album/live-from-the-village – go and chuck some money and support the local scene! 🍞