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Just The Crust 12/07/21: Minerva Daisy – Euphoria β˜€οΈ

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the fantastic new single from Minervadaisy “Euphoria”! 😊

Minerva is a Manchester-based songwriter and pianist who we’ve had play for us plenty of times now and she always blows us away with her heart-warming vocals, intricate piano melodies and amazing talent! 🀘 she’s even playing our first event back Cream of the Crop: THE RETURN! on the Sat 7th August which will be top!

“Euphoria” follows on from Minerva’s last single and only proves her worth and talent as an artist even more β˜€οΈ it’s an uplifting ballad accompanied by beautiful piano lines and beautiful vocals – a lovely romantic tune that is perfect for a rainy day like today!

you can find it over on Spotify at – drop her a follow, check out her other tunes (they’re great!!) and add the new tune to one of your playlists πŸͺ

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