Rob Crampton – Deeper Than A Thousand Miles announcement!

we’re super looking forward to hearing Rob Crampton Music’s new single, ‘Deeper Than A Thousand Miles’ 👊

Rob’s a regular on the Manchester music scene, real talented and a great songwriter! Check out his music on Spotify at 🙃

his new single will be out on the 29th of May and he’s worked on it over with Sloe Flower Studio so we’re sure it’s gonna be astounding 🍞

Just The Crust: Adam Carpenter – 2:24

this week’s feature for ‘Just The Crust’ is the brand new single coming out from Adam Carpenter Music, ‘2:24’! 👊

it’ll be out this coming Friday 17th April and we’re delighted to have been able to work on it with him, it’s sounding huge and we can’t wait for you all to hear it! 🙃

the new EP ‘Obliterate/Ugly’ is out on the 8th of May, go pre-order it on Bandcamp here: 🍞

Mathew Kerry – Quarterlife announcement!

we can’t wait for this amazing new single from the absolutely formidable Mathew Kerry! 🙃

we’re huge fans of Mathew and his last EP ‘Okie Dokie?’ blew us away so this one’s sure to be equally excellent – we’ve heard live versions and it sounds great!! 👊 check ‘Okie Dokie?’ on Spotify and streaming platforms now!

‘Quarterlife’ will be out on the 17th April so keep an eye out!! 🍞

Just The Crust: James Carline – High Places

we’re trying something a little new today – every Monday we’ll be featuring something great from the past week or upcoming on the Manchester music scene, be it gigs, new music, and such! this segment is called ‘Just The Crust’ 👊

our feature this week is the fantastic new release from James Carline! His new single ‘High Places’ came out on Saturday and it sounds amazing! 🙃 with some lovely lyricism, his subtly distinct vocal tones and a quaint chord progression, it weaves an intricate image of James’ musical style and songwriting process – this is definitely one to listen to on a sunny day in the North! 🥰

if you enjoyed the teaser video, then go and check it out on all streaming platforms – we’ll attach the Spotify link here for you! 🍞

James Carline – High Places release!

James Carline released this absolute tune today! 👊

we’re pretty sad that his launch gig has had to be cancelled – it would’ve been a fantastic one with support from Benjamin Finney Olivia Browse and Ade! we’d love to be having a few lovely drinks down at Sandbar right now 🍺

‘High Places’ sounds absolutely fantastic and James is definitely one to watch on the Manchester music scene – listen below and enjoy! 🙃 🍞

live at Spirit Studios, by michael webster release!

happy release day to michael webster! March is getting to be a busy month for his music! his new EP ‘live at Spirit Studios’ is available now, so go and check it out on all streaming platforms! 🙂

if you enjoy it please consider purchasing it through Bandcamp – you can find it at…/live-at-spirit-studios 🍞

live at Spirit Studios, by michael webster

michael webster – live at Spirit Studios livestream!

we can’t wait for michael webster to be releasing his next EP ‘live at Spirit Studios’ tomorrow! 🤘 you can pre-save the EP on your favourite streaming site at or go to to buy it now and get it when it comes out! 👽

he’ll also be doing a livestream to celebrate the launch tomorrow evening at 5pm over on his Facebook page so be sure to check that out too – michael webster EP livestream! 🍞