Two years of “Obliterate/Ugly”! 🎹

yesterday also marked the two year anniversary of the EP “Obliterate/Ugly” we put out with Alien Clouds! β˜€οΈ

it was a super lovely honour to work on this, with our michael webster producing it and these are such a lovely collection of songs from AC – beautiful songwriting and melodies that really run so smoothly throughout the EP. we can’t believe it’s been an entire two years! 🀘

you can find it on Spotify and all the streaming sites, or on Bandcamp at where you can purchase a digital copy! 🍞

Four years of Tidal Wave! β˜€οΈ

today marks the FOUR YEAR anniversary of our first release with Alien Clouds – their debut album “Tidal Wave”! 🌊

we can’t believe it’s been so long since this came out – we remember working on it and producing it like it was yesterday! 😊 we’re so proud of this album, it’s a beautiful collection of songs that are so personal to AC and they’re so well written, it was an honour to be able to put this out! ❀️

you can find it on all streaming sites, or alternatively on our Bandcamp where you can buy it digital or on a CD! find it at 🍞

One year since “Red Stripe” came out! β˜ŽοΈ

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our very own Olivia Browse putting her first single “Red Stripe” out through the label 🌞

Since then we’ve had 4 singles from her and they’ve all been boss πŸ‘Š brilliant to see and such a unique talent, we’re super lucky to have her ❀️

You can find all of her tunes over on all streaming platforms and at 🍞🍞

A year since we welcomed Olivia to the label πŸ₯ͺ

it’s been an entire YEAR since we welcomed our Olivia Browse into the Bread family ☎️

we’ve had a whirlwind since then, putting out FOUR releases with her which have all been super incredible and we’ve had so many amazing responses to these, what a talent β˜€οΈ ranging from britpop to indie to pop, we’re so proud to have all these singles on our roster and made so many fantastic memories along the way ❀️

this here’s a proper throwback photo, one of the promo shots for “Red Stripe” – you can find all of Olivia’s music on streaming services or on our Bandcamp at! keep your eyes out for more stuff on the way, can’t wait to see what the future brings 🍞

“paper dreams” is three years old! πŸ’Ώ

our very own michael webster‘s debut EP “paper dreams” turns three years old today 😱

it feels like an absolute lifetime since we put this out – a year before the pandemic and so so much has happened since then! β˜€οΈ 15 releases and countless gigs and so many more artists. the start of an era, eh? πŸ˜† this is a collection of some of michael’s earlier work, seven songs with tunes like “firewall” and “oceania rendevous” which we reckon you’ll recognise from any gigs!

it’s available to listen to on all streaming platforms, or you can head over to Bandcamp at to find it in full – very limited amount of CDs left too if anyone fancies one! 🍞

New double single from Olivia Browse on the 25th Feb! βœ¨

oh we are super stoked to be able to announce the brand new double single from our very own Olivia Browse “Nevermind Valentine / Cliche” on the 25th February! β˜€οΈ

every single of one of Olivia’s releases has been fantastic and we are well made up to be able to put this one out – with her lovely songwriting, amazing production from producer Shtum and unique britpop-indie style, we’re sure it’s bound to be a banger ❀️ amazing stuff!

it’s our THIRD single in a month and we’re pretty sure we’ve started off 2022 in the best way πŸ‘Š keep your eyes peeled for the pre-save, or in the meantime head on over to to find all of our releases! 🍞

Not only one but THREE anniversaries! β„️

bit of a late post today, but the 4th of December is a super special day for us here at the label πŸ₯°

not only is it the one year anniversary of michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music EPs but also now the SIX month anniversary of Anyone’s Ghost‘s EP as well. how surreal to have had so many amazing releases out 😎

keeping it short and sweet, go and check em out on Bandcamp at 🍞

“Lonelier Than You” has been out for a week β„️

it’s so wonderful to see stuff like this where our very own Olivia Browse has done so well this year! πŸ₯° how crazy to think people have spent nearly 500 hours listening to her music and only just on Spotify!

the brand new single “Lonelier Than You” has been out for a week now and we’ve had so much lovely feedback from you guys – even played on BBC Music Introducing in Essex and we’re sure there’s even more to come β˜€οΈ

head on over to Spotify at to check it out alongside all of the other fantastic singles she’s put out!! 🍞

‘Lonelier Than You’ out now! πŸ™Œ

we’re super stoked to be able to say that Olivia Browse‘s brand new single ‘Lonelier Than You’ is out now! πŸ™Œ

super made up with this one, yet another class tune in Olivia’s catalogue – you can find it on Spotify at or over on your preferred streaming site πŸ₯° let us know what you think of it! yet another sad bop πŸ–€

remember we’re down at Lions Den Manchester tonight for Liv’s single launch with support from ScatterchildMARKO and Fordaze – looking like an absolutely incredible one, don’t miss out 😎 only Β£5 and you can pay on the door too! ‘Lonelier Than You’ Single Launch 🍞

A lil update on our releases.. πŸ™Œ

just a little update on our releases as of late.. we’ve been so focused on the live stuff and it’s all going so well! πŸ™Œ

however, we just wanted to say that our EP with Anyone’s Ghost is at over 12,500 streams!! how on earth!? we’re so grateful for everyone who has taken the time to listen to it.. we’re so proud of what michael webster and Wanda produced and it’s lush to see you all loving it! πŸ₯°

also, with the releases this year from michael and Olivia Browse we’re actually at a grand total of 22k streams. how fantastic is that!! a big shout out to all our fantastic artists ❀️

you can find all of our releases on our Bandcamp at or head on over to our playlist on Spotify at to get yourself a slice of top tunes 🍞

πŸ“Έ: Olivia Browse