Olivia Browse live @ Below The Bridge!! ☀️ (31st July)

our very own Olivia Browse is playing Below The Bridge @Thirsty Scholar/Zombie Shack on the Sat 31st July down at The Thirsty Scholar ☀️☀️☀️

£10 for an all day ticket where u get to not only catch Olivia playing but a boss lineup including the likes of Rivver MYOTO Boxes and a bunch of other fantastic artists we love! 😊

we’re so stoked for what the future holds for our lil roster of Bread artists – you can get your tickets for this gig over on Skiddle at https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/The-Zombie-Shack/Below-The-Bridge-/35816762/ 🍞

THE WRAP: June 2021 💫☀️

here’s our second instalment of our BRAND NEW FEATURE: The Wrap 🪐 our last one in May was a proper lovely one and we’ve got EVEN more amazing music and videos here for you to check out!!

this is mostly compromised up of artists’ music that we weren’t able to cover during the last month – but nevertheless still definitely worth a shout out! 😊 so much going on now that things are reopening, a fantastic time for underground and grassroots music! 🤘

Class new tune from Pizza Crunch, “Celexa”! Love the aggressiveness of that distortion, and a lovely chorus line to go too. For fans of 90’s alternative / punk, big riffs, driving basslines and punchy drums. Boss! [Spotify] [Released by Disobedient Records]

IORA‘s new tune “Find Me” is a lovely electronic exploration into IORA’s sound. With a mesmerising video, and lush synthesisers throughout, definitely one to be blasting from your rooftops. Brilliant catchy chorus – huge vibes from this. Loving the backing vocals and harmonies too, especially in the bridge! [Spotify / YouTube]

Absolutely GORGEOUS track from Manchester-based producer, songwriter and artist SZOU. Love the entire vibe of this – a positive, uplifting pop/electronica tune with some absolutely lovely instrumentation, production and just an entire flex of SZOU’s ability for crafting music. Hugely one to watch! [Spotify] [Released by No Such Thing Records]

Found this one from a recommended video and it REALLY stood out to me. Such a lovely laid-back atmosphere to the track, with a beautiful guitar progression, and slowly building to just a fantastic jazz-inspired ballad of self-expression and focus. Perfect for accompaniment with your morning coffee 🥪 and also, the video perfectly fits the track. Fantastic stuff from Rhona Stevens! [Spotify / YouTube]

Lovely new EP from Blacksheeplad, a regular on our lil virtual open mic (fondly remembered 💔) it’s fantastic to hear all of these songs in studio format now, after hearing the progression of them live – plus, with his full band now, Phil really has been able to come into his own as an artist and expand his sound. Definitely worth a listen! [Spotify]

Lovely lovely tune from Glaswegian punks Book Klub – proper dirty, proper post-punk and proper class video accompanying the tune. Love the moody vibe of the track, and suddenly it erupts into the chorus and throws so much at you – only to drop back into reverby goodness of guitar resonance. Keep an eye out for these guys, they’re definitely gonna be packing out some dirty basement venues soon and we can not wait. 🍻 [Spotify / YouTube] [Released by Disobedient Records]

Lovely acoustic tune from Yorkshire-based songwriter Eli Rivers. A reflective song, with some lovely image-inducing songwriting and a lovely guitar line that simply adds a great flavour to the track. With a great video to go alongside it, this is essential listening for any folk and singer-songwriter fans in the North. Eli played our last virtual open mic and smashed it, too! [Spotify / YouTube]

Fantastic tune from North West-based indie outfit MCRAE! A huge tune, with massive vocals, lovely guitar tones, a simply fantastically well-crafted song that these lads will be absolutely made up with. Also, with a bloody fantastic break in it – a beautiful guitar line, with demanding and powerful lyrics, building up and up until a conclusive ending. Keep your eyes peeled for these lads, going to be making waves ✊ [Spotify / Video on FB]

Some ABSOLUTELY incredible tunes out this month, and realistically, we’ve barely even scratched the surface here. There’s so much to find, and with gigs coming back now – you’re sure that there’ll be even more on the way! Fantastic stuff. Love writing up these ones! ☀️ all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners!

Local Loaf update! ☀️

ahhh, another Sunday, another update to our lovely Local Loaf playlist 🥰

featuring some absolutely amazing additions from The Slots Capitansam More In Luv Szou and Daisy Harris! 😊 a super lovely wide range of music added this week, so great to see such variety on the scene 🤟

as always, you can find the playlist over on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5FnabVHuYeT9Yp2s7GjeKY – this playlist is literally just a testament to the talent here in Manchester and the surrounding areas now 🍞

Check out ‘Halloween’ by Olivia Browse! 💥

we just had to do a little shoutout for our real good friend Olivia Browse who released her brand new single ‘Halloween’ last Friday (… on Halloween 🎇)

her previous release ‘Sober’ was one of our favourite tracks earlier in the year and we couldn’t wait to hear more new music from Olivia and she has exceeded our expectations with the new single! 🤟

Halloween is a soft synth-pop track that reflects her introspection and really gives you an insight into Olivia’s writing process – such good songwriting ability and the track is produced super great giving it a lovely melancholy atmosphere! 🙃 really reminds us of calmer Melodrama-era Lorde song 🖤

go and find it over on Spotify over at https://open.spotify.com/album/1l7jNzHr80Xfw6kxWddISE 🎧🍞

Fresh Batch with Fordaze is tonight! ☀️

we’ve got our Fresh Batch livestream with Fordaze tonight from 8pm! 🤟

we can’t wait for this one, each of our livestreams in the past have been super lovely and we’re sure that this one will be no exception. we can’t wait to see what he plays for us! sure it’ll be fantastic 🙃

you can find more over at our event Fresh Batch: Fordaze! and find previous ones on our website at www.breadrecords.co.uk/features/fresh-batch/🍞

Fresh Batch: Fordaze! 🍞

we’re delighted to announce our next Fresh Batch livestream with the mighty Fordaze 🤟

Mike is one of our favourite musicians on the scene, blending folk and pop and electronica so well and always delivering a fantastic performance! we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us 🖤

his debut single ‘Like a Sunrise’ came out earlier this year, so great – check it on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/7bAW2o6s0ttHoER9nxUEQZ 🙃

Write this one down in your diaries for the Sunday 25th October, 8pm; definitely not one to miss! find the event here: Fresh Batch: Fordaze! 🍞

Find our previous Fresh Batch livestreams below!

Just The Crust 21/09/20: Rivver – Essence ☀️

our feature for this week’s Just The Crust is the new single ‘Essence’ by Rivver! ☀️

these lads are a band from Wigan, and we love their vibe! blending indie and pop elements to create their own unique style, with some great energy behind their sound! definitely worth checking them out and dropping them a like! 🙂

‘Essence’ will be out this Friday 25th Sept, go and find it over on their Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/6vS8lD7cYewboUq7LPfF3p 🍞

Just The Crust 07/09/20: Lucas Kane – Front Row! ☀️

our feature today for Just The Crust is the lovely tune ‘Front Row’ from Lucas Kane! 💥 this is off his brand new EP ‘Prom Queen’ which came out around a week or so ago!

blending acoustic and singer-songwriter guitarwork with rnb and soul influences, Lucas has made a huge impression on the Manchester music scene over the past few years, especially with the release of his debut EP ‘High School’ and this EP only continues to deliver! 🙂 you can really see his songwriting talent shine throughout the tracks and his production work really compliments his vocal ability and performance! definitely one to watch for the future ☀️

go and stream the full EP over on Spotify now at https://open.spotify.com/album/0h9m9phdwM2BaE5fQVc34g and give his page a like on Facebook to support his music! 🍞

‘Local Loaf’ update! 🍞

another Sunday, another update to our ‘Local Loaf’ playlist 🤘

featuring additions from artists such as Ashleigh TOM CREED Carl North & The Lonely Hearts Ayanam Udoma Music Crying Beauty Queens and our very own michael webster – there’s some fantastic music on there! definitely worth checking out 👊

go listen to it over at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5FnabVHuYeT9Yp2s7GjeKY – maybe give it a follow to keep up to date with new music being added! 🍞