The Wrap: July 2021 ☀️

we’re stoked to be bringing our July edition of The Wrap ✨ some absolutelyy amazing music and videos on this one – and we’re even including a few gigs that we’re super excited about! great stuff ☀️ it’s beautiful to see everything reopening, with so much going on, both live and in the studio! scroll down for our in-depth reviews 🤘

Cumbrian singer-songwriter NAT DEMPSEY is back with his brand new single “Heresy”! Blending 90s alternative atmospheres with hard-hitting lyrics – a real anthem for the lost youth of today. Nat’s songwriting ability is extremely visual in this one, with a lovely guitar riff throughout and defining backbeat from the drums and basslines; it’s definitely one to blast out on a rainy day here in Manchester. [SPOTIFY]

Local promoter The Rookery Collective are back with some absolutely fantastic gigs over this coming few weeks – starting off up in Newcastle with a jam session and a set from KAHUNA, and then heading down to Lock 91 here in Manchester with a fantastic lineup of some of our favourite artists, Charlotte H. Lawrence, Harriet Dagnall and our very own Olivia Browse. Surely one to check out! [FACEBOOK EVENT]

Local psychedelic punks Mort Jardin are back with their brand new EP “Slow”! 22 minutes of luscious and dreamy guitar work, the songs will surely bring you into Mort Jardin’s world and entrance your senses for the duration of the EP. Definitely an EP to blast late at night, after a few whiskeys, allowing you to take in the full soundscape of their latest release. [SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE]

Our friends over in Liverpool Down To Earth Promotions are going to be putting on a fantastic gig at The Quarry with a headline set from one of our favourites Tay Temple 🪐 playing with her full band, this is sure to be a boss one. If you’ve not caught Tay before, you’re missing out! With support from Evie Moran and Tom Brooks, it looks fantastic. 😊 we’ll be down there after our gig that day! (Tickets £6+booking fee) [FACEBOOK EVENT]

Manchester-based Americana singer-songwriter Izzie Walsh is back with yet another fantastic tune! Reminiscent of a Northern Stevie Nicks or Patsy Cline, Izzie’s new song is an honest reflection of the fame and fortune that music can bring. ✊ For fans of Faye Webster, Angel Olsen and Lana Del Ray – Izzie has been releasing tune after tune and we’re absolutely made up to be able to hear this song in it full glory. ☀️ what a voice, and such a unique style! [SPOTIFY]

The supremely fantastic Gen and the Degenerates have released their second single, “Runaway Blues”! 🤘 with a fantastic jazzy and bluesy backbeat, Gen powers over it all with an absolutely fantastic and strong vocal, and with a chorus line of “I love you, but I love rock and roll more” this is surely one of the most anthemic punk songs of 2021. Hugely ones to keep an eye on, and the video is absolutely iconic! 💫 [SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE]

Warrington-based indie rockers The A.V. Club are back with yet another brilliant song, ‘Movie Screens’! A real singalong tune, with absolutley lovely vocal skills from the band and guitar riffs that are just bloody lush as anything. 🎸 yet another fantastic tune from them! Also, we absolutely love the video. Such a tongue in cheek laugh hahaha. Well worth a watch! [SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE]

I mean, we have to hype about our own gigs too?! We’re absolutely STOKED to be back down at The Thirsty Scholar this coming Saturday with a fantastic lineup of musicians including Minerva Daisy, Olivia Browse, Dr Fabola, Tom J Johnson, Scatterchild and michael webster. 💫 it’s our first proper gig back and man we can NOT WAIT! Running throughout the afternoon, 1-5pm. It’s all free entry and also you’ll have time to head down to the Down To Earth Promotions gig we mentioned before in Liverpool! Let’s get this! [FACEBOOK EVENT]

Man! There’s so much going on and it’s fantastic to see that all these gigs are going on safely and making a proper return. Things are looking up again! So many releases and we’ve still barely scratched the surface. Head down to a gig, support your scene, and keep music going! 🍞 we love writing up these ones! ☀️ all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners!

‘This Is Just An Interval’ 🎧

bit of a different post for today but we just wanted to highlight this extremely important documentary that’s just come out in support of the music industry! 🙂

‘This Is Just An Interval’ is a short film created to highlight the effects that coronavirus has had on the industry, directed by Matthew Boone – in support of the #WeMakeEvents initiative 🌸 hopefully this is able to reach those in government and educate them on the problems that live music is currently facing, and provide proper financial support for musicians, artists, and creatives in the music industry. 🙂

most of us all know about the devastating impact that this pandemic has had on local businesses, especially music venues and creatives – a real important one today 🖤

head over to to find the documentary on YouTube, give it a share, a like, and make sure that it gets seen as many people as possible! 🍞

Thank you to you all for your continued support! 🍞

oh wow. we’ve almost hit 1000 followers, and just under 900 likes.. it feels like just the other month that we were posting about hitting 600 likes! 👊

a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported us, especially during the global pandemic – it’s turned everything upside down for everyone, but really forced us to rethink our approach and features and presented a real challenge! 🙃

we’re always looking at ways to help out the local scene, and being an independent label presents us with financial limitations and the such but the support of the community keeps us going 🖤

big shout to all you guys. if you’d like to help us out in any way, we have merchandise available on our Bandcamp and lots of music from our artists! go check it out at 🥰🍞

600 likes on Facebook!

thank you so much to everyone who has been liking our page recently, we’ve just hit 600 likes 👊

when we started up this label we had no idea what it would go like but we’ve been consistently putting on gigs across Manchester, with each one getting more and more busy than the last, and expanding out into newer ventures such as band nights and the such! 🙃

we’re still going to be releasing new music, so keep your eyes out for that.. and we’ve got even more in store for you over the next month so make sure you keep up to date with what we’re doing! 🍞

Bread Records in 2019 🍞

We’ve had such a good year in 2019, putting on so many gigs and having over 100 artists perform for us! 💙 a big shout out to the venues we’ve hosted gigs at including Fuel Cafe Bar The Old Abbey Taphouse The Thirsty Scholar and more!

We’ve had some absolutely fantastic artists play our gigs including Magari KATZ Rosa Canina The Losing Score Charlotte Mary Harrison Rimmer Katie O’Malley Mathew Kerry Mark Pratt music Chloe Glover and many many more 👊

Watch this space for more gigs in 2020 🍻 we’ll be seeing 2019 out with our gig New Years Eve at Fuel! 🍞

Sonic A.M at Zombie Shack!

next Monday we’ll also have support from Sonic A.M! They’re a great local Manchester band who have so much energy and we’re so proud to have them on the lineup! 🙃

you can find their music on Spotify at…

come on down to Katz live @Zombie Shack 23/09/19 at Zombie Shack to catch a load of great live music! £3 entry 🍞