Three days til Breadstock! πŸŽ‚

only THREE days to go til Breadstock 2022 at the Grafton Arms – our two day festival in aid of Manchester foodbanks in association with Joseph Holt! β˜€οΈ

it’s going to be absolutely mega, so many fantastic artists performing from across the North West, including headline sets from Harrison Rimmer Tommy Cei Band The Colliers Scatterchild and The Distance! 🀘 we’ve got the full list of acts performing here on this lil poster.

come on down 3-11pm on Friday 27th May or 2:30-11pm on the Saturday 28th May – all in aid of amazing causes, Β£3.50 pints, food served til late.. Β£3 suggested donation but otherwise free entry! we can’t wait! 🍞

Breadstock final wave of artists! πŸ₯ͺ

we’ve got our third and final wave of acts for you all, for Breadstock 2022 in a week’s time! 🀘

loadsa great artists on the Manchester scene here, including Nina Ettridge Jack Hamilton Max Macmillan Josh Valters Konna Spencer Jessamine Grace michael webster Danny Carruthers Laura Farrow and Trent Delves – a mega lineup with so many of our favourite acts, in addition all of those already announced! β˜€οΈ sadly Tragicomics have had to drop out due to personal circumstances.

come on down next Friday and Saturday, 27th and 28th of May to the Grafton Arms to check it all out – it’s michael webster‘s birthday weekend, all in aid of local foodbanks in association with Joseph Holt (suggested donation Β£3!) 🍞

Breadstock wave TWO of artists! πŸž

we’ve got our SECOND wave of artists here for you, for our two-day festival Breadstock 2022 over at the Grafton Arms! β˜€οΈ

first off, we have our very own Olivia Browse and Anyone’s Ghost – two of our favourite artists in the entire world. we also have the fantastic David Miller of Boxes Aaron Spencer Thomas Rennie indefinite articles Tom J Johnson Music and Migson Pollock! 😊 going to be a brilliant show of how many amazing artists there are here in the North West and Manchester. 🀘

keep your eyes peeled for EVEN more artists to be announced.. we have so so many brill acts performing for us. it’s going to be a mega weekend in aid of foodbanks for Joseph Holt – suggested donation Β£3 for the charities, 27-28th May, can’t wait for this mega one. 🍞

Breadstock 2022! β˜€οΈ

we’re absolutely STOKED to be able to announce this one at the end of the month. ❀️ on the Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of May, we’ll be over at our favourite place the Grafton Arms for our 2022 edition of our mini-festival “Breadstock”! 🀘

we have a HUGE lineup sorted for this, with over 20 acts performing for us – including headline slots from Harrison Rimmer Tommy Cei The Distance The Colliers Scatterchild Tragicomics and plenty plenty more! β˜€οΈ

for this, we’ll be raising money for Manchester foodbanks in association with Joseph Holt – charities that are providing fantastic work for those most in need. you can find out more about it all on their website at – it’s free entry, but we have a suggested donation of Β£3 to help out these charities doing essential work for their communities. 😊

we’ll announce a full lineup very soon, it’s super exciting and we’ve got some of our favourite local acts performing for us – going to be absolutely fantastic. πŸ‘Š find out more at our Facebook event Breadstock 2022! 🍞

Let Love Live On – Live Lounge! β˜€οΈ

this is today! we’ve just finished watching an amazing set from Ade and there’s still even more to come, including our very own michael webster😎

Live Life Give Life are a charity that aim to raise awareness of organ donation – although it is an opt-out service here in the UK now, it’s still possible for the decision to be overridden. They are making sure that anyone who is in need of organ donation will get the treatment they need, quickly and safely. Lovely stuff πŸ₯°

check out the event here on Facebook at Let Love Live On – Live Lounge! and for the donation link, head to 🍞

Anthony Nolan fundraiser update! β˜€οΈ

great to see Β£65 has been raised for our fundraiser alongside Manchester Women Songwriters for Anthony Nolan πŸ‘Š such a great cause. if you want to donate, then head over to πŸ™‚

a massive thank you to Toria Wooff Nat Dempsey Run Remedy Dora Noszkay Music and michael webster for performing! what a great night πŸ€˜πŸž

An Evening for Anthony is tonight! πŸž

our gig in aid of the Anthony Nolan foundation is tonight! We can’t wait for this one alongside Manchester Women Songwriters, looks like an absolutely fantastic one πŸ₯°

we’ll be starting up around 7pm, with music from Run Remedy Dora Noszkay Music Toria Wooff Nat Dempsey and michael webster – looks like it’s gonna be a fantastic one πŸ‘Š we have a justgiving page here: πŸ™ƒ

we’ll be livestreaming it all through our Facebook page here and on our Bread Social group so make sure you tune in at 7pm! πŸž

An Evening For Anthony – artist focus!

We can’t wait for our gig on Saturday in aid of The Anthony Nolan Foundation alongside Manchester Women Songwriters!

Here’s a little post detailing each of the artists we’re going to have performing! It’s a stellar lineup if we say so ourselves!

First up, we have Run Remedy – a lovely songwriter whose been on the Manchester scene for a while now, she’s collaborated with many many musicians on the scene, accompanying people on violin, and guitar and vocals! Definitely one to keep an eye on. Her songs are wonderful! Check them out on Bandcamp here!

Nat Dempsey has been playing many of our gigs, especially over lockdown, and he always delivers a lovely set! We’ve had him featured on our Just The Crust segment for his new track ‘Last Call‘ which only highlights his songwriting ability – only a young lad, but with so much talent – go and check him out on Spotify.

Toria Wooff is one of our favourite people in the entire world – such a talented individual!! An absolute joy to catch live, with fantastic songwriting talent and beautiful delivery on each and every part of her songs. Her EP ‘Badlands‘ released last year was incredible (shout out to Sloe Flower Studio) and is definitely worth checking out! Go and drop her a follow on Spotify to keep up with any new music! (We highly recommend her cover of Alice Cooper’s Poison.)

Dora Noszkay is a regular Bread performer nowadays! We’ve had her perform for us many times, most notably at our Breadstock 2020 event, where she played us a blinder of a set 😊 her new single ‘Reset‘ was our Just The Crust feature the other week, a fantastic tune definitely worth listening to! Go and have a listen her over on Spotify – we can’t wait to see what she brings to the table this Saturday!

Laura Farrow is a regular on the Manchester scene, putting on a weekly open mic over at Lions Den Bar Deansgate, and performing across the city and with her band. We caught her EP launch the other year at Jimmys where she absolutely dazzled the audience with the full band set up and fantastic musicianship! We also featured her music on our Grain Radio segment – you can find her music over on Spotify!

Our final artist is our very own michael webster – most of you who are familiar with us will know of michael very well, so we don’t need to explain too much of his music here! His previous single ‘ibis hotel / collision course‘ was released in June, with great reviews coming out about it – and there’s a new single ‘linger, still / single malt‘ out on the 8th August! Go and check him out on Bandcamp and Spotify.

That’s all the artists we’ve got performing this Saturday! Big shout out to Manchester Women Songwriters for helping us organise another fantastic gig in aid of a very worthy cause. You’ll be able to find all of the livestreams on our Facebook page, or in our ‘Bread Social’ Facebook group! Definitely one to catch. See you guys on Sat from 7pm!

An Evening for Anthony – alongside Manchester Women Songwriters! πŸž

we’re absolutely delighted to announce our next gig alongside Manchester Women Songwriters! πŸ™Œ

on the Saturday 1st August we’ll be raising money for the Anthony Nolan Foundation, who work to save the lives of those with blood cancer or disorders – an amazing cause!

we’ll be joined by Toria Wooff Nat Dempsey Run Remedy michael webster and Dora Noszkay Music πŸ€˜ an incredible lineup!

find out more at the event here: An Evening For Anthony // MWS + Bread Records Fundraiser πŸž

Party in the Pantry update!

we raised an absolutely magnificent Β£432.50 for Emmeline’s Pantry more than a food bank with our gig on Saturday alongside Manchester Women Songwriters! πŸ€˜

a big thank you to all the performers, including Chloe Lawrence MusicAde Sophie Grace Ahmed michael webster Claire Jordan Music andRob Crampton Music! πŸ™ƒ also a shout out to anyone who donated, we’re super proud of our community right now πŸ₯°

if you’d like to add to this, then head over to πŸž