Four years of Tidal Wave! β˜€οΈ

today marks the FOUR YEAR anniversary of our first release with Alien Clouds – their debut album “Tidal Wave”! 🌊

we can’t believe it’s been so long since this came out – we remember working on it and producing it like it was yesterday! 😊 we’re so proud of this album, it’s a beautiful collection of songs that are so personal to AC and they’re so well written, it was an honour to be able to put this out! ❀️

you can find it on all streaming sites, or alternatively on our Bandcamp where you can buy it digital or on a CD! find it at 🍞

Our good pal Harrison Rimmer’s album out this Friday! πŸ‘Š

just a little shout out today for our good pal Harrison Rimmer who will be releasing his brand new album “Larkholme” this coming Friday! β˜€οΈ

Harrison’s one of our favourite songwriters and performers and he’s a proper lovely chap – the singles we’ve heard off the album have sounded super amazing and we can’t wait to hear the full thing 🀘 one of the hardest working musicians we know so well deserves a lil post! 😊

he’s over at The Fulford Arms in York on Friday for the launch – with support from the brilliant Luna Kiss Lyon Estates No Como Crees and Chloe Glover it’s gonna be mental. we’ll be down for a lil trip out of the North West! 🍞

Just The Crust 11/04/22: Black Brunswicker – High PeaksπŸŒ›

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new album from Black Brunswicker “High Peaks”! β˜€οΈ

ever since we met Ethan, we’ve been in awe of his talent crafting soundscapes with his acoustic guitar through the use of pedals, and his gorgeous melodies and atmospheres really set him as a one of a kind here in Manchester. 😊

his album here “High Peaks” is a beautiful collection of his music, it’s a really lovely experience listening through to it all, with a really peaceful and serene ambience to it – beautiful guitar melodies that seem to just float throughout the bars, and you can really see the time and effort he’s put into each of the tracks, a very well-crafted collection of tunes here. πŸ™Œ

he’s released this album through Australian label Ramble Records and they’ve even got a vinyl pressing lined up for it which sounds amazing to us! 🀘 it’s well worth a listen and you can find it on all streaming platforms, including Bandcamp at where you can pre-order it on vinyl and support his music directly. 😊

find all of our features, reviews, music and more on our website at 🍞

“paper dreams” is three years old! πŸ’Ώ

our very own michael webster‘s debut EP “paper dreams” turns three years old today 😱

it feels like an absolute lifetime since we put this out – a year before the pandemic and so so much has happened since then! β˜€οΈ 15 releases and countless gigs and so many more artists. the start of an era, eh? πŸ˜† this is a collection of some of michael’s earlier work, seven songs with tunes like “firewall” and “oceania rendevous” which we reckon you’ll recognise from any gigs!

it’s available to listen to on all streaming platforms, or you can head over to Bandcamp at to find it in full – very limited amount of CDs left too if anyone fancies one! 🍞

Artist appreciation post πŸ€˜β€οΈ

just a lil love and appreciation post for all of our artists here on the label πŸ₯°

a massive shout out to Olivia Browse Narwhals Alien Clouds Anyone’s Ghost and michael webster – we’ve had TWENTY-FIVE releases out now in the space of six years. it’s been a long old grind and a very crazy journey but we are super blessed to be able to work with all of these amazingly talented artists. they keep us motivated to do what we do πŸ‘Š

you can find all of their music on streaming platforms or if you want to go one further, head on over to our Bandcamp at where you’re able to buy them and support us and our fantastic friends here on the label. big love to everyone who has made time for us! 🍞

Our favourite releases of 2021 πŸ€˜

well, 2021 has been an absolutely incredible year of music for us all πŸ™Œ there’s been so many incredible releases and we just wanted to talk about a few of our favourites! note, there’s been so so so many we can’t cover them all so here’s a lil list we made up of ones we absolutely loved ❀️

one of our very good friends here at the label and also one of the hardest-working people we know, the fantastic Tay Temple β˜€οΈ throughout this entire year and the last she’s been releasing amazing single after single, cumulating in a full EP release this October, “Painfully Aware“! the EP really shows the connection that she’s got with her band, sounding so tight, the instrumentation all blends together so well and really brings a new dimension to Tay’s music. Her formidable songwriting ability is visible throughout each track, giving you a real insight into her thoughts, feelings and emotions over the past year or two – each song has a life and identity of it’s own and shines bright in itself, but as the full collection, it really gives a full picture when you listen. well well well worth a listen, can’t wait to hear more! πŸ™Œ (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

Another top artist on the Manchester scene, Rob Crampton! This release, “Trade My Troubles For Wine” really hit us with how personal and intimate the track is. The simple, yet effective guitar work, with classic country influence really shine a light on Rob’s lyrics here which are just gorgeous, and really tell a story here. His vocals sound fantastic, and the instrumentation in the background really paint a lovely backdrop for the song – folky, country, Americana yet with a lovely smither of Manchester influence in there. This track is just one of Rob’s best – his previous releases “Until The Wheels Stop Turning“, “Somewhere South of In-Between” and “Deeper Than A Thousand Miles” are yet more indicators of his talent. Definitely one to watch for the future – lovely fella, beautiful songs, great guitarwork and we’re sure lots more to come from him. Also, a massive shout to Sloe Flower Studio for the amazing production on this. One of the best studios in the North West! (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

Just before the release of this track, we caught the fantastic alternative/americana-based Katie O’Malley performing a headline slot with her band and we were absolutely blown away by her sound. We’d caught her a good few times before as a solo act, but we were amazed by how she’d evolved her performance and how much the band brought her songs to another level. We loved her previous release to this, “Taste The Dirt” with its bluesy tone; but this single “Devil’s Got A Hold” really took us by surprise with it’s groovy bassline, soothing guitar tones, drums giving it so much energy.. and then Katie’s gorgeous, commanding vocal exploding across the track, weaving a story through lyric after lyric. One of our favourite songs of 2021, for sure! One for any fans of witchy, powerful, ethereal tracks… just completely boss. Hoping to see another EP out soon!! (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

Oh heck, when we first heard this from Disobedient Records.. we were absolutely floored. We LOVE this single “Enemies to Lovers” from Katie Wood, what a brilliant brilliant release. Bringing 80s production, synths, drums that explode into the first verse, such fantastic vocals from Katie, then such a well-written track. Such a great chorus and pre-chorus, so many personal lyrics, really setting the scene for the story and just giving us classic gothic vibes and making us wanna jump around and party lol. The highlight of the track for us is definitely that outro – breaking down from the huge chorus to THAT SCREAM, distorted sounds pushing through the soundscape, the lyric “I just know that’s what I’ve got to say.. I’m love’s bitch, babe“.. iconic. Then drifting into the final section of the song, simply fantastic. We can not wait to hear more! β˜€οΈ well well well worth checking out the previous releases too. (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

The debut single from the fantastic Liverpool-based Gen and the DegeneratesUnderwear” was easily one of the highlights of the year for us 🀘 with driving riffs, the drums effortlessly pushing the track forward, Gen’s sublime and powerful vocal it’s easily one of our anthems of 2021. The lyricism throughout the entire track is so strong, really setting the scene and lifting up and giving strength to those who fit outside the box – something we really needed in the last few years! We love love love the energy of this entire track, what a debut single – really hammering home the fact that the music scene is theirs for the taking. We really love that outro, building, building and exploding into a schism of sound and chaos that only proves that punk’s not going anywhere. They followed this up with singles “Runaway Blues” and “Wild Thing” which are so fantastic in their own right, it’s well worth checking out these guys, the only way is up for them! (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

Manchester-based alternative outfit Faux Pas brought walls of distortion, beautiful jarring riffs, fantastic vocal dynamics and unreal songwriting content this year in the form of their EP “I Feel Pretty, So Should You“! 🌹 Breathing a breath of fresh air to the Manchester scene, rejecting that classic Oasis sound and really creating something that was unique and personal to them – you can see that they’ve really poured their hearts and souls into this release. Going from walls of guitar riffs and distorted tones to calm and mellow breakdowns within in an instant, and then building up and up to keep you on the edge of your seat, we’re so amazed at the dynamic range throughout this EP and the progression throughout. Our highlight has to be that first track “This Will Kill You” – sounding absolutely huge and then the little sections of production throughout, just making it an absolute tune. Can not wait to hear even more stuff from them! (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

We’ve had Scatterchild perform for us a good few times this year and holy, they only get better and better. “Tough Love” is one of our favourites in a long line of singles from them, with beautiful piano melodies, such strong and lovely vocals from Jay – it’s such a fantastic ballad with really relatable lyricism, and the explosion into the track after that first chorus is just brilliant. Going through to the bridge, bringing ian those backing vocals, piano lead melodies, really opens up the emotion of the track, giving you a real pure insight into the feelings poured into this tune. Their other release of 2021 “No Sense To End” is well worth checking out too, with such unreal imagery conveyed through the lyrics and music. Can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for these guys, and we’re sure we’ll have them on plenty more gigs ❀️ (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

West Midlands-based britpop artist YNES‘s 2021 single “Used To Be” is easily one of our favourites of the year. With such personal lyrics, almost effortless delivery of them over the track, and influences from punk, indie and more – it’s just bloody great isn’t it. 🀘 an anthem of what we used to be, giving nostalgia and wanting what we had – really hammers home the rejection of societal norms and fitting into a world that doesn’t really give one most of the time. The eruption of YNES’s vocal to an almost shout throughout the second half of the track only shows the feelings involved with this track, and the lyric “I don’t know who I am, I don’t know if I ever have” is one that we’re sure so many people here can relate to. We also love the contrasted ending, the almost calmness in comparison to the last minute or so of energy and power – it really wraps up the track and the ideas put forward so well. Incredible stuff! Well worth listening to their other releases of the year, “God’s Little Punching Bag” is yet another class tune from the singer-songwriter. We’re sure lots of great stuff is on the way in 2022 for YNES! (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

Our final tune is here is the sublime and spectacular release from one of our favourite songwriters, Toria Wooff with “James Edward“! 🏡 another fine example of her crazy songwriting talent, this song weaves the tapestry of the track so so well. The country/americana inspired production is so well done (another big shout to Sloe Flower Studio!), with gorgeous organs, laid-back and effortless drums, really bringing the track together so well. Toria’s vocal here sounds incredible, seamless vocals hitting some lovely notes that show her fabulous range. Yet another unreal release from her, and her other releases of 2021 (“June“, “Drako“, and “Rocket Man“) really let you delve into her world and just bask in her fantastic ability to create, perform and deliver a song with ease. Huge things on the horizon for this one! (SPOTIFY / BANDCAMP / YOUTUBE / APPLE MUSIC)

We CAN NOT wait to see what 2022 holds. β˜€οΈ there’s been so many fantastic releases, gigs and more this year and we’re so amazed by how incredible everyone has been. Until next time, have a great new year 🍞

Just The Crust 22/11/21: The Be Positives – Everything About β˜€οΈ

our feature for this week’s Just The Crust is the brand new album from The Be Positives “Everything About”! 🀘

blending 70’s folk nostalgia with modern indie-rock influences, The Be Positives have created a lovely feel-good record that sounds absolutely boss. πŸ™Œ with a full listing of 11 tracks, it’s a brilliant introduction for listeners to the band – well worth listening to. 😊

we’re loving the guitar riffs throughout, and plenty of gorgeous harmonies for you to feast your ears upon – topped with lovely songwriting that really creates great imagery and allows the listener to really connect with each of the songs! 😎

our quick recommendations are “I Just Want To See Her”, a fast-paced almost punky number; “Dead & Gone” a calming, melodic tune that builds and builds, great use of feedback and instrumentation.. class stuff, but we recommend listening to it all in full πŸ₯° for fans of Neil Young, The Charlatans, and Laura Marling!

head on over to Spotify at to check the album in full – it’s well worth a listen. absolutely fantastic stuff from the band! 🀠

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Just The Crust 01/11/21: David Shurr – Under The Hood β˜€οΈ

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new album from David Shurr “Under The Hood”! πŸ₯ͺ

a full-length album of twelve songs, this album truly shows off Shurr’s fantastic ability as a songwriter and an artist. 😊 blending psychedelic atmospheres with folky and indie genres, he’s able to create his own imprint on the musical scene and we love the relaxed and mellow vibes of it. 🀘

not only that, the production on the album is lovely, with expertly crafted soundscapes from the instrumentation, and Shurr’s vocals sound fantastic on this – brilliant work from all involved here. 🀠 from the relaxed and airy opener “Top To Bottom”, the album then evolves through songs like the acoustic ballad of “Never Grown” and then through to the bluesy “The Thread Connecting Us” 🌠 absolutely fantastic range of tunes whilst still maintaining his unique style.

head on over to Spotify at to find the album in full – give it a whirl, you won’t be disappointed! 🀘 also available to purchase on Bandcamp too!

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Granfalloon – Positive Songs Teaser / Review β˜€οΈ

we’ve had a few technical issues today for our usual feature but not to worry, we’ll have it sorted for you this week! β˜€οΈ

in the meantime, we just wanted to highlight one of the top releases lately, Granfalloon‘s new album ‘Positive Songs’! 😊 we’ve featured a fair few of his tunes on the label but he’s put them all out on this album and it’s top!

think Beck, mixed with a bit of indie singer-songwriter magic with a dash of psychedelia – absolutely top stuff from songwriter Lomax. it’s well worth a listen! 🀘 his lovely songwriting style with backing band behind him really takes his music to a new level, and it’s a real insight into the life of the creative. 😎 after the release of his second album ‘RGB’, Lomax was ready to hit up Europe on tours, had plenty of merch done, and suddenly a global pandemic hit.. this was the result of a weekly positive song-focused songwriting challenge he undertook! absolutely inspirational stuff! β˜€οΈ

head on over to to find the album in full to purchase either digitally or on CD – also all the singles are available to stream on all platforms as well if that’s your cuppa tea! β˜•οΈ well worth a listen!

Have a lil look at our merch! β˜€οΈ

we still have a couple of these beautiful Anyone’s Ghost tapes left! there’s not many, so make sure you grab one before they’re gone! 😊

head on over to Bandcamp at to find all of our merch, including T shirts, CDs, tapes and more β˜€οΈ plenty of stuff to have a gander at. drop us a message if you’d like to buy one!

supporting our lil label in this way is one of the best ways you can help us out! it can be difficult, especially in such a convoluted industry but we’re all about supporting one another and giving everyone the opportunity. 🐝 gotta help each other out, and we’re so grateful for all those who have been to any of our gigs, listened or bought any of our releases or merch – you’re the best! 🍞