NEW: Tay Temple – Time That Mattered (Review) ✨

our incredible pal Tay Temple has just put out her brand new single “Time That Mattered“! ☀️ Tay’s one of the most hardworking people we know and her music is a beautiful expression of her creativity and individuality, really putting everything she can into her music to convey her thoughts and feelings. her previous releases are insane, her debut EP “Painfully Aware” is a sublime collection of songs that not only sound amazing, but really put you into the world of Tay and her thought processes and experiences. it’s a lovely journey from start to finish! 🛤

this new single “Time That Mattered” is the first single since her EP came out last year, she’s been working super hard in the studio with her band on this and you can really hear the connection that each of these guys have with each other. each of the instruments blend perfectly together, giving each other room and space whilst simultaneously coming together to really create something that sounds so incredible. 🤘

right from the get-go, it immediately starts on an upbeat vibe with a strong and steady drumbeat, grooving bassline and Tay’s vocal right there in your face – all whilst Jordi’s guitar melodies are flowing across the sonic space giving the track a real pace to it. as it nears the chorus, the track builds so well with cymbals splashing, and drum fills that almost hesitate the flow of the track until it explodes into the chorus where Tay starts belting it out and really giving it her all. the vocal melody of the chorus is superb, and it’s definitely one that we can see being a singalong one at live gigs. ☀️

after the second chorus comes to a close, Jordi pulls out a HUGE guitar solo, really showing off his capabilities as a competent guitarist – not only does it sound absolutely massive, it’s perfectly balanced to the flow of the track and it really sits so well for the song and only compliments how fantastic this song sounds. Tay’s vocal comes back in for the bridge, and at this point she’s proper going for it, putting every emotion she felt writing the song into her voice and just showing off how far she’s come since the release of her first single. not only this, but the guitar solo is shredding it out underneath and really just creating such a brilliant space – this is one of our favourite bridges that we’ve heard for a long time, it’s the whole band performing together so well, in perfect sync, and really just putting everything they can into it to show off their talents. 🙌

you can really hear the emotion put into the lyricism, it’s a tale of pain and love – so relatable to us all, a really pure and honest outburst of feelings. this is what we love about Tay’s lyrics, there’s no holds barred, it’s always just the complete truth of how she’s felt and she turns it into a fantastic tune not only lyrically, but musically, with vocal melodies that are just on point, every time. 💥

we are ABSOLUTELY blown away by this tune. we’ve known Tay for a real long time now and this is a real testament to how much work she puts in every single day to her music – how much talent she has, and all of her band (Jordi, Jasmine and Red) syncing up perfectly well and showing off their musical capabilities. we can not wait to hear what else she has up her sleeve – it’s definitely proven that Tay’s one to watch for this year, and is on her way to big things.

you can find the full tune on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music and more – give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on her live gigs and info! 🍞

Only a week and a half til our first Grafton gig, with Tay Temple headlining 🌹

only a week and a half to go until our first of our new monthly nights at the Grafton Arms☀️

we proper can’t wait for this one, we’ve got a headline set from the wonderful Tay Temple and amazing supports Olivia Browse Nina Ettridge and Evie Moran! 😎 it’s going to be an amazing night of class musicians doing their thing, definitely not one to miss out on! 🙌

come on down on the Saturday 29th January from 7:30pm to catch all the action – free entry, quality beers (£3 for a pint!) and top Manchester talent! Bread Records Present: Tay Temple + Supports 🍞

Our first gig of the year at The Grafton Arms with headliner Tay Temple 🤘

we’re absolutely made up to be announcing the first of our monthly gigs over at the Grafton Arms! ☀️

for our first one this January we’ve got a headline set from the incredible Tay Temple – a real talent on the Manchester scene who’s been making waves over the last year with the release of her debut EP “Painfully Aware” and playing shows to packed out audiences. so great to have her on! 🌹

we’ve got a stellar support lineup too, with our very own Olivia Browse performing, plus the brilliant Nina Ettridge and Evie Moran! starts at 7:30pm on the Saturday 29th January, it’s free entry in one of our favourite up and coming venues in Manchester! 🍞

find out the full details at our event on Facebook at Bread Records Present: Tay Temple + Supports 🥰

Knead To Know: Tay Temple ☀️

We’ve got another of our brand new Knead To Know interviews, today we have the fantastic Tay Temple

We’ve known Tay for a good while now and we’re amazed at how far she’s come in the past few years, even in the midst of a pandemic and global lockdowns, she’s been smashing it and writing, performing and releasing throughout it all.. an absolute machine with so much talent! 😊

She’s been featured on our Just The Crust a few times now with her singles, and our very own michael webster did a lil cover of “Millennials” as well – we love to see it. Her brand new EP “Painfully Aware” is a beautiful collection of Tay’s songs, really giving the listener an insight into her thoughts and feelings, through lovely americana/indie-influenced songwriting, a fantastic band behind her and her usual amazing vocalwork and guitar playing! One of our favourites of the year for sure. 🙌

Check out the interview below!

Having released your singles just prior to, and throughout the pandemic, how was it to be able to put out your EP once things had opened up again?

The whole thing has been a bitter sweet experience. I released my debut single ‘Millennials’ back in March 2020 just before everything kicked off so it was really bad timing. We recorded the EP over 2019/2020 so when it finally came out in October this year I wasn’t as attached to the songs but I’m still so proud of the final product. 

What kinds of things did you do to prepare for recording?

I’m a perfectionist so I record every rehearsal then listen back and pick out instrumentation parts I like – lead guitar riffs/ bass lines / drum fills etc. I also write out all the lead sheets for each song, as well as the lyrics, bpm, key signature, harmonies and a few other things. Basically I like to be as prepared as possible. 

Have you got a favourite song from the EP, if so.. How come?

I think I’d have to say ‘Ladybird’ because it’s just such a significant song to me and the societal obsession with female beauty is something I strongly disagree with. I mean, I even got a tattoo of a ladybird. If that’s not commitment I don’t know what is haha. 

What are your main influences within your songs – artists, music, the general world.. Lots of things often come into it!

I’d say the general world / politics are definitely a major influence on my writing, if not the main one. But I also write a lot about my own experiences because channeling my emotions into songs is basically my coping mechanism. 

How has the past year impacted your releases, creativity and relationship with music?

If anything it’s made me realise just how much I need to perform. Having that taken away really impacted my mental health and made me question my whole identity so it’s safe to say I’m over the moon that I’ve been lucky enough to have multiple gigs this year. 

It’s also made me so much more appreciative of the wider industry roles that don’t always get the limelight; Live Sound Engineers, Promoters, Booking agents, Venue owners etc. Without those people, artists like myself can’t put on shows so they are just as important and it’s a shame they don’t always get the credit they deserve.

What do you find most enjoyable about music?

When I first show my band something I’ve written and it all just starts to click. That’s when I know if a songs gonna work or not. It’s one of the most euphoric feelings – I just love it. 

Is there anything else we should know for what’s on the horizon for Tay Temple?

I can’t reveal anything just yet but we have big big plans for 2022 and I’m just so excited for it all! 

It’s fantastic to see such an insight into Tay’s music this way, and we couldn’t agree more with her on the under-appreciated areas of the music industry; and also with regards to the need for music for not only getting your thoughts out there, but with relation to creativity and self-care. Her attention to detail is super inspiring and we hope that you guys can take something away from this for yourselves! 🤘 a massive thanks to her for doing this for us, amazing stuff. 😊

We’ll be back soon with yet another edition of our Knead To Know interviews, in the meantime check out Tay’s music below! 🍞

Just The Crust 17/05/21: Tay Temple – What I Need ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the absolutely lovely new single from Tay Temple, “What I Need”! 🤘

coming off the back of her previous release “Train”, Tay is back with another absolutely fantastic tune. She’s been working relentlessly over the past few months to get her music out there and we absolutely love this new song! 😊

this tune is an anthem of self-worth, with such a positive message – a daring outcry that things will get better, and even with the lows, there’s bound to be highs to contrast. backed by her band, they add such life to the track, with lead guitar riffs that drive the track on and on, and a rhythm section that pushes the track forward with such intensity that compliments the message of the song so well. amazing stuff, definitely one to keep your eye on for the future!! ❤️

head on over to Tay’s Spotify at to check the song out, and it’s available on all streaming sites as well! ✊

head over to our website at to find all of our reviews, features, and gig listings! 🍞

Just The Crust 01/03/21: Tay Temple – Train ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the lovely new single from Tay Temple, ‘Train’! 🌹

we’ve heard this song countless times at open mics and gigs we’ve had Tay on, and it’s super lovely to hear it recorded!! it sounds great. those guitar tones throughout, and the drive of the track really adds to the song – and Tay’s songwriting and singing is on point on this track. definitely worth a listen on this sunny day! 😊

Tay’s third single now only adds to her repertoire of releases, having two previous singles (that we love!) and now a third. we can’t wait for what she has in store for us next! 🏄‍♀️

you can find all of Tay’s music on streaming sites, such as Spotify – find it at 🎧

find all of our features here on our website at 🍞

Fresh Batch: Tay Temple (TEASER) 🍷

we’ve just uploaded our teaser for our last Fresh Batch livestream with Tay Temple ❄️

this song is one of our favourites, it’s her latest single ‘Ladybird’ which is available on all streaming platforms for you to stream now! we love Tay and this song is evidence of her astute songwriting ability ✊

you can find the full stream over on Tay’s page and this single over on Spotify at ❤️

check out the full video over on YouTube at 🙂

you can find all of our livestreams and features heree on our website at 🍞

Fresh Batch with Tay Temple is tonight! ❄️

we’re back tonight with a final livestream before Christmas with the lovely Tay Temple for our Fresh Batch feature! 🪐

really looking forward to this one, we can’t wait for Tay to bring out the festive cheer from the North East 🙂 gonna be lovely! we’re hoping she pulls out all the hits 🥳

find out more at Fresh Batch: Tay Temple! and tune in here from 8pm to catch all the action! 🍞

Fresh Batch: Tay Temple – 20th December! ❄️

we’re back with Tay Temple for our next Fresh Batch over on the Sunday 20th December! 🖤

sadly Tay was unable to play our last one but she’ll be playing for us to bring the Christmas cheer straight from the North East 😆 we can’t wait for her set, gonna be fantastic 🙃

she released her brand new single ‘Ladybird’ last month and has only gone from strength to strength – we featured in on our Just The Crust feature and we can’t wait to hear more from her in the future! 🙂

find out more at our event Fresh Batch: Tay Temple! and keep your diaries free for this one! 🍞

Fresh Batch: Tay Temple! ☀️

we’re super stoked to announce our next Fresh Batch livestream, this time with the fantastic Tay Temple🖤

we’ve had Tay perform a bunch of times but she always gives us a fantastic set and we love her songs – definitely worth tuning in on the Sunday 6th December at 8pm to catch her set 😎

her brand new single ‘Ladybird’ came out earlier this month – we can’t wait to hear it! you can find it over on Spotify at 🙃

find out more at the event here: Fresh Batch: Tay Temple! 🍞