Just The Crust 02/08/21: (Eli)zabeth Owens – Receiver ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Elizabeth Owens, “Receiver”! ✊

blending atmospheric sounds, with lovely synths, and vocal stylings similar to that of Kate Bush, Caroline Polachek, Eli has really created a truly unique sound for themselves – we absolutely love what they are doing and all of their songs are simply beautiful! 😊 the production work on this song is sublime and really entrances the listener in. super great!

this song is part of their up-coming album, “Knock Knock”, an album which is “told in three acts, the record explores themes of sobriety, ego deconstruction, and spiritual materialism” – how insane does this sound? we can not WAIT to hear it. 🤘

head on over to Eli’s Spotify over at https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Xbsx8aEB8amFpnnPUvUbl to find all of their latest singles – drop them a follow to be updated when the album is out! it’s being released through Grimalkin Records too, an independent label/collective doing some fantastic stuff over in the US! 😎 (https://www.grimalkinrecords.com/)

head on over to our website at www.breadrecords.co.uk to find all of our features, releases, merch, events, and even more! 🍞

Fresh Batch: Phantom Parade is tonight!! 🪐

in just an hour’s time we have our next Fresh Batch livestream with the amazing talents of Phantom Parade!! ✌️

we can’t wait for this one, such a talented musician with a real unique style. blending those old school psychedelic vibes of the 70’s with modern electronic music – definitely one to not miss out on! 😊 we love his sets and can’t wait to catch him doing it all live!!

make sure you’re tuned in at 8pm!! we’ll be sharing the live over on our Facebook page – or head over to our event Fresh Batch: Phantom Parade!🍞

Fresh Batch: Phantom Parade! 🍞

we’re super stoked to be announcing our next Fresh Batch livestream, with Phantom Parade! 🤟

we can’t wait for this one – Sam’s played our open mic a lot over the past year and it’s been lovely to have his unique sound contributing to the amazing variety that we have every week! 😊

get acquainted with his music over at https://soundcloud.com/phantomparade – definitely worth checking out, such a range of influences! 🌹

make sure you keep this Sunday 28th March at 8pm free for this one! gonna be boss! find more at our event Fresh Batch: Phantom Parade! 🍞

Just The Crust 15/02/21: CECIL – NOMAD ❄️

our feature for this week’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from CECIL – “NOMAD”! 😊

blending elements of 90’s hiphop with modern psychedelic rock riffs, NOMAD is CECIL’s second single of the year – with a whole bunch of releases planned for the near future! this song expertly blends so many genres, from jazz to psychedelia to songwriter to even classical elements… it’s got them all in there! a real mellow atmosphere to this track, kinda makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud away from all the craziness that is in the world at the moment. 🏄‍♀️

in his own words, “NOMAN is a reaction to looking into the mirror; the dichotomy of personal desires at the beginning of the day and at the end..” ❄️ we can’t wait to hear even more from CECIL in the future – and we’re really looking forward to seeing this live! (soon enough, hopefully!)

you can find this new single over on Spotify along with his debut single ‘TIP OF MY TONGUE’ over at https://open.spotify.com/artist/5sXf6p7MGkxpGos2v8ASkx😊 definitely worth checking out! ☀️

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Jackie Moonbather at Fuel Cafe Bar announcement 🍞

we’re real stoked to announce this next gig we’re doing at Fuel Cafe Bar in collaboration with Flatland Recordings FLR! 🙂 on the Friday 25th October we’ll be hosting a headline set from the fantastic Jackie Moonbather alongside support from Pomona XV and itsnatevendahk! ✊

it’s sure to be a great night of jazzy psychedelic music so come on down! free entry 🍞 find out more at Jackie Moonbather live at Fuel Cafe plus support 🍞