Our newsletter just went out today! πŸž

we’ve just put out our latest edition of our newsletter! πŸ€Ÿ

featuring loads of Bread updates, and also from Mathew Kerry Tay Temple Scott and The Flying Kicks Electric Screams We Three Kings and plenty more on the local scene! so great to see so much new music and the such coming out even in these tier 3 restrictions πŸ–€

you can find the newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/81f9b24fc6c3/bread-5093414 or feel free to subscribe to get it direct to your inbox every 2 Fridays! https://mailchi.mp/9e8ee4d2ee87/breadnews πŸž

Our newsletter just went out!

we just put out our latest edition of our fortnightly newsletter! πŸ€˜

featuring new music and info from The Losing Score One Little Atlas Novustory and plenty more, definitely worth checking out! some real great stuff from the local scene on there. go and find it at https://mailchi.mp/e56be66e354e/bread11sept-5079002 πŸ–€

if you fancy it being in your inbox as soon as it’s out, then simply head over to https://mailchi.mp/9e8ee4d2ee87/breadnews where you can sign up and keep up to date! πŸž

We just put out our newsletter today!

we just put out our newsletter today! πŸ€˜

featuring updates from Novustory M-40 Dora Noszkay Music Conrad Deadly and more, definitely worth checking out! you can find it at https://mailchi.mp/a450006c694c/bread11sept πŸ–€

if you’d like this in your inbox every time we put it out, head over to https://mailchi.mp/9e8ee4d2ee87/breadnews πŸž

Newsletter update!

we’ve just put out our fortnightly newsletter πŸ€˜ featuring updates from michael webster Ade Hareth Houston and more! πŸ™‚ you can join over at https://mailchi.mp/9e8ee4d2ee87/breadnews πŸ–€

alternatively, if you want to check it out then just head over to https://mailchi.mp/b045820e3cc5/newsletter030720-5059786 where you can see this one in full! πŸž

We just sent out our newsletter! β˜€οΈ

we just sent out our newsletter today! πŸ™Œ

featuring some of our upcoming gigs, and releases from Weal The Maitlands Paddy Clarke Music and plenty more, there’s more than enough to satisfy your local music needs πŸŒΊ

if this takes your fancy, then go and subscribe at https://mailchi.mp/9e8ee4d2ee87/breadnews πŸ₯°πŸž