Just The Crust 25/07/22: Granfalloon – Please Write Responsibly ✍️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from GranfalloonPlease Write Responsibly“! ☀️

we’re huge fans of Granfalloon, having covered plenty of his music in the past (his previous singles “Who You Are” and “Working On Your Own” are brilliant!) and we’ve caught him live loads now, a real talent with such fantastic performances – well worth seeing. 👊

this new single we heard a little taster of at Sunday Best over at the Eagle Inn the other month, and the studio version captures the intimacy of it perfectly 🤘 with a beautiful, ambient backdrop the tune to compliment the intricate guitar melody, it starts off blissfully, as his vocal comes in it sits so well above the soundscape – a deadpan delivery from Granfalloon entices the listener in and the lyrical quality here is unreal, you can really fall into his story here. 😊 written as an apology song, to someone who was hurt by the writing of one of his songs, it’s a beautiful piece which takes such talent to write.

you can find the full video over on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0k39FFV9xw – or alternatively you can listen to it over on all streaming sites, just search for “Granfalloon”! we highly recommend listening to it in full. 😎 fantastic stuff as always from this chap!

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Granfalloon – Positive Songs Teaser / Review ☀️

we’ve had a few technical issues today for our usual feature but not to worry, we’ll have it sorted for you this week! ☀️

in the meantime, we just wanted to highlight one of the top releases lately, Granfalloon‘s new album ‘Positive Songs’! 😊 we’ve featured a fair few of his tunes on the label but he’s put them all out on this album and it’s top!

think Beck, mixed with a bit of indie singer-songwriter magic with a dash of psychedelia – absolutely top stuff from songwriter Lomax. it’s well worth a listen! 🤘 his lovely songwriting style with backing band behind him really takes his music to a new level, and it’s a real insight into the life of the creative. 😎 after the release of his second album ‘RGB’, Lomax was ready to hit up Europe on tours, had plenty of merch done, and suddenly a global pandemic hit.. this was the result of a weekly positive song-focused songwriting challenge he undertook! absolutely inspirational stuff! ☀️

head on over to https://granfalloonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/positive-songs to find the album in full to purchase either digitally or on CD – also all the singles are available to stream on all platforms as well if that’s your cuppa tea! ☕️ well worth a listen!

Just The Crust 30/08/21: Granfalloon – Working On Your Own ☀️

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new tune from Granfalloon, “Working On Your Own”! 🤘

taken from the new album “Positive Songs”, this song is a lovely folky rock ballad that focuses on the crazy life of shift workers, especially throughout the pandemic – it’s a lovely tribute to those in society who are often overlooked! really great sentiment of the song. 🥰

with a mellow soundscape, relaxed instrumentation and fantastic vocals from Lomax, it really sets the scene of his music and gives you a real insight into his musical ability. 😊 sounding great with his band!

head on over to Bandcamp at https://granfalloonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/positive-songs to find the album in full – you can also go and listen on streaming sites. well worth a listen, one of the ones to watch on the Manchester music scene! 🤠

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Just The Crust 21/06/21: Granfalloon – Who You Are 💫

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from Granfalloon “Who You Are”, out this Friday 25th June! 😊

Granfalloon have been making waves across the whole of the North West over the past few years, releasing singles, albums and performing gigs and captivating audiences – even performing at Bluedot Festival! 🤘

“Who You Are” is the first single from his upcoming third album, a collaborative piece that sees Granfalloon have a positive spin on the past year or so. Blending folk, psychedelia and indie elements, the song has a truly unique sound to it which you can see has been crafted with care and attention from the avant-garde inspired artist. 🎸

Expanding his sound with a band now, Granfalloon is sure to be a sight you’ll see at festivals, gigs and stages across the UK so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on him 🪐 the new track will be available everywhere on Friday 25th June, and you can head over to https://granfalloonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/who-you-are-single where you can pre-order the track (which will come with an exclusive cover!) 😎

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Find more of Granfalloon’s music below! ☀️