And another Local Loaf update β„️

got a couple of posts to put out this weekend, so what better time than to update our Local Loaf playlist? 🀟

some real great additions this week, featuring new music from EJ O’Reilly & Katie O’Malley Jamie Ainslie Seagoth The Jonny Oates Band and Colorful Crimes! 😁 so much talent around! make sure you check it out πŸ’Ώ

you can find our Local Loaf playlist over on Spotify at – drop it a follow to keep up to date! 🍞

Local Loaf update!

another return to our Sunday update for our ‘Local Loaf’ playlist! πŸ‘Š

featuring additions from South Of Summer Narwhals Yammerer Broomhead and DUNE BOY some real great variety in additions this week! definitely worth checking out, as always πŸ™‚

go and give our playlist a lil follow over on Spotify at to keep up to date! πŸž

Local Loaf update! β˜€οΈ

we’ve just updated our Local Loaf playlist! a bit weird to be doing this on a Saturday, but we’ve got our brand new feature ‘Fresh Batch’ tomorrow with Hareth Houston πŸ€˜

some really good additions to the playlist this week, featuring music from M-40 Not Ned The Maitlands Boxes and Holly Jenkinson! πŸ™‚ so much talent on the scene!

check out our playlist atΒΒ – give it a lil follow to keep up with any new additions! 🍞

Local Loaf update!

another Sunday, time for an update to our Local Loaf playlist over on Spotify! πŸ™‚

we’ve just added some brand new songs from the likes of Jessica Luise Music Lucas Kane Dakota Avenue Hareth Houston and Ben Gorb Music! some real great tunes in there now and we’re at over 12 and a half hours of amazing local music! πŸ€˜

you can find the playlist over at – why not give it a follow and keep up to date with some fantastic musicians? πŸž

Grain Radio: Episode Eight! πŸž

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Here’s our eighth episode of Grain Radio! We’ve got some absolutely great tracks on here for you, definitely worth checking out β˜€οΈ

There’s some unreal talent in Manchester and we’re always delighted to present them to you through this little radio show we’ve been doing! It’s always worth going and checking out the rest of the artists’ music online, and giving them your support by liking their page or buying their music! πŸ™ƒ

Featuring music from:

Watch on YouTube here!

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‘Local Loaf’ update! πŸž

another Sunday, another update to our ‘Local Loaf’ playlist πŸ€˜

featuring additions from artists such as Ashleigh TOM CREED Carl North & The Lonely Hearts Ayanam Udoma Music Crying Beauty Queens and our very own michael webster – there’s some fantastic music on there! definitely worth checking out πŸ‘Š

go listen to it over at – maybe give it a follow to keep up to date with new music being added! πŸž

‘Local Loaf’ update!

another update to our ‘Local Loaf’ playlist for you this Sunday! πŸ™Œ

featuring additions from Foxglove Ellysse Mason Jess Kemp Artist Electric Screams and Olly Flavell we’ve got some absolute tunes added today! πŸ™ƒ over 10 hours of music now, all from the local scene – amazing! πŸ‘Š

go and find it on Spotify at – give it a follow to keep up with any new additions! πŸž

Our newsletter went out today! πŸž

we’ve just sent out the latest edition of our newsletter! πŸ₯–

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